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tirsdag 24. august 2010

Flexibility-todays workout

Rallarvegen-towards Vatnahalsen-big ascend
I had my last running workout on Sunday. Yesterday I went to my therapist for some sports-massage. My thighs were pretty stiff-especially my hamstrings so she worked mainly with the hamstrings and trigger-points on the buttom. This was definately my most painful massage session ever. I do hope it pays off-it certainly has before. According to my therapist the muscles in the hamstrings may thigthen up a bit when they're stressed from spesific training over some time. It makes sense to me. I've been logging over 7.000 metres of elevation gain since 12th of July. Anyway, she did her job, I endured the pain and this week I'm working afterwards with sessions of stretching for my feet. I'm doing three, short sessions of 5 minutes every day. Hopefully my feet will be a lot fresher on Saturday when Stavanger Marathon is due. More on that later on.

1. Quads: 5 minutes distributed on three sessions
2. Legs: 5 minutes distributed on three sessions
3. Hamstrings: 5 minutes distributed on three sessions 
Total time: 15 minutes.

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