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fredag 6. august 2010

Running-special session: A brave man!

This morning I had the pleasure of accompanying a man who has runned constantly from Nordkapp(the most Northern point of Norway) with the target of reaching Lindesnes-the most southern point of Norway. He'd covered over 2000 km on roads so far and intends to reach Lindesnes in the middle of next week. This is truly a run that places heavy demands of the one who sets out. Erik Nossum is the man and he started with a partner and a driver and they both withdraw after a short while. He quickly found a solution and continued his run southwards, with a new driver and now running alone. Another important mission with this run is to raise money for a charity-purpouse. In this case it's cancer. I do hope he'll be successfull in both matters. It was interesting to run along some 12 km of todays lap(Hvam-Drammen) with Erik and learn from his experiences. Among other things he divides his lap of the day into 10 km-laps and breaks off 10-15 minutes after each such lap in order to relax and refuell on nutrition.
It takes tremandous courage to challenge oneself day after day and a great deal of will to finish. It sems like Erik has both. There's more to learn from the run on the web-page:

Todays session-logged on GF 205-can be found here:

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