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torsdag 30. september 2010

Recovery-run in the autumn-sun

Thuringen Ultra-2010
Beautiful weather this week. It would be a waste not to make use of it for a recovery run outside in the autumn-sun. My aim was just to run at a very low pace, for a short period of time and to end with some stretching exercices.Well, my body is still worn, but overall my state is improving. Still a bit stiff in my hamstrings, though-need to work spesifically on that part the rest of the week. Tomorrow is off again.
On Monday next week I'm starting my adaption week for next meso-cycle (fourth quarter of this year).
By then I must be fully rested and ready to start with some serious training again.

-Distance: 4,44 km
-Time: 35m 16s
-Average moving pace: 6:13 min/km
-Stop-time at the gym: 8 min.
-Elevation gained: 46 m
-Calories: 325 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Sun, 14 degrees celsius, light breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found here:

onsdag 29. september 2010

Weakly report: 38/10

Being the last week in the competition period I had only two goals for this week-to recover from UltraBirken last Saturday and run a good race at Berlin Marathon on Sunday. It seems like I managed both as I finished Berlin Marathon with a new PB. At the beginning of the week my feet felt pretty worn out from Saturdays race and I paid a visit to my therapist for a sportsmassage. I'm pretty sure that paid off. In addition I should have done some more stretching during the week-my feet felt a bit heavy during the race. However, I've just finished a mesocycle of training(third quarter of the year-from 12th of July) and right now I think what the body need is rest. Next week is allready planned as transition period before I start the next mesocycle(fourth quarter of the year). It was interesting to learn that I was able to run two demanding races with just a weeks difference in time. However, in order to secure the best possible result I need to choose one A-priority race.
There are a few important things to improve on when it comes to my marathon running. First one is nutrition before, during and after the race. Second is to establish more strength in my core. Third is to endure more pain in order to keep a steady pace-keeping a steady pace will be my key issue from now on. Fourth is to do some more research when it comes to what marathon-race is best suitable for what I'm trying to achieve.


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
237,6h/ 7,2h pr week(Running: 187,9h/1.752,9 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
86,4h /7,9h pr week (Running: 79,6h/ 734 km) 
Verticals: 10.930 m( Running: 10.293 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
3h 44m(Running: 3h 44m / 42,2 km)
Verticals: 146 m(Running: 146 m) 

4. Body weight: 71,7 kg
(Saturday morning) 

5. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Ronin (purchased 8.4.10)     : 512 km
-Puma Concinnity (purchased 30.4.10)        : 220 km
-Montrail Masochist (purchased 14.5.10)     : 415 km
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8 (purchased 28.7.10) : 146 km
-Saucony Kinvara (purchased 9.9.10)          : 56 km
-Puma Trailfox (purchased sep 2006)          : 40 km

tirsdag 28. september 2010

Recovery session on the bike-Majorstua course

Sunset in Oslo
I'd nearly forgotten how it was to sit on a bike, but tonight I went out for a light session to make an effort to speed up recovery. This week is a transition-week so that means I'm not planning anything at all, but I'm going to maintain a level of activity in other sports than running. My aim with the session was to increase sirculation in my feet and by that increasing recovery. It felt good to be on the bike, but my feet are still a bit heavy after Sundays marathon in Berlin. Anyhow, it seemed like a good session. My spirit lightened up a bit and my feet felt a bit more fresh. Tomorrow I'll do something ells. What it is I don't know now-that's the point of it.
It's getting darker in the evenings. I had to make use of both the front- and rear-light in order to be seen. Temperature outside is gradually falling. Winter is moving closer.

-Distance: 16,34 km
-Time:  51m 14s
-Average speed: 19,1 km/h
-Cadence, average: Not measured
-Elevation gained: 112m
-Calories:  886 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored
-Weather: sun, ligth breeze, low humidity, almost dark outside

The GARMIN logfile can be found here:

mandag 27. september 2010

Race report: Berlin Marathon, 26th of Sep-2010

Minimarathon, Unter  den Linden
When I awake it's dark. I can't hear anything at this moment but I suspect it's still raining outside. Cold, dense rain that patiently soakes into your body and wears you out as minutes is adding to hours. A quick breakfast, preparing my gear, dressing and I'm on my way towards the starting area. Drops of cold rain wets my skin as I run slowly towards the starting area-trying to warm up a body still stiff after a nights sleep and stribing to prevent it from getting colder due to the rain.
The starting area is packed. Tousands of people running around in plastic covers in a desperate effort to prevent the rain from doing harm as ment to. As I navigate through the crowd to localise my particular starting field I sense a growing excitement and I wonder how on earth all these people are going to get mowing in a way that allows all runners to have an honest possibility to perform at his/her best. Loud music alternates screaming from the loudspeakers situated on both sides of the starting area-which is huge. Tens of thousands of people lined up in a massive manifestation of hopes, dreams, fears and courrage.
Suddenly were on our way, or should be, the people in front of me are only moving sligthly, working their way towards the starting line. Right after starting I find myself navigating between slow-going runners, queing up in line whenever the course turns and experiencing irritation, disbelief and some rage on my on behalf as the race takes me through the first 5-10 km. It's impossible to establish a steady pace. I take advantage of every free pavement, street-stone and try to run continually on each of the sides of the road. Somehow I think that gives less hindrance. This isn't the way it was going to be. I was supposed to feel energetic and have a good run on a very levelled course. Funny as it may be I feel very energetic. I need on several occasions at this part of the race to tell me self to slow down. After working on my self for a while I establish a steady pace as planned and passes each 5 km within one minutes of my scheduled passing time. On 10 km I'm feeling a familiar pain in my butt. I thought I'd taken care of that last week, but it returns to accompany me in this race as well.
Rain, a wet road, thousand of spectators along the course and me-trying to live up to my own expectations.
A though call, but  in a way I manage to enter a sort of running zone, enabling myself to focus on my working tasks and slowly but decisive make my way through each km that's facing me and a steady, enduring pain.
Circus Berlin Marathon. A course crowded with spectators awaiting to se their particular woman or man or just every other runner taking part in fullfilling their own dream of some time, at some distant point of time, to run a marathon in person. The crowd cheering not the participants, but artists in a circus orchestrated by the arranger.
Rollerbladeskaters-approaching the finish
My pace is steady as ever as I pass the 24 km mark and sense an urge to visit the toilette in a serious manner. Knowing myself and my needs pretty well, I know that this has to be done as soon as possible. Shortly after I enter a trattoria, greats the owner and heads down in the cellar to the toilette to attend to my needs.
After just over 5 minutes I'm on my way again. Relieved-not to loose over 5 minutes, but to had it over with. I suspected that this was going to happen. That was a serious blow to my scheduled finish time, but I can consentrate on my other target, which is a new PB. It's very hard to regain pace after this incident, but I soon establish a steady pace and contiune toward the finish line.
A growing number of my fellow participants is starting to walk, stretch and show every sign of an accumulating load of strain-and giving in to the little voice in the head to back off. In moments like this it pays dividends to have a strategy for the race ready and implemented in advance-like I have. My thoughts know then is to endure the pain and keep a steady pace. In addition I can clearly see the need to supplement my energy-supplies. Taking walking breaks at a few supply stations to supply with energy drink, bananas and water, I loose some more minutes. With less than 10 km left I decide to make do with what I've stocked up with on my two stops and force myself towards the finish line. My focus now is how many km it is to the finish line and available minutes left in order to finish at a new PB. Relieved to pass Kurfurstendam I know it's just a bit over 7 km left. Potdsdamer Platz is another welcoming landmark and when I turn left to finally run on Unter den Linden towards Brandenburger Tor I try to squeese what's left of energy left in my body. My pace increase sligthly, the pain a lot. I'm not sure about my finish time before I run under the solid collumns of Brandeburger Tor. Able to se the finish line a couple of hundred metres further on I miraculosly manage to speed up slightly. Running now is very painful, but I don't seem to mind anymore. Crossing the finish line at new PB I'm done-real done-will triumphing over body. Apparently my condition is visble to others as well as a representative from the arranger approach me and wonders wether everything is in order. I confirm that it is, but he doesn't seem utterly convinced. After a few minutes catching my breath, I start to walk-or rather, try to walk. Funny, a few minutes ago I was running at fast pace and now I can barely walk. Butt and the back of my thighs are cooperating in an effort to make walking as difficult as possible. After a short while and some welcoming intake of energy, I'm done for now.
What I will remember most from this marathon-event was the pure joy exhibited by the childrens as they were about to finish their mini-marathon the day before the race, the determination of the wheel-chair competitors starting off a few minutes before the runners on race-day and the finish of the roller-blade competitors as they headed down Unter den Linden towards the finish line.


Finish time: 3h 44m 32s-New personal best!


-Overall: 858 av 7.430
-Class rank: 182 av 1.448
-Finishers overall: 34.027

Splits(average pace):
-5 km          : 25:06 (5:01)
-10 km        : 25:07 (5:01)
-15 km        : 24:44 (4:56)
-20 km        : 24:58 (4:59)
-21,0975     : 1h 46m 52s (5:04)-higher due to deviation in distance
-25 km        : 30:03 (6:00)-including a toilette visit of 5:17
-30 km        : 26:18 (5:15)
-35 km        : 27:23 (5:28)
-40 km        : 26:36 (5:19)
-42,195 km : 14:15 (5:01), I logged 42,84 km a deviation of 0,65 km. That's pretty much.

Total average pace: 5:19

Verticals: 146 m

Calories: 3.107

-Clothing: T-Shirt, short thights, bandana-all from GORE. Excellent functioning.
-Shoes: Saucony Knivara-wonderful shoes
-Drinking belt: Perfekta, 8 bottles-served me well, but I need to find other solutions on later races.

Again to establish a strategy in advance worked wonders all the way through the race when it comes to consentrating on executing the working tasks necessary to keep a steady pace. I needed to supply with energy from supply stations along the course. The reason for that was partly that what I brought along wasn't sufficient and partly that I didn't ate enough in advance. I need to improve on both points. Secondly I need a new solution when it comes to energy-intake during the race. Using supply stations is out of the question for many reasons. To time consuming, uncertainty when it comes to what kind of energy is available.
Thirdly, I clearly need to work on the strength in my core. It's preventing sufficient executing of technique-especially in the last third of the race. That's something to work serious on my strength training during the winter that lies ahead of me. Fourth I sense the benefit from working on the mental part. It kept me in the race untill I was through with it. My aim though is to keep a steady pace throughout all the race. With a positive split of 11 minutes I have something to work on. Fifth, Berlin Marathon is a circus-it's not a race in which you run to head for a PB. If you wanna have fun, go ahead and race, but don't expect anything more than that. It's unlikely that I'll participate in it again.

The GARMIN-logfile can be found here:

The results from the race can be found here:

Pictures from the race can be found here:

Media coverage:

søndag 26. september 2010

Berlin Marathon, 26th of Sep: New PB

A race with lots of people, rain, cold wind and tousands of spectators. New PB is 3h 44m 32s. Not an optimal race for me, but I'm satisfied with a new personal best. Greatings from Berlin, Jannicke

fredag 24. september 2010

Berlin Marathon, 26th of Sep: Preparations

Thuringen Ultra 2010
Well, this is it. I have arrived at one of this years main targets. During the year I have had PB's at all new marathons I've participated in. A total of 6 marathons of which 4 is on the road and two on trails.
The first marathon was in Rome 21th of March with a finish time of 4h 18m 50s-an improvement from last years PB of 4h 31m 10s(Oslo Marathon).
Since then I've raced in Ålesund 8th of May( 3h 52m 9s), in Copenhagen 23th of May(3h 49m 14s) and in Stavanger 28th of Aug(3h 46m 21s). In addition two marathons on trails, but those are not comparable to street-races.
Being able to improve every time is good but very challenging when the next race is due-like now. Anyhow, I've made good preparations when it comes to training, tapering and other necessities.
Now it's time to establish a race-strategy. First of all I need to decide on the pace. Average pace in Stavanger was 5:22. Clearly my aim is to do better than that. I need to forget about time and consentrate on my tasks which is: keep a steady pace, supply with nutrition as planned and enter my zen-zone.
My target pace in this race is going to be 5 min/km. That will  result in a finish time of 3h 31m. With an extra effort the last 2km I'll reach the finish line within 3h 30m. Split times(5km) trhoughout the race will be 25m.
-Warm-up: I'm doing 10 min light run before start combined with 5 min stretching.
-Nutrition: I'm using a drinking belt with 8 bottles of energy-drink of 0,15 l each. I'm not stopping at any supply stations at all. No solid food before the race on race day.
-Shoes: Saucony Kinvara
-Clothing: Singlet, short thights-both from GORE
-Mental part: It's important to endure a lot of pain in order to obtain my targeted pace. In order to do that I'm consentrating on keeping the pace at all times, focusing on fullfilling the km I'm in, embracing and examing any pain that occurs and staying in my zen-zone at all times-one step at the time up till ten and again throughout all the race. In addition I'm visualising my performance in advance-running through every step of the course in advance in order to programme myself mentally to perform.

Finally, most important of all, have a good run.

torsdag 23. september 2010

Weakly report: 37/10

UltraBirken 2010
A good week. I've had one workout-a treshold session- and a race-UltraBirken. The latter being an A-priority target for the third quarter. I was hoping for a better finish time( 1h better), but I couldn't perform better at this race. Reasons for that is partly the conditions-it was very wet and almost like running in a stream for about 2/3 of the race. In addition I suffered from a stretch in my butt that forced me to slow down due to lack of ability to execute adequate technique. Finally I haven't trained enough in the terrain. Overall I'm very satisfied with the race for three reasons. First is that I finished allthough I suffered very much. Second is that there was a lot to learn from the race and third it's always a pleasure to be running in the nature for such a lengthy period of time. Next A-priority target now is Berlin marathon on 26th of Sep. My target there is to finish with a new personal best.


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
233,8h/ 7,3h pr week(Running: 184,2h/1.710,7 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
82,71h /8,3h pr week (Running: 75,9h/ 691,8 km) 
Verticals: 10.785 m( Running: 10.147 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
11h 41m(Running: 11h 41m/83,6 km)
Verticals: 1.868 m(Running: 1.868 m) 

4. Body weight: 70,0 kg
(Sunday morning) 

5. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Ronin (purchased 8.4.10)     : 512 km
-Puma Concinnity (purchased 30.4.10)        : 220 km
-Montrail Masochist (purchased 14.5.10)     : 415 km
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8 (purchased 28.7.10) : 146 km
-Saucony Kinvara (purchased 9.9.10)          : 14 km
-Puma Trailfox (purchased sep 2006)          : 40 km

søndag 19. september 2010

UltraBirken, 18th of Sep-2010: Race report

At the start in Rena
UltraBirken is a trailrun that is runned between the towns Rena and Lillehammer. It has four aid- and check-points. First one is Skramstadsætra after some 12 km, next one is Åkersætra after 36 km, third is Sjusjøen after 52 km and finally the finish at Lillehammer after 73,4 km. It's almost entirly on trail with major parts of it even off-trail. The course navigates through large stretches of marshland. Weather was good most of the day, but it got a bit windy when crossing over Snørvillen and it rained a bit on a minor stretch after Sjusjøen. It had rained a lot before the starting and the ground was very wet. Most of the time between Skramstadsætra and Sjusjøen it was like running in a stream. Very time consuming and effortfull.
Romerike Ultraløperklub at the start in Rena
Start went off at 7 a.m and my aim was to reach the first check-point with an average pace of maximum 6 min/km. I didn't manage that. I felt right after the start that something wasn't functioning quite well. My feet felt a bit heavy and I had had some discomfort due to stretches in my butt-I thought they were gone last week, but hey they returned just in time to make this race an ordeal. I needed to slow down and even walk some of the most hilly ascends. I felt really surprised to learn this, but carried on with my running. After all this was still early in the race and my experiences could alter later on. Arriving at the first check-point at Skramstadsætra I changed shoes from Mizuno Ronin to Puma Trailfox. That pit-stop went fairly well-only used 5 minutes there. Average pace so far was 6.46-a bit more than planned-leaving me 9m behind schedule.
At Bjørnåsbjerget
Eager to get on and maybe gain some time I headed out for the next strech which was going to be the most demanding of them all. The trail was very wet. We ran in mud and water almost continually and there were large parts of marshland. On the marshland I was bound to walk and lost a great deal of time due to that. I experienced severe discomfort due to the stretch in my butt and had to force myself to run where I clearly needed to in order to maintain momentum. On two or three occasions I slipped and went down in the mud. Luckilly I didn't get injured. Arriving at Åkersetra after crossing a river just before-the water almost went up to my mid-I was seriously thinking to DNF. My butt was really hurting, my feet were nearly done and my spirit was low. Well, I didn't. Why didn't I? Tough question. I think when I'm going to DNF there has to be present a severe damage that prevents me from finishing or an injury that clearly will develop into something serious if I finish. I could't classify my experiences in those categories. I was just really hurting and having a bad time. Clearly these are not reasons to DNF! Average pace on the section was 9:10-leaving me 1h 2m behind schedule.
Crossing Åstaelva at Åkersetra
After some refuelling, some potato chips and a cup of coffee I carried on with the race. The trail went up for some time and levelled out when starting to cross a major marsh-land. Luckily timber was placed on most of the trail and because of that it was possible to keep momentum at a resonable level. Ascending towards the hilltop "Snørrvillen", the race' highest point, the view was simply fantastic! It was worth the run from Rena just to experience that view. The horizon was mostly clear, but I could see that some dark clouds were approaching from the north. It was time to descend down to the third check point. Arriving at Sjusjøen I was I was eager to refuel and get on with the remaining part of the race. My pain was still there, but I'd decided to not acknowledge it. I changed shoes(wonderful), refuelled and went out. Average pace on the section was 9:22-leaving me 1h 3m behind schedule.
The course went up for some while, but before long it started to descend. The condition of the course was much better than on the previous sections, but I couldn't manage to gain enough momentum in order to obtain the pace I wanted. Maybe I'm wasn't pushing enough? Anyway, I kept a steady pace, passed several runners and arrived at the finish in Lillehammer having spent 10h 52m 27s on the course.
Average pace was 8:50-leaving me 1h 7m behind schedule.

Results, total:
-Finish time: 10h 52m 27s
-Placement: 4th overall

-Verticals: 1.782 m
-Shoes: Mizuno Ronin, Puma Trailfox and Montrail Masochist
-Weather: Partly cloudy, some sun, 10-12 degrees celsuis, little wind-severe some times

This was an interesting race in many ways. I feel that there is a lot to learn from it. First thing that springs to mind is my need for improvement when it comes to running technique and endurance in the terrain. I have had workouts in the terrain on average once a week, but that is clearly not enough. I'll correct that when preparing for competitions in the end of the second quarter next year. Secondly I need to establish another regime when it comes to nutrition. It worked out well to drink energy-drink, eat potato chips and drink cola, but I need more storage space than the one my present sack is providing. I'll also skip using the drinking belt on ultra-runs and use a camel-back or something similar. The mental part is more influential than I thought it would be. It made me finish the run at a point where I nearly thought I'd DNF. Further on I need to train to push myself more-endure more pain. That means to run when it hurts if that's needed to keep the pace as planned.
What's worth remembering from this race is all there was to learn from it and that I was able to finish when I thought I wouldn't.

The GARMIN-logfile can be found here:

Results from the race can be found here:

onsdag 15. september 2010

Ullevål course: treshold session. Ready for action!

Thuringen Ultra-2010
Last workout before the first competition is due. It'll be held on Saturday this week. It's an ultrarun on trail-"UltraBirken", 73 km, in Norway-from Rena to Lillehammer crossing the mountain area in between.
I felt fresh today. The aim with todays workout was to ensure that speed is maintained. I succeeded in carrying out a good session with sub 5-pace and without putting to much effort in to it. The stretch in the left part of my butt is fading. I only noticed a slight discomfort at the end of the session. I'm icing that down. I'm confident that I'll be very fit on Saturday. Since 12th of July I've had 72h of training of which 64 is running. I've runned 618 km and climbed 8.366 m while running-almost on top of Mount Everest-certainly more than K2. Now I'm ready for action!

-Distance: 9,79 km
-Time: 49m 00s
-Average pace: 5:00 min/km
-Working pace: 4:57 min/km, 7,55 km
-Elevation gained: 87 m(8,9 m/km)-below 10,ok.
-Calories: 689 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Saucony Kinvara-excellent shoes
-Weather: Clouded, 14 degrees celsius, strong breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 14. september 2010

Weakly report: 36/10

Sunset in Oslo
Finally, the end of the tapering period has arrived. The next week I'm entering the competition period with a race 18th of Sep and 26th of Sep. The former being an ultrarun(UltraBirken) and the latter Berlin Marathon.
Volume is down considerably. I'm also down on verticals. I had three sessions of running this week. Two endurance sessions and a treshold session. I'm certainly noticing that my legs and body are benefitting from tapering. Speed is up and my feet are fresher. I've had some light outburst of "Runners butt"-especially on my left side. That seems to fade as volume and number of sessions is down. I've also done stretching and used ice on a regular basis. My level of race readiness "Form" is increasing rapidly. Only uncertainty is the discomfort I've experienced in my butt. However, I'm pretty optimistic when it comes to the following races.
The most demanding part is to stick to my programme. It's very tempting to just go for a run when I feel this form, but I have to be disiplined.


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
222,1h/ 7,2h pr week(Running: 172,5h/1.627 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
71h /7,9h pr week (Running: 64,2h/ 608,2 km) 
Verticals: 8.916 m( Running: 8.279 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
3h 10m(Running: 3h 10m/37,15 km)
Verticals: 292 m(Running: 292 m) 

4. Body weight: 71,7 kg
(Saturday morning) 

5. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Ronin(innkjøpt 8.4.10)     : 501 km (from the time of buying)
-Puma Concinnity(innkjøpt 30.4.10)        : 220 km (from the time of buying)
-Montrail Masochist(innkjøpt 14.5.10)     : 395 km (from the time of buying)
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8(innkjøpt 28.7.10) : 146 km (from the time of buying)
-Saucony Kinvara(innkjøpt 9.9.10)          : 14 km (from the time of buying)

mandag 13. september 2010

UltraBirken-2010: Preparations

Gjerdingen, Nordmarka
First upcoming event is an ultrarace on trail-UltraBirken. It's due next Saturday.
Distance is 73 km and most of it is on trail. Start from Rena(7 a.m.) and finish in Lillehammer.
My target with this race is to finish faster than 10h. In order to do that I need to have an average pace of 8 min/km. That's within my reach.
The course is divided in the following parts:

1. Rena-Skramstadsætra(D)         : 15 km, on gravel roads
2. Skramstadsætra-Åkersætra(D) : 17,5 km(32,5 km from start), trail and mountain running
3. Åkersætra-Sjusjøen(D)            : 17,5 km(50 km from start), very technical trail on marshland
4. Sjusjøen-Finnsveen                  : 14 km   (64 km from start), gravel roads and light trail
5. Finnsveen-Lillehammer             : 9 km     (73 km from start), gravel roads and light trail
D: Drop-point

Theoretical I have the opportunity to supply myself at three aid-stations(2, 3 and 4)
The first part of the race is easy to decide on when it comes to shoes. I'll use some light-weight shoes.
From point 4 to the finish line I'll use trail-shoes. That goes for the part between part 2 and 4 as well.
I'm bringing three pair of shoes.
1) Mizuno Wave Ronin for use from the start till Skramstadsætra(15 km).
2) Puma Trailfox for use between Skramstadsætra and Sjusjøen(35 km)
3) Montrail Masochist for use between Sjusjøen and the finish line.(23 km)

-Goal, overall: finish on 9h 45m (average pace of 8,0 min/km / 7,5 km/h)

.1 Rena-Skramstadsætra        : time spent is 1,5h
(average pace of 6 min/km), add 5 min for shoe-change

.2 Skramstadsætra-Åkersætra: time spent is 2,5h
(average pace of 8,5 min/km), add 10 min for refuelling

.3 Åkersætra-Sjusjøen            : time spent is 2,5h
(average pave is 8,5 min/km), add 15 min for shoe and  refuelling.

.4 Sjusjøen-Lillehammer         : time spent is 2,5h
(average pace is 6,5 min/km), add 15 min for refuelling along the course.

Total time spent                      : 9h + 45min = 9h 45m
( average pace overall is 8,0 min/km)

Time, passing(out):
1. Rena, start           : kl 0700
2. Skramstadsætra  : kl 0835
3. Åkersætra           : kl 1115
4. Sjusjøen              : kl 1400
5. Lillehammer        : kl  1645

1. Shoes:
.1 Mizuno Wave Ronin
.2 Montrail Masochist
.3 Puma Trailfox

2. Clothing:
.1 Thights: long(1), Gore Mythos/ medium length(GORE)
.2 Jersey: long sleeves-Merino Wool(1), t-shirt(1)
.3 Socks: 4 pairs-Gore
.4 Underwear: 2 changes
.5 Jacket: windproof(1)-Gore
.6 Gloves: 1 pair-Gore
.7 Headwear: 1-Gore

3. Food:
.1 Energy-drink: 150 g
.2 Coke: 0,5 l
.3 Potato-chips: 50g
.4 Chocolate: 95 g
.5 Electrolytes: 40 g

4. Supplementary:
.1 Vaseline
.2 Sports-tape
.3 Multi-tool
.4 Compass
.5 Map: Turkart-"Birkebeineren"
.6 Toilette paper
.7 Soap, small
.8 Digital camera
.9 GPS-watch
.10 Wrist-watch
.11 Running-sack(10l)
.12 Drinking-belt, Perfekta(8 bottles of 0,15l)

søndag 12. september 2010

Majorstua course: Treshold session

Copenhagen Marathon, May-2010
Time for another treshold session. Being the end of the tapering period I'm down on elevation and pace. My aim with todays workout was to run a long treshold session on low to moderate elevation. With three days since my last workout I was pretty eager to get to work again. Originally I planned on running a 10 km race this weekend. I thought the race was on Sunday, but it appeared that the race was on Saturday! I felt pretty stupid discovering the fact by reading the result a few hours before I planned to leave for the race. Seems like I have to much in my mind these days. Well, enough about that. Todays session went fine. I managed to keep a steady pace of 5:02, didn't have any more than a slight discomfort in the left part on my butt and it seems like my virus-infection is long gone. First session with my new running shoes bought on Thursday this week. So far the shoes serves me well, middle stability, very good feeling while running and low cushioned. A good session!

-Distance: 14,33 km (*) Measured distance on GPS-watch 0,24 km to long.
-Time: 1h 13m 01s
-Average pace: 5:06 min/km
-Working pace: 5:02 min/km, 11,97 km
-Elevation gained: 139 m(9,7 m/km)-below 10,ok.
-Calories: 1.017 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Saucony Kinvara-excellent shoes
-Weather: Sun, 20 degrees celsius, strong breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

fredag 10. september 2010

Saucony Kinvara: new shoe

Saucony Kinvara, 208 g
I have several pairs of shoes. One pair for competition and speed-work, another for endurance-sessions and a pair for trail-runs. I've been using Mizuno Wave Ronin now since 8th of April this year, logged just over 500 km of running with those shoes. Lately I've noticed that the shoes doesn't provide anymore that just a slight response when hitting the surface. I guess it's time to grant retirement for use in the gym, season starting next quarter.
It's always nice to go hunting for a pair of new shoes. Allthough I think it's wise to stick to what works I'm always eager to try on something new. Saucony just brought a new model out for sale and I thought I'll try it on. It's an interesting shoe because it allows the pressure when hitting the ground to be more distributed on the middle- and front of the foot. Oh, and it's definately a shoe to compete with. Not much stability, provides a good felling when running and demands a skilled runner. By testing out I discovered that my running pattern tends to stay pretty close to that experienced when using Ronin. Overall, I had a good impression and bought a pair. First major test is a 10 km race on Sunday this weekend. I've had a good tapering period so far, and my aim is to finish with a new personal best on the distance.
Some has allready bought and had some testing done:

torsdag 9. september 2010

Movatn-Kjelsås course: endurance session

It's pretty hard not to run these days, but tonight I was allowed to do so again, according to my training programme. I'm pleased to notice then that I'm getting fresher as time passes. I had a good session with an average pace in the working session of just below 5-without putting to much effort in to it. That's good news. The flip side of the coin is that I noticed some muscle tigthning in my butt-especially the left side. I'll have to continue my stretching exercises. If needed I'll have some more sports massage. 2/3 of the course is on gravel roads and some of it with demanding surface. I'm satisfied with the progress in my tapering period. Next session now is a 10 km race on Sunday.

-Distance: 15,13 km
-Time: 1h 15m 38s
-Average pace: 4:59 min/km
-Working pace: 4:55 min/km, 13,46 km
-Elevation gained: 90 m(5,9 m/km)-below 10,ok.
-Calories: 1.078 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Clouded, 16 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 7. september 2010

Sagene course: endurance session

From Lillomarka
Two day since my last training-and running-session. Being in the tapering period the most demanding part is to back off. My aim with todays workout was to enjoy 45 minutes at a pace just a bit slower than marathon-pace without putting to much effort in to it.
Heading out my feet-and I- felt fresh. I had no problem pushing without feeling anything close to much effort. I backed off a bit and averaged at 5:17 in the working session. I've experienced a ligth stretch in the upper part on both hamstrings the last few days. To remove that I've done some stretching on a regular basis. I only noticed some minor discomfort tonight.

-Distance: 7,69 km
-Time: 41m 03s
-Average pace: 5:20 min/km
-Working pace: 5:17 min/km
-Elevation gained: 63 m(8,2 m/km)-below 10,ok.
-Calories: 549 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Clouded, 16 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

mandag 6. september 2010

Weekly report; 35/10

Sunset in Oslo

Being the first week in the tapering period it's quite an irony that I seem to have a light stretch in both my hamstrings. Right now I'm working to removing those with some regular stretching exercises. Hopefully I'll be lucky in my efforts by the end of the week.
A total of 5 sessions this week of which four are running and one is flexibility-another irony for you there.
Just one quality-session, muscular endurance. I'll keep it that way through both the tapering- and the competition-period. The only exception is the number of endurance-sessions. I'm down to just three sessions in the former and two sessions in the latter-in total figures.
I experinced a good recovery on Monday after Saturdays marathon in Stavanger. After that I got infected by some virus and was ill for two to three days. I resumed training on Friday. That day I had a muscular endurance session that was very promising.. Saturday it was due for starting my swimming course, but learned that it was cancelled due to lack of interest. I went for a run instead. On Sunday I had a wonderful long run on trails in the wood in Lillomarka-my favourite course.
The most challenging in this period is to stay away from training and follow the training-programme. That means a substansial reduction in amount of training compared to previous periods. That is my approach to taper for Berlin Marathon the 26th of Sep


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
219h/ 7,3h pr week(Running: 169,3h/1.590 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
67,8h /8,48h pr week (Running: 61,01h/ 571,1 km) 
Verticals: 8.624 m( Running: 7.987 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
5h 43m(Running: 4h 53m/48,54 km)
Verticals: 625 m(Running: 625 m) 

4. Body weight: 70,9 kg
(Saturday morning) 

5. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Ronin(innkjøpt 8.4.10)     : 501 km (from the time of buying)
-Puma Concinnity(innkjøpt 30.4.10)        : 220 km (from the time of buying)
-Montrail Masochist(innkjøpt 14.5.10)     : 395 km (from the time of buying)
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8(innkjøpt 28.7.10) : 123 km (from the time of buying)

søndag 5. september 2010

Lillomarka course: Endurance trailrun

Beautiful weather today and I was lucky enough to have scheduled an endurance-session on trails on my favourite course-in Lillomarka. The course is very technical, navigates along wooden trails in a forrest that consist mainly of pine and spruce. As you run along the trees the sun is intruding at different degrees.
In addition it's not much used by others and it's a good way to get some piece of mind as well.
As always I travelled by train to Movatn and started the ascend towards Sinober-a cottage a couple of miles in the woods- right afterwards. It's just under 3 km and the elevation is somewhat over 100 m. Patience is the key word as I encounter a very technical trail that seems to go straight up in the beginning. It's a good feeling though to be in the woods again after running on streets for some time. It's excatly two weeks since the last run on trails.
After a short while the trail levels out and I continue towards Sinober. Soon I'm encountering the last, big ascend towards Sinober and I'm richly rewarded by the beautiful views when I reach the lake Ormetjern. Not much left then before I catch the first glimps of Sinober-an old cottage situated strategically in the middle of Lillomarka. A nice place to stop a couple of minutes and even for a light snack.
View from Granberget towards Oslo
Well, I'm just stopping today for a quick look and I'm soon on my way through lovely, densed wood towards the highest point of the trip-a ridge called Granberget. It presents some of the finest views over Oslo and the southern-east part of Nordmarka.
My aim with todays run was to have a good feeling all the time. Most of the time I managed allthough I could clearly feel the ascends. But again, patience is what counts and I'm constantly improving on that. Mind and outer world seems to disappear as I slowly work my way through the beautiful scenery and I'm soon approaching Granberget. It's mandatory with a quick stop to enjoy the views before the run continues towards Kjelsås. The course is starting to descend right after leaving Granberget and I'm soon approaching a place called Solemskogen. This time I chose to run towards Maridalsvannet by following the skie-track towards Kjelsås. After some very steep descends I reach an open field just before the lake Maridalsvannet. Shortly afterwards I'm running on gravel paths along Maraidalsvannet towards Kjelsås. I had a good run overall. I could feel some discomfort at both sides of the hip. I noticed that Yesterday as well. Maybe it's some muscles that are over-stretched. Anyway, I'm off from running a couple of days. Next week I'm scheduling three sessions with running with a total amount lower than this week.

-Distance: 16,19 km
-Time: 2h 01m 41s
-Average pace: 7:30 min/km
-Elevation gained: 270 m(16,7 m/km)-above 10, well, it was a light session.
-Calories: 1047 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Montrail Masochist
-Weather: Sunny, 18-20 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

lørdag 4. september 2010

Akerselva/ Kjelsås-course: Endurance session

Maridalsvannet, from Kjelsås
I wasn't going to run today. My plan was to start swimming again by attending a swimming-course in order to improve on my technique. I was contacted by the arranger a couple of hours before and told todays session was off due to low interest. I asked a few questions and after some thinking afterwards I find it highly unlikely that my course will ever be arranged as planned this fall/winter. I need to rearrange my plans when it comes to swimming. More on that on another blogpost.
My aim with todays running session was to carry out an endurance workout a bit slower than marathon-pace, keep the ascent-gradient below 10 and have a bit freshness left after the workout. I don't like running along trafficated roads so my favourite parts are north from were I live. I went up to Kjelsås to the southern end of Maridalsvannet, back again along Akerselva before heading back home. My feet were not as fresh as Yesterday and I lowered my pace after my warm-up trying to average on 5:30. The ascend towards Kjelsås went fine as I tried to execute patience when ascending. After reaching the top level I continued with an pace of 5:15 and felt good doing so. Along Akerselva it's mainly downwards and the scenery today was especially beautiful-sunny, quiet, still green after the summer.
I think 5:30 is as far down I can go on a slow run. Any slower than that and I'll get more exhausted than running at 5:30.
Marathon pace right now is 5-5:15. Treshold pace is 4:45-4:55.

-Distance: 11,88 km
-Time: 1h 05m 39s
-Average pace: 5:31 min/km
-Elevation gained: 108 m(9,09 m/km)-below 10, that's acceptable in this period.
-Calories: 847 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin
-Weather: Sunny, 20 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

fredag 3. september 2010

Blindern course: Treshold-session

Operahouse, Oslo
I've been subjected to a virus-infection a few days. Sensing that it was fading away I went out for a treshold-session tonight. I was still a bit affected by the infection though. However, eager to get back in to running againg after four days I headed out for this weeks muscular endurance workout. My intention was to test what speed I could achieve while running just below or at treshold pace. I don't use a heart rate monitor anymore, and I guess I never will, but I know my body well enough to know how it feels at different efforts. Initially my legs felt fresh. I did the warm-up 30s faster than the previous ones. Beyond that my quality session started and I had decided to run approximately 10 km to se if I had made some progress since the spring. Establishing at a speed of 5 I could clearly feel that this was just below treshold. I had a good feeling and managed to keep a good technique. Before long I passed the 10km mark at 49m 37s(not monitored). That's 17s down compared to Sentrumsløpet this spring. At that time I was free of illness and had a bigger effort to produce the result. Anyway, I logged 4:59 on the session and I'm satisfied with that. In the weeks to come I'm doing the same session once a week. Next week the session will be a 10km race-Lørenskogløpet on Sunday the 12th of Sep.
I clearly feel that I'm in a good position now to further improve on my form as time is closing up to Berlin Marathon in just over three weeks. At that time I'm targeting at 5 as an average pace for the marathon.

-Distance: 12,29 km
-Time: 1h 03m 20s
-Average pace: 5:09 min/km
-Moving pace: 4:59 min/km
-Elevation gained: 106 m(8,62 m/km)-below 10, that's acceptable in this period.
-Calories: 876 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Clouded, 13 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air, chilly-I need to dress up a bit next time.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

torsdag 2. september 2010

Flexibility: Sports- massage

I've been scheduling some sessions with sports-massage the last couple of months. Initially it was just a try-out to se if it worked out well for me before I incorportated it in my training programme as a recovery-session. I started out in June and have completed just over half a dusin sessions. I can clearly feel the effect when it comes to recovery-time. I feel a lot more fresh in my legs at a spesific time after a race than without sports-massage. My conclusion is that I will include this on a monthly basis-carrying out 1 hour a month.
Today I had 1 hour of sports-massage working manly on the hamstrings(30 min), legs(10 min) and 10 minutes on the quads. Last time-a week ago-I had 1/2-hour and worked only on the hamstrings due to severe thightness expereinced after the 6h-race on 21th of Aug. After todays session I feel that the thigthness has loosened up a great deal. I felt some of it during Stavanger Marathon last Saturday, but now it's almost gone. The last three days I've experienced an outburst of fluea, but that's fading away now. Tomorrow I'm back on regular training again-tapering for Berlin Marathon in just over three weeks.

-Quads: 10 min
-Hamstrings: 30 min
-Legs: 10 min

onsdag 1. september 2010

Monthly report: August-2010

Brandenburger Tor-Berlin
Total amount of workouts is up slightly and the distance covered is down by 20%. Verticals is down by more than 50 %. In running I've had 9 quality workouts-distributed on speed-work, running-strength and treshold pace. In addition I've completed three competitions-two marathons and an ultrarun(6h-race). I'm down on strength-training and cross-training-not doing the amount I planned in advance due to need of recovery.
Around 90 % of my training is running now. I'm set for an injury if I don't make any precautions. That'll be some more cross-training and reduced amount of training volume as I enter the tapering period now-as a matter of fact I tapered for my last marathon in Stavanger last weekend. I haven't had any problems connected with injuries, but I've been training "over the edge" when it comes to amount. I do think that to include a weekly trail-session does prevent injuries. I'll continue with that in the tapering period. My new focus-towards street-running-has paid off. I finished with a new personal best at Stavanger Marathon last Saturday-in the building period. I think that this is due to the amount of training, both in quality and in endurance-workouts.

1. Total activity:
-Workouts: 22
-Distance: 340,29 km
-Time: 33h 57m 43s
-Verticals: 3.177 m
-Calories: 22.945 C
-Days off: 9 days of 31(29 %-a bit under every third day, most of it the last 9 days-5 days).

2. Running:
-Distance: 312,25 km
-Time: 32h 05m 37s
-Verticals: 2.961 m
-Calories: 21.649 C

3. Bike:
-Workouts: 1
-Distance: 28,04 km
-Time: 1h 2m 06s
-Verticals: 216 m
-Calories: 1.296 C

4. Strength:
-Workouts: 1
-Time: 35m

5. Flexibility:
-Workouts: 1
-Time: 15m

6. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Ronin(innkjøpt 8.4.10)     : 489 km (from the time of buying)
-Puma Concinnity(innkjøpt 30.4.10)        : 220 km (from the time of buying)
-Montrail Masochist(innkjøpt 14.5.10)     : 379 km (from the time of buying)
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8(innkjøpt 28.7.10) : 111 km (from the time of buying)

My cross-training in the weeks to come will be swimming and cycling. Strength-training is off untill the next quarter-starting in October. My running workouts in the tapering period will consist of endurance and treshold-pace sessions. That'll last till the end of next week. I'm scaling down on my verticals-below 10/km.
My A-priority race for this quarter is only just over three weeks away-Berlin Marathon. In that race I'm racing to achieve a new personal best. More on stratetgy for the race later on.