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søndag 29. august 2010

Stavanger Marathon, 28th of Aug-Norway: Race report-New personal best!

Mosvannet, after 5km
On Saturday I was participating in my eight marathon and for the second time in Stavanger Marathon(the first was last year). The course had changed since last year. This year it consisted of one loop starting at old Stavanger stadium, around the lake Mosvannet two times and around the lake Store Stokkavann nearly one time. Further on the course passed Hafrsfjord, Grannes, Forus and Gausel before entering a new minor road along the sea from Vaulen to the city center with the finish at Vågen. A beautiful course that truly presents the city and the district in an outstanding manner. The race was very good organized and the course was marked good. Only smile and cheers from the voulenteers at the service stations along the course. Weather was lousy, but the beautiful course more than made up for it.
My aim was to finish with a new personal best at around 3h 45m-the old one is 3h 49m 14s. The finish time was 3h 46m 21s. An improvement of nearly 3 minutes. I won my age-group and came in 4th place overall. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the race. Considering that major parts was on gravel roads, that the weather was lousy a great deal of the time and my preparation had been markedly affected by the loss of a close relative recently. I know that I can improve on this finish time.
At the beginning I tried to keep a steady pace on 5:30. I managed that pretty good and had an average pace of 5:12 the first 30 km. I had a pit stop at an aid station after about 33 km and lost some minutes there-at Gausel. A few km later I needed to attend the toilette and lost some minutes there as well. Average pace due to these incidents was down to 5:55 for the next 10 km-resulting in a loss of time of 4,5 minutes. From 40 km till the finish line I had an average pace of 5:14. In total 5:22 as an average pace.
Just finished
I felt good during the beginning of the run and consentrated on keeping the pace with minimum use of effort. By keeping a steady pace I passed a lot of runners both initially and the last 10 km. It was a though call, but I managed to keep the pace as planned inititally. The course arond Store Stokkavatn was a bit hilly and on gravel roads. In spite of this I kept my pace. Anyway, there is clearly potensial for improvement. Moving towards Hafrsfjord I experienced some heavy downpour of rain again. Ascending a bit towards Grannes before the course turned towards Forus. I could feel the effect of my consistent pace, but carried on. My feet weren't as fresh as they could get, but they were a lot better than last weekend. However, I haven't recovered fully from last weekends 6h-race. The rain stopped as I did my refuelling of fluids at Gausel and I headed towards Vaulen to work my way through the remaining 10 km. Right after Vaulen I had a short stop due to natures call. Afterwards I continued along the fjord towards the finish line. It was though to keep the pace and I think my brief stop at the last aid station just was an excuse to have a short break. Anyway, I soon navigated through the last 2-3 km and had a good pace. It felt good to realise that I was about to finish with a new personal best.


Finish time: 3h 46m 21s

Placement: 4th overall, winner of age-group

Splits(average speed):
-5 km:   26:00 (5:12)
-15 km: 50: 21(5:10)
-20 km: 25:48 (5:13)
-25 km: 25:50 (5:09)
-30 km: 26:24 (5:16)
-35 km: 29:28 (5:56)-pit stop, Gausel
-40 km: 29:48 (5:55)-toilette break, Vaulen
-42,195 km: 11:14 (5:14)

Total average speed: 5:22

Verticals: 155 m

Calories: 2.965

-Clothing: Singlet, short thights-both from GORE. Excellent functioning.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin-wonderful shoes
-Drinking belt: Perfekta, 8 bottles-served me well

To establish a strategy in advance worked out good this time as always. I need to improve on my thoughest part in the race and stick 100 % to my strategy. I experienced some difficulties with my stomach. In future races I will eat no solid food on race-day. In addition my approach towards nutrition worked out good. I just need 6 bottles of energy-drink and two bottles of water during the race. If needed I'll just supply with some water at an aid-station in the end of the race. To do a light warm-up and some stretching before the race ensures that I'm able to start at targeted pace right away.

The GARMIN-logfile can be found here:

The results from the race can be found here:

Pictures from the race is found here:

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