Danmark fra Larkollen

mandag 28. juni 2010

Weakly report: 25/10. Recovery week

This week I've been mostly recovering from Kristins Runde last Saturday. I had a short session on a stationary bike on Thuesday and Thursday-both in zone 1.
On Monday I had a massage at my therapist to speed up recovery a bit. In addition I did some stretching on a regular basis throughout the week.
My body-and mind-felt ready for some running on Saturday again-one week after the race-and I headed out for a treshold-workout to check out my recovery. I was still a bit stiff, but overall it worked out just fine. I had a short, long run(2h) again in zone 2/3 on Sunday.
After one week of recovery I felt ready to prepare for a new race.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
136,7h / 5,94h pr week(Running: 93,9h / 908,9 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
83,2h / 6,93h pr week (Running: 72,22h/694,74 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: Including the ultrarace, Kristins Runde
3,94h(Running: 2,94h/30,9 km)

søndag 27. juni 2010

Running a bit long again

A little over a week since Kristins Runde. Today I had a short, long run of about 2h and just over 20km(12,4 miles). It's long enough to categorise as a long run, although short. Anyway, it was good to consentrate again on executing something that could remind me of a good running experience. I haven't had many running sessions during this period of competition and I clearly feel that this affects my running form. Especially the speed is suffering. I guess that's the price I have to pay to get ready for a race. Weather was lovely today. Sunny, hot with just a slight wind. I just love to run under such circumstances. It makes it really worthwhile to train during a long and cold winter through harsh conditions just to be able to appreciate what a truly good run is-a run like the one I had today. Well then, apart from some lost speed I have a minor pain in my left knee. I guess it's the solid pavement I've been running on after the race. Besides that I feel fit. I just need some more speed before the race next Saturday in Germany. I'll accomplish that through two workouts in the weeks to come.

-Distance: 20,1 km(12,47 miles)
-Time:  1h 54m 55s
-Average speed: 5,72 min/km(9,2 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 233,5m(763 ft)
-Calories:  1.414 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 162 (174)

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

lørdag 26. juni 2010

Back on the road again

It feels good to be running again, finally, after one weeks recovery from Kristins Runde last Saturday. Todays workout went good. In spite of very warm weather I managed to keep a good pace throughout all the session.
My feet are still a bit worn, but I'm perfectly able to deliver a good performance. Still I need to make efforts to stretch on a regular basis in the time to come. The workout was in zone 4. My intention from the start in order to test the body for weaknesses. Besides a tiny stiffness in the feet there weren't any. I'm glad to notice.
Well, one week left now and then I have a full week after that with no scheduled training-transition period.

-Distance: 10,8 km(6,7 miles)
-Time:  1h 1m 14s
-Average speed: 5,67 min/km(9,12 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 114,6m(376 ft)
-Calories:  766 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 164 (180)

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

onsdag 23. juni 2010

Athletics assesment

It's time to make assessment of my running abilities and miscalleneous factors. That will be a guideline when it comes to establishing my training plan for the next half year(remains of 2010).

The scale is 1 to 5. 1 means immediate need of improvement, 5 indicates no need for improvement at this stage

1. Running abilities:
.1 Endurance: 4
.2 Force: 2
.3 Speed skills: 3
.4 Muscular endurance: 2
.5 Anaerobic endurance: 1
.6 Technique: 2

.7 Running spesific:
  .1 Street runs; 4
  .2 Terrain; 2
  .3 Ultra; 1

2. Miscalleneous factors:
.1 Available time to train: 3
.2 Health: 4
.3 Injuries: 4
.4 Nutrition: 3
.5 Body strength: 2
.6 Flexibility: 1
.7 Mental skills: 3

Recovery-session on the bike

Another recovery-workout on my stationary-bike tonight. My feet are feeling better today. Mentally I'm feeling gradually better. The purpose of the biking-sessions is to speed up recovery by increasing the circulation of blood and drain out the waste. From almost not being able to walk on Monday, I'm fully capable of doing so today. In fact I could go for a little run. It's wise to wait a few more days, though. I need to feel perfectly fit. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes. Worst case is Monday next week. Best case is Saturday this week. That means a recovery-period of about a week. The race next Saturday in Thuringen is the last in this mesocycle(2. quarter of this year). After that I'm entering a transition period of one week with no scheduled training at all, before entering the next mesocycle(3. quarter).

tirsdag 22. juni 2010

Workout of tonight-back on my bike again

Recovery from Saturdays race is progressing. I had some qualified massage Yesterday and tonight I had a very light session of 30 min in zone 1 on my stationary-bike. Afterwards I spent another 10 minutes stretching my feet. My feet-especially my thighs-are still stiff, but it's getting better. My hope is to be able to train some racelike sessions next week-on Thuesday and Thursday. The ultra-race is on Saturday the 3th of July-starting at 4 a.m.
During this week I have scheduled another bike-session on Thursday and one on Saturday. Monday next week I'm having the last session with massage. Hopefully, I'll be properly recovered to regain some serious training the day after.

Weakly report: Week 24/10

This week I've consentrated solely on my A-priority race this first, half year of 2010, Kristins Runde.
In addition I carried out one workout on Thuesday.

I'm very satisfied with my result in the race. I'd never run that fare before-not even in training sessions. My longest session has been 51,5 km(32 miles). I finished 5 of 8 in my sex-group and 38 of 52 overall.
The finish time was 11h 33m 15s.
I've never been so tired after a run, but I enjoyed every minute of it. It was one of my best running-experiences ever. Already I long for more. I don't think it was a good move to run the race I did the week before-Nordmarka Forrestmarathon-when it comes to optimal preparation for the race. I'll have to reconsider that approach the next year.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
132,8h / 6,04h pr week(Running: 91,0h / 878,0 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
79,2h / 7,2h pr week (Running: 69,29h/663,87 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: Including the ultrarace, Kristins Runde
12,15h(Running: 12,15h/88,12 km)

søndag 20. juni 2010

Getting ready for Thuringen Ultra at the 3th of July

Well, I tend to forget the pain endured on Yesterdays race and find myself already planning for the next race-it has been scheduled for a while though. It's a 100km ultrarun on trails in Thuringen Wald(forrest) in Thuringen, Germany. The race starts in Frottstadt and consists of one 100 km loop with the finish the same place.
I need to work myself through three different phases in order to prepare properly for the race:

1. First phase: Recovery from Kristins Runde
.1 Individual stretching
.2 Cycling on stationary wheels in zone 1
.3 Massage
.4 Hot baths on daily basis

2. Second phase: Maintainance
.1 Running racelike sessions every three day
.2 Cycling on stationary wheels in zone 1 on the days between running sessions

3. Third phase: Race-preparation
.1 Plan execution
.2 Mental preparation

Kristins Runde, 19th of June-2010: -Race report

Yesterday I was participating in a 50,5 miles trailrun in Nordmarka-Norway. It was my first official ultrarun.In total it was a very good running experience. I had a great day in spite of some rain and occasionally heavy winds. One other thing I was a bit uncertin about was the amount of nutrition I needed to consume during the race. I addition, another factor is how my feet would react to such a demanding elevation and partly technical trails. After all my background is from marathons. At last I was a bit unsure about my average moving pace. In street-runs I aim at 5 min/km and use that as a target during the race. In trailruns it's different. That much I knew. Last weekend I had a chance to test it out as I was participating in Nordmarka skogsmaraton-further south in the same area as Kristins Runde. I had an average pace of just above 6 min/km. Being far more demanding than that race I established a goal of 8 min/km as an average pace. That would bring me to the finish just before 11h. In that case I would be qualified for Western States. That would be nice.
My finish time was 11h 33m 17s(unofficial time). The total distance is 81,3 km(50,5 miles). My measure was 50,51 miles. Total elevation was 1.724 m( 5656ft). Calories: 4.955kcal.I used both my GPS-watch(GF 205) and an another watch(Polar S725X) to measure my heart rate. I was uncertain if the watches had enough capasity to store that much information as the race would last for 11-12 hours. It turned out they had.
That gives an average pace of 8,53 min/km(13,72 min/miles). My body is worn as it never has been after a race. My feet are very stiff. During the race I was just waiting for a cramp to appear, but that never happened. My strategy laid in advance was carried out with one exception. I didn't walk regularly 5 minutes of every hour. I walked a bit more than that so it didn't made sense to carry out that part of the strategy. When it comes to nutrition I didn't eat as much as I had planned in advance. I was a bit anxious during the race if I was low on my intake of energy. It turned out I wasn't. I drank a lot of water and some energy drink, but not much of that either.
The course consists of 25 % of technical trails and the rest of gravel roads-with a minor part(few km) on asphalt pavement. The most demanding part was the ascend up to the five peaks of just above 700 m(2300ft). The legs get a heavy ride ascending while the thighs are subjected to the same when descending. I walked up to all five hills as planned in my strategy. It was a wice decision. When descending I made efforts to run, but with care as I have trained little on technical trails. The shoes-Montrail Masochist- were simply wonderful on these parts of the run. Further on I ran on the flats and downhills and walked must of the uphills. I sticked to that strategy almost all the race. Three of the five hills is situated before16,4 km of the race(10,2 miles), the next hill is after 29,8 km(18,5 miles) and the last after 48,3 km(30,05 miles). After that the course descends rapidly to the lowest point on the race-Kringla-situated at 338 m(1.110ft) after 57,6 km        (35,78 miles). After that it's pretty much uphill. The course consists of one loop meaning that we return to the same spot as we started-ascending to 502m(1647ft) after 81,3 km(50,5 miles).
My feet were getting really stiff at this time, but I ran the flats and tried to walk the ascends as fast as possible. I didn't have any breaks except for a refilling-stop after 69,5 km(43,2 miles).
I came in fifth in the ladies group and 38th of 52 overall. I'm satisfied with that, but I would have been more satisfied with finishing sub 11h. That would have made me qualified for Western States. I'll have another try with that in two weeks at an ultra-race in Thuringen-Germany. It's 100 km and my aim is sub 14h. Then I would be qualified for Western States.

Some technicals:

Split times:
1. On the first top-Helgehaugen, 705 m(2.312ft)
after 6,3 km(3,92 miles); 45m 54s
2. On the second top-Lamannshaugen, 701 m(2.301ft)
after 8,95km(5,56 miles);1h 11m 51s(26m 7s)
3. On the third top-Svarttjernshøgda, 717 m(2.352ft)
after 14,95 km(9,29 miles);2h  3m  39s(51m 47s)
4. On the fourth top-Ringkollen, 701m(2.300ft)
after 31,56 km(19,61 miles);4h 15m   9s(2h 11m 30 s)
5. Marathon-distance-Between the fourth and the fifh top at Storflåtan;
5h 48m 42s(1h 33m 32s)
6. On the fifth top-Oppkuven, 704 m(2.308ft)
after 49,3 km(30,64 miles); 7h   5m   3s(1h 16m 20s)
7. At Sandungen gård: 423,7 m(1.390ft)
after 62,4 km(38,8 miles); 8h 48m 32s(1h 42m 29s)
8. Before descending to Gjerdingen: 549,9 m(1.804ft)
after 69,5 km(43,2 miles); 9h 56m 5s(1h  7m 32s)
9. Finish-By the lake Mylla: 502m(1.647ft),
after 81,3 km (50,5 miles); 11h 33m 17s(1h 37m 12s)

Average speed:
1. Helgehaugen      : 7,3 min/km((11,7 min/miles)
2. Lamannshaugen : 8,0 min/km(12,9 min/miles)
3. Svarttjernshøgda: 8,3 min/km(13,4 min/miles)
4. Ringkollen         : 8,1 min/km(13,0 min/miles)
5. Marathon          : 8,3 min/km(13,4 min/miles)
6. Oppkuven         : 8,6 min/km(13,8 min/miles)
7. Sandungen        : 8,5 min/km(13,7 min/miles)
8. Bef. Gjerdingen : 8,6 min/km(13,8 min/miles)
9. Finish-Mylla      : 8,5 min/km(13,7 min/miles)

Calories: 4.955 kcal

Vertical: 1.724 m(5.656ft)

The Garmin logfile can be found at:

Average heart rate:  147


-Water: I had an intake of 7 l of water
-Energydrink: I had an intake of 150g. That gives 560 kcal
-Bread: I ate 6 loafes of bread. That gives 1.500 kcal
-Chocolate: I had 1,5 pieces. That gives me 500 kcal.
Total energy-inntake: 2.560 kcal. That's 51,7 % of my need. I must have been burning some fats as well That's good news.

-I need a nite cap, but that's allready ordered. My socks(GORE) were wonderful. That goes for the tights(GORE) and my windbreaker(GORE) as well.
-Shoes: Montrail Masochist-just magnificent on trails.
-GPS watch: I was able to store all my race on the watch. That indicates that there is good capacity.
-Heart rate watch: I was able to store all my race on the watch. That indicates that there is good capacity.
Mental part:
I consentrated on executing the strategy as planned in advance. In addition I established targets along the course, using the course map provided by the arranger. It had 53 points along the course with the distance indicated. I turned out to a great move to focus like that. To have a strategy in advance is vital. It works wonders when the going gets though.

torsdag 17. juni 2010

Preparing for Kristins Runde on Saturday the 19th

Almost there now-my first official ultrarun. I'm pretty excited about the race as it is my first, but I'm calm when it comes to execution. My strategy is as follows: The distance is 81,3 km(50,5 miles) and 25 % is on trails-mostly up to the top-points of which there are five of. The rest is on gravel roads. Vertical is 2300 m(7545ft). My aim is to finish within 11 hours. In order to do that I need to have an average pace of 8min/km(12,87min/miles).                                                                                                                                                       My approaches when it comes to strategy is as follows.                                                                                                                                                

1) On ascending the top-points I'm walking fast
2) When running on gravel roads I'm running at a pace of 6 min/km
3) When ascending a step hill I'm walking.
4) Every 1 hour consists of 55 minutes of running and 5 minutes of walking.                                                                                                                                          

I'm using my drinking belt with 8bottles of 0,15 l. These will be supplemented when needed with water from passing lakes. In advance I prepare 5 bottles of water, two bottles of energy-drink and one bottle of dehydration-mixture(Maxim).
My need is 500kcal pr hour. 9hours of activity requires 4.500kcal of supplementary energy.
I'm using different means. Firstly I'm bringing 6 units of energypowder to mix with water. This will give me a total of 1.350 kcal.
Secondly I'm bringing 8 loafes of bread in two units with 4 loafes in each. Each loaf equals to 250kcal. That equals to 2.000kcal. 
In total 1.350 kcal with energydrink and 2.000 kcal with loafes of bread-Grand total so far is 3.350 kcal.
At last I'm bringing two chocolates. That should bring me up to 4.500 kcal.                                    
-Upper part: Gore Vertical windbreaker
-Lower part: Gore Knee-Length thights, Gore Running sock
-Shoes: Montrail Masochist
-Monitoring: Polar S725X and Garmin Forerunner 205
-In my bakcpack: Nit-cap, gloves, socks, emergency-kit in case of injuries, mobile-phone, keys, money, credit-card, ID
-In my car: A change of clothes, some snacks, mineralwater

tirsdag 15. juni 2010

Back on track: Running-workout of tonight

I was a bit surprised tonight. After having felt a bit stiff after last Saturdays race I was anxious to check out my runningform tonight. So I put on my favourite shoes-Mizuno Wave Ronin-and headed out for a short, fast run. What a relief! I felt almost like running on clouds. Putting my body under presure it responded perfectly well. I did an intervall of 4,77 km, using 23m 42s, with an average heart rate of 168(just belov treshold)resulting in an average pace of 5 min/km.

-Distance: 6,82 km(4,24 miles)
-Time:  35m 48s
-Average speed: 5,25 min/km(8,45 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 48,2m(158 ft)
-Calories:  479 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 163 (180)

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

mandag 14. juni 2010

Racepreparation-Kristins Runde

The race on Saturday the 19th is fast approaching. It will be my first official ultrarun. In addition it will be my longest run ever-50,5 miles. More to come on my race-strategy later on. The subject here is my preparation this week before the race.
I'm scheduling two very, short, long runs in zone 4. The first is due tomorrow and the last one Thursday.
I will also take steps to reduce the stiffnes in my thighs and in my body. I'm scheduling some specific massage to loosen up the strains in my body. Hopefully it will take place on Wednesday. I might also schedule a short massage-session on Friday exclusively for my thighs. I have also ordered a cap to wear on Saturday. Most likely it will arrive no later than Friday. If not I'm buying one here in Oslo.
It's vital that I get enough sleep this week. It is also important that I make sure to eat properly the last days of the week before the race.
Well, then. I was thinking about my previous races. Are there any similar features to to gain experience from?
In Ålesund the 8th of May I had two recovery days at the beginning of the week and one on Friday. The race was on Saturday. In addition I had four workouts that week-one running session. Total workload: 8h.
In Copenhagen I also had three recovery days-one at the beginning of the week and the two last the days before the race. I had three workouts-two of them were running sessions. Total workload: 6,33 h
At Nordmarka Forrest Marathon last week on Saturday I had three recovery days again-Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The race was on Saturday. I had two running workouts that week.Total workload: 6,33h.
Length of training sessions last week was 1h and the week before that 1,5h-2h.
I'm not scheduling less than two workouts, but I'm limiting the length to 45 m. Intensity: zone 4. The first one will be tonight and the second one on Friday-the day before the race.
On Thursday I'm having a massage to loosen up my body a bit. I can still feel stiffnes in my feet-especially my legs after last Saturdays race.

søndag 13. juni 2010

Weakly report: Week 23/2010

I've had two workouts of running this week and a race on Saturday. The latter was a forrest-marathon.
I'm still in my tapering period. Next week I'm entering the period of competition-leading to the first race on next Saturday. That is Kristins Runde-a 50 miles trailrun north of Oslo-Norway.
It is vital that I use the next week to make the preparations as good as possible.
I am still pretty worn after Yesterdays race, but I think it was important to prepare the body for what is to come in a week-double the length and triple the elevation.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
120,6h / 5,74h pr week(Running: 78,8h / 789,9 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
67,1h / 6,71h pr week (Running: 57,13h/575,75 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: 
6,32(Running: 6,32h/63,01 km)

Race report: Nordmarka skogsmarathon, Oslo-Norway, 12th of June

This was a new experience for me. My previous marathons have been on solid pavement with limited elevation. This one was quit the opposite. About 90 % on gravel roads, 10 % on trails and with considerable more elevation than my other marathons. I addition the conditions were demanding with heavy rain most of the time and some wind on part of the course. At the beginning of the race I could feel that this wasn't going to be a good day for me. I felt a bit worned and my fet were heavy. I didn't manage to establish a proper running pattern on this race. As a result I didn't perform well technically and had to work hard to maintain my speed. Regularly I had to walk on parts of the most demanding ascends. Not because I had a too high heart rate, but because my fet needed to reduce the workload.

The first 14 km(8,67 miles) has an elevation of 226,5m (743ft) and the next 12 km up to 26,2 km(16,26 miles) has minor ascends. After that there is an ascend from 26,2 km to 29,1 km of 81m (265ft)-thats were the highest point of the race is 444,7m(1459ft). After that the course is descending overall but with two ascends-the first after 30,8km (19,15 miles) when moving towards Kobberhaughytta-an elevation of 47,2 m(155ft), and the second after 35,3 km(21,95 miles)-an elevation of 71 m(233ft)-to 37,5 km(23,32 miles) from where the course descends rapidly to the finish line, from 370m to 188 m(1215 ft to 618ft)-a distance of 6,9 km(2,89 miles).

My aim was to finish with an average pace of 6min/km(9,6 min/miles).
I finished with an average pace of 6,17min/km(3 % slower than my target).
I came in 8th in my age group of 12 starters. My finish time was 4h 20m 23s.
That is just about the same time as the one I had in Rome Marathon in March this year(4h 18m 50s).
Rome Marathon is a street race on solid pavement with low elevation. Clearly I must have improved since then-as my performances both in Ålesund and Copenhagen shows. Yesterdays race and the ones categorized as street-marathons are not comparable. It will have to race something similar in order to compare. The next opportunity to do that is Kristins Runde next weekend.

Some technicals:

Split times:
1) 5 km:                 28m 22s
2)10 km:                58m 56s  (30m 34s)
3) 15 km:           1h 29m 58s  (31m 01s)
4) 20 km:           1h 59m 20s  (29m 22s)
5) 21,0975 km:  2h 05m 28s    (  6m 7s)
6) 25 km:           2h 30m   9s  (24m 41s)
7) 35 km:           3h 35m 44s(1h 5m 34s)
8) 40 km            4h   7m 18s  (31m 34s)
9) 42,195 km:    4h 20m 23s  (12m 54s)

Average speed:
1)  5 km:           5,67 min/km 
2)10 km:           5,89 min/km(6,11 min/km)
2) 15 km:          6,00 min/km(6,20 min/km)
3) 20 km:          5,97 min/km(5,87 min/km)
4) 21,0975 km: 5,95 min/km(5,57 min/km)
5) 25 km:          6,00 min/km(6,32 min/km)
7) 35 km:          6,16 min/km(6,56 min/km)
8) 40 km:          6,18 min/km(6,31 min/km)
9) 42,195 km:   6,17 min/km(5,88 min/km)

Average heart rate: 159(179).
1) 5 km: 163(178)       2) 10 km: 168(179)            3) 15 km: 160(173)
4) 20 km: 163(170)     5) 21,0975 km: 159(166)   6) 25 km: 153(165)
7) 35 km: 155(165)     8) 40 km: 155(165)            9) 42,195 km: 159(172)

Calories: 2.946kcal

Total elevation: 655m (2.148ft)

The log file from Garmin can be found at:

I had an intake of 2,0 l of water, 1,0 l of energy drink and 0,15 l of  dehydration. In addition I had three bananas during the race. I refilled every 10 km-except at 40 km. The rainy weather led to a decrease in intake of fluids compared to Copenhagen Marathon three weeks ago. However, during the race I felt some hunger. The race started at 11:00 and I just had some fruit and an energy bar before the start. That was to little I guess.

I used Montrail Masochist. They served me well and I was pretty impressed during the trail part of the run. Excellent shoes. However, I think there are better options for gravel roads-Puma Concinnity for instance. This time I needed to use them as they are pretty new in order to prepare properly for the race next Saturday.

I used my Mythos thights, a gore-tex jacket and a nit cap. In addition a singlet. I don't like running in the rain so that's the reason for wearing all those clothes. The alternative was to dress with just the singlet, short tights and a cap. I get wet anyway. I felt a bit restrained wearing all that clothing so the next time I'm using the lighter version. I'm going to buy a cap. My socks were new. A pair from Gore. They served me very well during the race.

-Drinking belt;
It served me well during all the race.

-Electronic devices:
I used my Polar S725X to monitor my heart rate as well as split times, and Garmin Forerunner 205 to monitor my course. They both worked well during all the race.

Mental part:
It was a though race. I didn't manage to establish a proper running pace. Nor did I manage to use my zen-exercises as means of help-only partly. The course is special and not like any other marathons I have runned. Gravel roads and a lot more elevation. I almost felt like this was my first marathon-that is right in a way also. However, it is what it s and I have to deal with it. I haven't trained enough under similar conditions.
Before the race I didn't worked my way mentally through the race. I have before and that is a good preparation. To set the pace in advance is a clear advantage. It makes me able to consentrate on keeping the pace at all times and monitoring it every km through the race. In that sense I'm focusing on my working tasks during the race-not the finish.It helped me to maintain my performance through the race.

I've had two training runs  leading up to the race. I didn't run the day before the race. During the last workout I could clearly feel the effect from the tapering. Still my feet were heavy during the race. It could be that the increased workload when it comes to running is affecting me overall. I addition I need to train under far more similar condtions in order to improve on later participations. My nutrion intake was to low before the race. I suffered a bit from that. I experienced no stomach-problems during the race. Nor did I need to go to the toilette during the race. I did before the race.

Points of improvement:
-Performance overall; I need to train under similar conditions in order to improve on my finish time.
-Muscular endurance; I need to improve on this area. My feet are the limiter-not the heart rate.
-Mental part; continue my work on establishing zen-drill as an integrated part of my running.

fredag 11. juni 2010

Planning for race of tomorrow-Nordmarka Forrest Marathon in Oslo

A new race is due soon. This one I've scheduled right at the end of my period of tapering. It's not an A-priority race though-it's an C-priority race. I'm using it to get ready and prepare for the race next Saturday, which is an A-priority race-Kristins Runde in Oslo.
I need a strategy for tomorrows race. First of all I need to decide on my finish time. In order to do that I must decide what my pace is going to be. My pace during the last three marathon races have been 6,09(Rome), 5,55(Ålesund) and 5,43(Copenhagen). Those are all races on solid pavement and with low elevation. The marathon tomorrow is on gravel roads and with moderate elevation. I'm deciding the pace to be 6,0 min/km.
The finish time will be just under 4h 15 min. I will be pleased with that. I will bring along 5 bottles of water, two bottles of energy drink and one bottle of dehydration drink as usual. In addition I will bring along two energy bars. Roughly speaking I'm planning to pass Bjørnholt at 1h 15m, Kikutstua after 2h 15m, Kobberhaughytta after 3h and at the descend from Ullevålseter towards Sognsvann after 4h. It will be a rainy day tomorrow. That's good-I need the training. I'm using my Mythos-thigts and my Gore-Tex jacket. On the feet-Montrail Masochist. I need to run some more with them before Kristins Runde. On the head a nit cap-if necessary.
I will be staying in zone 4-the low part-on average through the race. It will be a though race. That's good. I like that. Most important with tomorrows race is to consentrate on executing excellent technique, keep a steady heart rate and speed and stay in my zen-zone at all times.
Before the race I will do some light running to losen up a bit. I will also use some vaseline under my shoulders.
No solid food tomorrow-just fruit and energy bars. I'm using both watches tomorrow-Polar s725x and Garmin Forerunner 205.

torsdag 10. juni 2010

Running: Almost there-Workout of tonight; very, short long run

I'm almost there-getting ready for the big event next Saturday-Kristins Runde in Nordmarka-Oslo, a trailrun of 50 miles. Tonights workout went very smothly. I did a session with low verticals consentrating on testing out my average speed in zone 3. I definately feel that I'm benefiting from my tapering. It's interesting allthough this is the first year I've scheduled and carried out a period of tapering. I'm about to reach a great level of fitness when it comes to running.

-Distance: 10,91 km(6,78 miles)
-Time:  1h 1m 18s
-Average speed: 5,62 min/km(9,02 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 90,5m(297 ft)
-Calories:  771 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 158 (173)

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 8. juni 2010

Tapering week-second: Very, short long run-workout of tonight

I'm getting more restless. That's a good sign. I had a short, long run tonight. The body works just fine-a bit stiff though due to reduced amount of training. It's the second time I use both my Polar watch and the Garmin Forenunner 205(GPS-watch). They're both good in different ways. The former in surveying my heart rate and the latter when it comes to distance, course and speed.

-Distance: 9,9 km(6,15 miles)
-Time: 57m 48s
-Average speed: 5,84min/km
-Elevation gained: 118,9m(390 ft)
-Calories: 696 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 155 (173)

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

mandag 7. juni 2010

Weakly report: Week 22-2010

It's been my first week of tapering-the first in line of two. This week has consisted of four workouts-all of them running sessions-and all endurance workouts-long runs. Last workout was on Sunday. I'm beginning to feel a growing strenght. That's good as I will definately need it on Saturday the 19th.
Weather has been hot all week. Not my favourite, but good to train under such circumstances as well.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
114,3h / 5,72h pr week(Running: 72,5h / 726,9 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
60,7h / 6,75h pr week (Running: 50,81h/512,75 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: 
6,17(Running: 6,17h/64,7 km)

søndag 6. juni 2010

Workout of today-short, long run, half on trails

 Pretty hot outside today. Deliberately I awaited the heat to gain momentum and went out for my run at the middle of the day. I succeeded-it was hot-and that was good as I wanted to train under such conditions.
I addition it was my first session with my new GPS-watch, the Garmin Forerunner 205. It functioned quit good. I could see there were some difficulties when in densed wood, but it didn't turn out to be any problem. The speed was affected under such circumstanses. Beside the GF 205 I used my Polar 725sx. The latter indicated a total distance 5,6 % shorter than the GF 205.
Anyway, my body felt good. It seems to me that I'm beginning to accumulate some benefits form my tapering. In two weeks time I ought to be ready for some real action with a body full of strength.

-Running time: 2h 12m 52s
-Total distance: 22,6 km(14,04 miles)
-Elevation: 247(809 ft)
-Calories: 1598 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 160(173)
-Average speed: 5,9 min/km(9,3 min/miles)

The log-file from Garmin is found on the link below.

fredag 4. juni 2010

Running, workout of tonight-short, long run

The body feels alright, but I'm not there yet. Hopefully I've tapered enough by the end of the next week. I'm having a bit of difficulty with my stomach. I've altered my intake of food lately-that is my lunch and some more intake of dairy products. I need to adjust back right away. There is only one week of tapering left before the period of competition starts. I need to be ready by then. The heat didn't bother me that much tonight. What bothered me was a full stomach of food. There's no way I'm going to experience this again.
-Distance: 12,5 km
-Time: 1h 09m 59s
-Heart rate, average(max): 158 (171)
-Average speed: 5,6 min/km
The shoes are just wonderful(Puma Concinnity)

onsdag 2. juni 2010

Running, workout of today-Hot session

Executing a short, long run today. It was pretty warm outside-much warmer than it has been before this year. I was a though session. I guess one of my weak points is to perform well under such conditions. That's why I am consistent in my training and carry out workouts independently of weather. I could almost sense during the first part of the session that this wasn't going to be a workout that I would get a good response from my body. Anyhow, I ran 14,3 k on 1h 21m 47s, climbed 377hm, had an average heart rate of 162 at an average speed 5,72min/km. Although I stribed to practise my zen-drills it was very difficult to do so. The work on this area must continue though. As a matter of fact I must make it a high priority to execute those drills during my workouts. My aim is to establish those drills as an integrated part of every running I do-in the end I do it automatically and without much effort.