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onsdag 1. september 2010

Monthly report: August-2010

Brandenburger Tor-Berlin
Total amount of workouts is up slightly and the distance covered is down by 20%. Verticals is down by more than 50 %. In running I've had 9 quality workouts-distributed on speed-work, running-strength and treshold pace. In addition I've completed three competitions-two marathons and an ultrarun(6h-race). I'm down on strength-training and cross-training-not doing the amount I planned in advance due to need of recovery.
Around 90 % of my training is running now. I'm set for an injury if I don't make any precautions. That'll be some more cross-training and reduced amount of training volume as I enter the tapering period now-as a matter of fact I tapered for my last marathon in Stavanger last weekend. I haven't had any problems connected with injuries, but I've been training "over the edge" when it comes to amount. I do think that to include a weekly trail-session does prevent injuries. I'll continue with that in the tapering period. My new focus-towards street-running-has paid off. I finished with a new personal best at Stavanger Marathon last Saturday-in the building period. I think that this is due to the amount of training, both in quality and in endurance-workouts.

1. Total activity:
-Workouts: 22
-Distance: 340,29 km
-Time: 33h 57m 43s
-Verticals: 3.177 m
-Calories: 22.945 C
-Days off: 9 days of 31(29 %-a bit under every third day, most of it the last 9 days-5 days).

2. Running:
-Distance: 312,25 km
-Time: 32h 05m 37s
-Verticals: 2.961 m
-Calories: 21.649 C

3. Bike:
-Workouts: 1
-Distance: 28,04 km
-Time: 1h 2m 06s
-Verticals: 216 m
-Calories: 1.296 C

4. Strength:
-Workouts: 1
-Time: 35m

5. Flexibility:
-Workouts: 1
-Time: 15m

6. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Ronin(innkjøpt 8.4.10)     : 489 km (from the time of buying)
-Puma Concinnity(innkjøpt 30.4.10)        : 220 km (from the time of buying)
-Montrail Masochist(innkjøpt 14.5.10)     : 379 km (from the time of buying)
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8(innkjøpt 28.7.10) : 111 km (from the time of buying)

My cross-training in the weeks to come will be swimming and cycling. Strength-training is off untill the next quarter-starting in October. My running workouts in the tapering period will consist of endurance and treshold-pace sessions. That'll last till the end of next week. I'm scaling down on my verticals-below 10/km.
My A-priority race for this quarter is only just over three weeks away-Berlin Marathon. In that race I'm racing to achieve a new personal best. More on stratetgy for the race later on.

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