Danmark fra Larkollen

fredag 31. desember 2010

2010-Year of breakthrough

Thuringen Ultra
Looking back on the year that's just about to end, I'm amazed about my endevaours. I have moved myself almost 3.000 km both on footh, wheels, in the water and even on skies. In addition I've participated in 15 competitions and finished 14 of them. 7 of the competitions being marathons and 7 being ultras. I guess it's only more than fair that my right knee is hurting. I hope that all those who happen to read this blog is just as satisfied as I am right now.
This year was also the first time I participated in an ultrarace. It was a wonderful experience and I still remember vividly my first ultra-Kristins Runde. Further on I'm very satisfied with accomplishing another main goal of mine-breaking the 4h barrier on the marathon. I was almost amazed when this happened at Ålesund Marathon in May and I still cherish the moment and the race.
A transcending experience that took place later on was Thuringen Ultra in the beginning of July. Running the better part of the day through the deep woods in majestic Thuringen Wald in Germany was simply fantastic. The feeling of fullfillment when finishing was beyond everything I've experienced so far.
Another great moment I'll remember with great pleasure is my new personal best on marathon i Berlin Marathon one week after finishing UltraBirken.
Finally, to finish my first 10 km under 50 minutes was a great moment. That happened at Sentrumsløpet in Oslo late April.
Two other races that provided great running experiences was Kongsvinger Skogsmarathon and Stavanger Marathon-both in August.


    Km Time(h) (%)                      
Running: L 2 225,7 250,5 76,6 %     
Cycling Sy 586,1 23,9 7,3 %
Swimming: Sv 5,9 21,2 6,5 %
Triathlon: Tr 0,0 0,0 0,0 %
Martial arts: Kp 0,0 0,0 0,0 %
Strength: St 0,0 23,3 7,1 %
XC-Skiing: Sl 51,1 6,8 2,1 %
Cross-training: At 0,0 1,6 0,5 %
Total   2 868,7 327,2 100,0 %

Number of workouts:
Running:           132
Cycling              32
Swimming :       25
Triathlon:            0
Martial arts:        0 
Strength:           41
XC-Skiing:          3
Alternative:         4
Total              237 

Number of endurance sessions is 95, leaving the rest to quality sessions. That's a pretty heavy load of quality-something to think about, at least when it comes to number of sessions. I also have to consider the workload measured in hours. Average length of a quality workout is 40 minutes. That adds up to 64h (20 %). That's better, but still to much.
Looking at the statistic it's obvious that running is the major part. I will make changes in order to establish variety in my activity, but running will still be important. That is running on trails mostly.

I wish everyone who reads this blog a Happy New Year and success in the year to come.

torsdag 30. desember 2010

Helsfyr course-endurance run: Recovering from my knee-injury?

Nedre Blanksjø-Nordmarka
Bitterly cold tonight. It was right at the level of getting to cold, but it was allright to run when I got started. I was eager to learn if my measures since last session at 23th of December had paid off. Since then I've been stretching regularly. In addition I've carried out a session with cross-country skiing and cycling. Tonights session was slightly promising. I ran for more than half the distance before noticing any pain in my left knee. The right knee is not in perfect condition, but it's far better than it's neighbour. Afterwards the condition of my knee was better than after the session at 23th of December. That's promising. Anyway, I have scheduled an appointment with a physiotherapist the 3th of January. I need an independent evaluation of my condition and a training programme for the knee.
Next time I'm running under similar conditions I'll use some knee-warmers. I noticed discomfort due to the cold tonight and the knees are particularly vulnerable.

-Distance: 6,1 km
-Time: 37m 47s
-Average pace: 6:12 min/km
-Average moving pace: 5:59 min/km
-Elevation gained: 56 m( 9,2m/km).
-Calories: 424 kcal.
-Average heart rate(max): Not measured
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire
-Weather: Partly clouded, -10 degrees celsius, quiet, low humidity in the air, overall very cold

onsdag 29. desember 2010

Last endurance ride this year

Summer in Lillomarka
Time for this years last ride on the bike. Being 9 days since my last ride it was expected that average heart rate would be up a bit. I guess I'll be down a bit next week. Before long I hope to shift gear to 12 and thus increase the workload-and speed.
Overall this year I've been covering 586,1 km of which 441,4 is on stationary wheels(1 and 4th quarter). The better part was done in first quarter(322,5 km). I almost didn't use my bike in the other quarters this year-which is a shame. Number of sessions is 32. 23 of these are endurance sessions. The other are quality sessions.
I certainly wont repeat that approach in 2011.

-Distance: 11,8 km
-Time:  30m 00s
-Warmup: 5 m ( 20-25 km/h)
-Recovery: 5 m(20 km/h)
-Working time: 20 m
-Average speed: 23,6 km/h
-Working speed: 25 km/h
-Cadence, average: 89
-Gear: 11
-Elevation gained: 0 m
-Calories:  270 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 152(159)

tirsdag 28. desember 2010

Nordmarka Ultra Challenge: crossing Nordmarka from north to south

View north from Kikut
At 1th of October 2011 it's due for a new ultrarun in Norway. The race will be entirely on trails in Nordmarka north of Oslo. The length of the race is approximately 60 km. The course leads the participants through some of Nordmarkas most scenic parts starting way up north at Grua and finishing at the one of the most southern point of Nordmarka-Sognsvann.The course is very hilly and includes visits to six mountain tops-Bislingflaka, Kollern, Pershusfjellet, Kjerkeberget, Kikuttoppen and Vettakollen.
Official split-times at: Tverrsjøstallen, Kikutstua and Sognsvann.
Major check-points along the course: Mylla, Tverssjøstallen, Katnosdammen, Kikutstua, Skjennungsstua and Sognsvann.
Minor check-points: Bislingflaka, Kollern, Pershusfjellet, Spålen, Kjerkeberget, Sandungen, Blankvannsbråten and Vettakollen.

Course description: 
-Starting point: Grua( Just over 1h by train north of Oslo)
-Part I: Grua-Mylla.
-Part II: Mylla-Bislingflaka-Kolleren-Tversjøstallen
-Part III: Tverssjøstallen-Pershusfjellet-Spålen-Finnerudsæter-Katnosdammen
-Part IV: Katnosdammen-Kjerkeberget-Sandungen-Kikuttoppen-Kikutstua
-Part V: Kikutstua-Osmarka-Blankvannsbråten-Bjordammen-Skjennungsstua
-Part VI: Skjennungsstua-Rishøgda-Vettakollen-Bånntjern-Sognsvann
-Finish: At Sognsvann in Oslo(some 20 minutes from the city center by municipal transport)
The course will follow marked trails and each participant will be provided with one map. However it may occur that the marking is insufficient and each participant is responsible for his/her own navigation.

Estimated distance: 60-70 km
Estimated elevation; 1.500 metres
The course will be logged using GPS during the spring/summer 2011.

Each participant must provide his/her own nutrition. Water is available along the course from streams and lakes.

Number of participants will be limited to 50 in 2011. Registration will open 1th of April 2011.

Team Nordmarka

Jannicke Bergh,
Phone: +47 99 49 33 42

More information will be provided on this blog-post leading up to the start of registration. The course is subject to alterations.

mandag 27. desember 2010

Skiing through the heart of Nordmarka

Gunnar crossing Kalvsjøen
Me, at Kikut
A lovely day out there in the woods through the heart of Nordmarka north of Oslo. I had the pleasure of being accompanied by a runner-friend of mine, Gunnar, on a day with nearly perfect conditions-cloudy, no winds and with modest temperatures. We travelled by train to Movatn and headed northwest towards Kikut. Encountering a long ascend at first but this was soon followed by a wonderful stretch over the lake Kalvsjøen. Our pace went up markedly and we arrived shortly after at Gørja some 8 km after Movatn. We had very good tracks after that and kept our pace as we were closing up on the lake Bjørnsjøen. Before long we started the crossing of the last part towards Kikut. After 2h we arrived at Kikut and it was time for a planned break and a snack. Kikut is a lovely place some 15 km from both Movatn and Sognsvatn and easy to reach both on foot, with a bike and with skies. It was nice to spend some minutes inside the cottage, have a cup of coffee and some snack before heading towards out final destination Sognsvatn.
Gunnar, at Sognsvatn
Leaving Kikut we started to cross the lake Bjørnsjøen and headed towards Bjørnholt. Crossing lakes is a bit funny. If the track is of good condition it's possible to maintain a high pace and we shure did. Not long after we arrived at Bjørnholt. Darkness was closing up and we decided to stick to the road until we reached the southern part of the lake Skjærsjøen. It was pretty nice to be out skiing in pretty dark surrondings. I just love to make a short stop now and then and just listen to how quiet and nice it is out in the woods  at times like these. Arriving at the illuminated track to Sognsvatn we were able to se just how dark it really was. A pretty plan stretch along the lake Åklungen and some long descends and we were finally arriving at our final destination Sognsvatn, some 30 km from out starting point-Movatn. It doesn't get any better than this-spending the better part of the day skiing in the woods.

-Distance: 29,35 km
-Time: 3h 40m 39s
-Average pace: 7:31 min/km
-Average moving pace: 6:34 min/km
-Elevation gained: 338 m(11,5 m/km).
-Calories: 1.916 kcal.
-Average heart rate(max): didn't measure
-Skies: Madshus
-Weather: Clouded, partly snow, no wind, -3 to -5 degrees celsius-good conditions

fredag 24. desember 2010

Running: still a long way to go

Sandnes-Christmas eve
Yesterday I had my first running session since my last race-Bislett 24h race at 27th of Nov. I ran at a very moderate pace and the distance was very short. Naturally I was very eager to learn if I still suffered from any pain because of my knee-injuries. I headed out in the early evening, temperature just below zero, light winds and a bit of snow. After just one km I noticed pain in my knees-especially my left kne(particularly the back of the kne). I got a bit worse and stabilized at a nmoderate level, but I was in no condition to push on towards higher pace. Clearly I have a long way to go in order to recover from my injury. First thing next week I'll schedule an appointment with a fysiotherapist in order to establish a training programme to strengthen what muscles that need strengthening in conection with my knees. I addition I will carry out a stretching programme and use ice extensively for the next two weeks.


-Distance: 6 km

-Time: 37m 0s
-Average pace: 6:10 min/km
-Average moving pace:  min/km
-Elevation gained:  m( m/km). 10-ok
-Calories:  kcal.
-Average heart rate(max): Not measured
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire
-Weather: Clouded, -5 degrees celsius, light wind, high humidity in the air, overall cold

mandag 20. desember 2010

Endurance ride

Nordmarka at winter
A good ride tonight. Heart rate is down and my overall feeling is better than after the last session.
I'm down in zone 2 and I'm satisfied with that. In the time to come I'll continue with one session a week and increase to gear 12 if average heart rate stabilizes in zone 2.

-Distance: 11,8 km
-Time:  30m 00s
-Warmup: 5 m ( 20-25 km/h)
-Recovery: 5 m(20 km/h)
-Working time: 20 m
-Average speed: 23,6 km/h
-Working speed: 25 km/h
-Cadence, average: 90
-Gear: 11
-Elevation gained: 0 m
-Calories:  268 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 150(156)

lørdag 18. desember 2010

Movatn-Tømte: XC-Skiing-endurance/force session

Time for another session on skies. Again I travelled by train to Movatn, but headed northwest instead of south this time. My goal was to get back and forth to a place called Tømte-situated somewhat 5 km out in the woods. Getting there requires covering a long ascend of 5 km with an elevation of 200 metres. Weather was a bit windy, light snow and it was no option with long breaks as it tended to get pretty cold. However, ascending went good allthough I had to supply with some more kick-wax. I tried to focus on executing good technique and I managed to perform better this time than last Saturday. Tømte is a pretty desolate place, but has it's beauty. After a short stop I headed back downwards again I experienced my fist fall this winter. Trying to get out of the track I slipped and felled. Thank Good it's only snow :-)
Descending went pretty good. Arriving at Movatn station it got pretty dark outside. I need to start out earlier this time of year. This time I started at 2 p.m. My latest start has to 12 a.m. Having to wait for the train for about 40 minutes was a pretty cold experience.
Anyway, I'm satisfied with the session-especially with the ascend. No discomfort in my knees at all.
Next week I'm due for a longer session-about 20 km. Skiing is lovely.

-Distance: 10,7 km
-Time: 1h 35m
-Average pace: 8:54 min/km
-Average moving pace: 6:56 min/km
-Elevation gained: 204 m(19,1 m/km).
-Calories: 661 kcal.
-Average heart rate(max): didn't measure
-Skies: Madshus
-Weather: Clouded, partly snow, windy(breeze), -3 to -5 degrees celsius-good conditions

fredag 17. desember 2010

Back lifting weigths again

Good to be back in the gym again. I was a bit worried about my knees, but I didn't experience any discomfort except slightly when rowing. I feel a bit "rotten" in my body after 1 month with no strenght training at all, but overall it went very good. I did experience a ligth cramp in my hamstrings, but that was taken care of by doing some stretching between  each set. In the time to come I have scheduled a weakly session, increasing by one more from mid January next year.

 -Warm-up: no need-started with seated rowing
-Seated rowing: 15 minutes, ligth load(level 4); 3.476 m (Consept 2-Rowing machine)
-Squats: 1 set/8 reps/ 32 kg, 1 set/6 reps/37 kg, 1 set/4 rep/42 kg, 1 set/4 rep/47 kg, 1 set/4 rep/52 kg, 1 set/4 rep/57 kg, 1set/4 rep/62 kg
-Deadlift: 4 set/4 reps/62 kg
-Workout time: 42 minutes

torsdag 16. desember 2010

Recovering from injury II

Minor pain in my knees nowadays. I guess thats good. I went to see my orthopedic technican tonight. My aim with this process is to produce orthotics. It was a pretty straight-forward visit and I'll receive my orthotics the 21th of January next year. I'll start running before then, but not untill next week. I'll stick my programme as planned. The first quarter in 2011 I've only scheduled just over 300 km of running, but there's a lot of other training-among that over 300 km of skiing.

Eundurance ride

From Lillomarka
Back on the bike again after a long period without biking. First tapering for Bislett 24h and then recovery afterwards. It's almost three weeks since I've had efforts in my activity worth mentioning, Allthough I've been swimming and skiing I need more activity to satisfy myself. Todays session was just a minor difference in that matter. Heart rate was up. That's to be expected after a long period without biking. I felt fresh and happy to be able to work out again.

-Distance: 11,7 km
-Time:  30m 00s
-Warmup: 5 m ( 20-25 km/h)
-Recovery: 5 m(20 km/h)
-Working time: 20 m
-Average speed: 23,4 km/h
-Working speed: 25 km/h
-Cadence, average: 89
-Gear: 11
-Elevation gained: 0 m
-Calories:  439 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): 157(164)

søndag 12. desember 2010

Swimming: increasing on my lap-length

From Rallarvegen
Due for another session with swimming again. This time I'd decided to increase the lengt of my lap to three lengths of 10m each. At first I managed fine and maintained a good technique. After some time I got tired and didn't manage to keep up my focus when it comes to technique. After 45 minutes I stopped the session. Next time I'll try with 1 minutes rest between each lap. This time I was down to around 40 seconds.  The important thing is to execute a good technique at all times-not the number of sets.

1. 25 laps of 30 m
Total distance: 750 m
Workout time: 45 minutes

lørdag 11. desember 2010

Cross Country skiing: recovery-session

View towards south at Barlindåsen
Today was a special day. Having spent the last 16 years off my skies it was about time to put them on again. I was a bit anxious to learn if my technique had gone forever, but overall my experience was good. I need to improve on my use of kick waxes-it got slippery on the ascends after some time. Besides that I had a wonderful time in the woods. It is nice to be able to make use of the nature during the winter as well as the summer. XC skiing is an excellent alternative and provides basic endurance as well as overall strength. I'll schedule a weekly session throughout all the winter.
Right after start at Movatn
Just 15 minutes by the train and I was in the middle of the woods. After a short while I headed back towards the city on skies. Decending was a bit terryfiing intially, but I quickly mastered the technique. Ascending was easy but demanding as I didn't have applied sufficient kick wax. In addition I didn't bring any with-I'll make sure I do later on. The course is pretty levelled at first, but after a while there is a long ascend right after Snippen. The reward is a long descend with lovely views afterwards. It shure felt good to be out in the woods skiing again.
Allthough I manage to move forwards I need to work more on my technique-especially when moving along a course with low elevation. With proper grip on the snow I'll be able to use more force and glide forward longer on each stride. I addition it is important to execute as good technique as possible in order to rationalize strength.
Just before arriving at Kjelsås
After the descend the course followed my running course-right after Sandermosen station. The nature shure looks different at winter and has a beauty of its own. Before long I started the part of the stretch along the lake Maridalsvatnet. That part presented wonerful views as always. After an easy session I ended at Kjelsås just under 11 km after Movatn. Next time I'll head towards Tømte deeper in the woods and with a long ascend and descend.

-Distance: 11 km
-Time: 1h 30m
-Average pace: 8:12 min/km
-Average moving pace: 5:54 min/km
-Elevation gained: 102 m(9,3 m/km).
-Calories: 731 kcal.
-Average heart rate(max): didn't measure
-Skies: Madshus
-Weather: Partly clouded, calm winds, -3 to -5 degrees celsius-good conditions

torsdag 9. desember 2010

SK Vidar Running-groups: workout 4 and 5

Our training-sessions has continued to be held inside at Bislett arena. When winter conditions is harsh outside it's wonderful to take advantage of such a well suited arena for our workouts.
During the last two workouts participants have shifted back and forth between the groups in order to find the group best suited for each owns ambitions and capacity. That's quite normal and good in order to ensure a good starting point for the training.

During these workouts we have gone through two types of workouts. The first one is a progressive session as described and executed in workout nr three:

All new participant is to carry out this session in order to get to know more about intensity-zones as well as own capacity. In addition we've been working on technique. Spesifically that is drills targeted to establish a running frequency of around 90 steps a minute. The purpouse with this is to adapt individual running-frequency at such levels in order to obtain better running-economy.

In addition each participant carries out a simple individual test each month in order to check on individual progress. The test procedure is to run at a treadmill at zero elevation at 10 km/h(6 min/km) for 20 minutes after a 5 minutes warm-up. Average and maximum heart-rate is measured and is a measure for fitness.
The test is to be carried out once amonth.

It is necessary for each participant to train individual in addition to the weekly training with the running-group.
Recommended workouts are(in prioritized order:
1. Treshold-session: 5 minute warm-up, followed by 20-30 minutes of running in zone 4.
2. Technique-session: 5 minute warm-up, followed by cycluses consisting of drills lasting 2 minutes and alternating 3 minutes running in zone 2. A total of 4-6 cycluses is to be carried out.
3. Strength: On a treadmill at a pace like the one in zone 2, 5 min warm-up with zero elevation for 5 minutes, followed by cycluses consisiting of 2 minutes at 2 degrees elevation and 3 minutes at zero elevation. A total of 4-6 cycluses is to be carried out.

4. Endurance: 5 minute warm-up followed by 45-60 minutes in zone 2

søndag 5. desember 2010

Swimming: technique-session

Nice to swim again tonight. Actually it's my first training session since the race last weekend. Next training-session will be next Sunday and will also be a swimming-session.
The goal with todays session was to relax more in the water while focusing on executing good technique and increase the length of the lap. I managed both. The last 7 laps was 30 metres, the first 26 was 20 metres. From now on I'll only be swimming laps of 30 metres and longer. The fun part is that I'm able to relax more in the water. By being able to relax it's easier to execute good technique, and by executing good technique it's easier to relax.-it works both ways. Still I need to work more on my breath. Now I'm able to catch air, but I need to get rid of it as well while I'm not breathing. It was a very good workout tonight. Hours of training has certainly paid off. I just need to keep on working.


1. 26 laps of 20 m: 520 m
2. 7 laps of 30 m: 210 m
Total distance: 730 m
Workout time: 47 minutes

Weakly report: 47/10

The week consisted entirly of running. One endurance-session and the race on Saturday(Bislett 24h). It'll be the last time I participate in a race if I'm not completely free of injuries. I was able to run for about 6h and walked the rest of the race, covering just over 131 km. I'm not at all satisfied with the outcome of the race. The reason for this is mainly that I suffered from the injury and performed well below my own expectations. The other reason is that I didn't have a good feeling while running and didn't have the usual emotional outburst when finishing. Maybe this kind of ultra-race is some of an oddity for me. I know pretty well that I prefer the outdoors. Running in the woods and preferably on a course consisting of one loop. This was something completely different. It was noisy, crowded, dull and somewhat boring, but I chose to participate this time and gave it my best allthough it turned out to be more like a walk than a run. In future it's more likely that I wont participate than I will. However, I'm not concluding on that matter yet. In the time to come I will consentrate on getting rid of my injury. That will take from now and till the beginning of March next year-3 months. That means that all scheduled races in the first quarter is cancelled and that the ones in April and May is likely to be cancelled.
I will conclude on that matter by the end of the first quarter


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
315,5h/ 7,7h pr week(Running: 249,3h/2.213,6 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 10th of Oct: 
694,2h /9,9h pr week (Running: 54,6h/ 410,7 km) 
Verticals: 2.051 m( Running: 1.916 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
25h(Running: 25h / 140,9 km)
Verticals: 0 m(Running: 0 m) 

4. Body weight: 73,8 kg
(Saturday morning) 

5. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Inspire(purchased 6.11.10)               :  207,1 km
-Addidas Supernova Sequense(purchased 1.11.10): 48,7 km
-Mizuno Wave Ronin (purchased 8.4.10)                 : 522 km
-Puma Concinnity (purchased 30.4.10)                   : 220 km
-Montrail Masochist (purchased 14.5.10)                 : 415 km
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8 (purchased 28.7.10)              : 219,3 km
-Saucony Kinvara (purchased 9.9.10)                      : 137,5 km
-Puma Trailfox (purchased sep 2006)                      : 85,5 km

fredag 3. desember 2010

Recovering from injury

Porsanger fjord
It appears that I have a challenge to overcome that needs some time and dedication. The challenge is referred to as "Runners knee". You can read more about it here:

My initial measures were:

1) Anti-pronation shoes
2) Orthotics

I've tried out the former. It seems that it isn't adequate enough. In addition I may have pushed my luck participating in Bislett 24h race at 27th of Nov-just 4 weeks after I had to DNF in Copenhagen. I should have backed off and started my recovery then, but that's history. I will have to deal with it now.
First priority is to get well from the kne-injury. Next in line is to take necesssary measures to prevent this from happen again.
Well, then, how do I get well from the injury?
First, no training this week and the next week except for swimming.
Second, running is off for the time being. That'll be easy. I get nauseated just by thinking of running.
Third, I'll get some orthotics. I have an appointment on 16th of Dec and will receive my orthotics two weeks after that-the first week in January. I will start my running after that.
Fourth, I'll start training gradually. Starting with strength-training the week after next week(51-2010), supplementing with cross-country skiing the week after that(52-2010). Further on cycling and running from the first week in 2011 and swimming from the second week in January-2011. I January I'll have one running-session a week the first three weeks, two running-sessions the next three weeks and three running-sessions the following three weeks. All sessions will be with low intensity(endurance in zone 2).
From week 10 in 2011 I'll start with base-training. That will last 9 weeks, finishing at the beginning of May.
All scheduled races in the first quarter is cancelled. I'm considering to cancel scheduled competitions in April and May as well, but I'll conclude on that some during the first quarter.
The first period is this and next week. My measures here will be use of ice(twice a day) and stretching(three times a day).