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mandag 31. mai 2010

Running: tonights workout-short, long run

A very nice evening indeed. Sun, 25 degrees celsius, ligth breeze and a recovered body, ready for action. Life is good. I spent the time in zone 3 consentrating on keeping a steady pace at minimum effort. Everything is functioning just fine. I'm really looking forward to taper in shape the next two weeks. I'll be scheduling four running workouts this week and three next week-including the race on Saturday the 12th. It's a B-priority race.
My workouts will be endurance ones entirly except for one at treshold-pace. One of the endurance workouts will be a very long run. I'm scheduling this on Saturday the fifth and the 26th. I'm racing on June the 12th, June the 18th and July the 3th.

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