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søndag 22. august 2010

Romerike 6h-race, 21th of Aug: Race-report

Photo by Ole Arne Schlytter
Today I participated in my 4th ultrarace and my first 6h-race. It's pretty difficult to decide on the pace in advance as I haven't run it before. My goal was to finish with a distance covered in total of 65 km. I finished just over 60 km. As this being my first 6h-run I'm satisfied with that. Today I couldn't have covered more distance. The course consisted of one loop of 1.989 metres with about 1m of elevation gain pr round. 60 % gravel roads and the rest on asphalt pavement. I needed to attend the toilette on two occasions. The first after the 8th loop and the second time after the 18th loop. I lost about 15 minutes on those disruptions. I guess the pizza I ate Yesterday afternoon caused it. I could have covered another loop on those minutes, but that's what it was today. I'll learn from it. I managed to keep a steady, high pace for 14 loop's-except the toilette visit. After that I needed to make some pit-stops to refuell and spent some time on that. It is clearly a great advantage to have someone crewing for you. From there on I used around 12:30 on each loop compared to 10/11 minutes earlier on. I finished excatly on the finish line after completing 30 loops and 426 m-a total of 60,096 km. I'm satisfied with that. Initially I used my own energy drink, chocolate-milk and coke, but supplemented with potato-chips and water after the 15 loops. In addition it was pretty hot and made use of sponges after each loop. I walked very little-only just after completing each loop when eating and drinking water.
It was a pretty even race- the marathon was passed on 4h 4m 2s.


Finish distance(official): 60,096
(25,6 % shorter compared to the winner: 75,515 km)

Placement: 6th overall of 26 and third in age-group.

Split times(average pace):
1. First 10 loop's: 
-Split time                                : 1h 52m 4s
-Distance covered                    : 20,32 km
-Average pace, total                 : 5:31 min/km
-Average pace, in last 10 loops : 5:31 min/km
-Average loop time, total          : 10m 59s
-Average loop time, split          :  10m 59s     

2. Next 10 loop's:
-Total time                                : 3h 52m 40s
-Split time                                 : 2h 00m 36s
-Distance covered, total            : 40,21 km
-Distance covered, split             : 19,89 km
-Average pace, total                  : 5:47 min/km
-Average pace, in last 10 loops  : 6:04 min/km
-Average loop time, total          : 11m 38s
-Average loop time, split          :  12m 04s  

3. Last 10 loop's:
-Total time                                : 6h 0m 0s
-Split time                                 : 2h 7m 14s
-Distance covered, total            : 60,096 km
-Distance covered, split             : 19,89 km
-Average pace, total                  : 5:59 min/km
-Average pace, in last 10 loops  : 6:24 min/km
-Average loop time, total          : 12m 00s
-Average loop time, split          :  12m 43s

Verticals: 29 m, less than 1 metres a round

Calories: 4.224

The log-file from Garmin can be found at:

My enery intake consisted of energy-drink, Coke, chocolate milk and potato chips. I supplied with water at almost every supply station.
I didn't experience any problems due to lack of energy so I guess my intake was sufficient. I had 130 grams of energy-drink, 1,0 l of chocolate milk and 0,67 l of Coke.

-Shoes: I used Mizuno Wave Ronin as my running shoes. They served me well during the whole race.
-Logging: I used my GF 205. No additional device for heart rate-monitoring.
-Clothes: I wore a singlet, medium length thigths and running socks-all from GORE. Wonderful equipment.

Mental part:
I was a though race. My biggest challenge was to decide on my pace in advance. My choise was 5:30. I still think that was a right choise. I paid no attention to what others did at all. I carried out my own race entirly. I experienced difficulties with my stomach and needed to attend the toilette on two occasions-first one after the eigth loop and the second after the 18th loop.

I think this is the area that has greatest potensial. That includes both before and during the race. Energy-drink and coke works fine, but I need something more than that. I added chocolate milk this time. That worked fine. In addition I had some potato-chips. I will add that also as a regular. In future races I will also include loafes of bread. To have mixed the energy-drink in advance worked fine. I had two litres of energy drink and 0,35 litres of dehydration drink. My box in the pit-stop area was exposed to the sun. I need to supply with protection on future races. Having my own box with all my gear in was a very good idea. Next time I will make sure to have an inventory list and check it out in advance. A multi-tool was sorly needed and a pair of scissors as well.
My clothing were good as always. I think the drinking belt needs to be replaced in due time. When wet it tends to get open at front. The shoes were good. I experienced some minor blisters, but I used some vaseline to sort that out. I need to bring compeed next time.
-Race strategy:
I used 7-8 minutes more between every 10th loop. Next time I need to establish better routines in advance when it comes to nutrition-intake. I'll set a loop time that includes running, intake of nutrition in the pit-area and pit-stops. I need to be clear about what to eat and when to eat it. In addition it needs to be prepared in advance. There's also work to be done when it comes to pre-race nutrition. I haven't got time to waste on toilette-visits. This time it was 15 minutes. That's nearly 1,5 loops(3 km).

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