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torsdag 19. august 2010

Recovery day

After 9 consecutive days of training I needed a day off. It was not scheduled, but I find it important to listen to my body. The body veto's my training programme. I've been pretty low on energy the last week-I noticed an uncertainty after last Sundays workout wether I was recovered fully or not. It seems I wasn't. The symptoms are low on energy, high level of fatigue, not fully rested after a nigths sleep, find it hard to consentrate from time to time and have some difficulties in motivating myself to workout. Had it been in a basic period I'd probably push some more, but being in a building period I choose to back off a bit-one day with no activity. Hopefully I'll get some energy back tomorrow. I need it on Saturday when racing my first 6h race. I've been a bit low on sleep lately. I need to increase on my amount of sleep. I've been down to 7h. That's to little. I need a minimum of 8h sleep every night. I'll keep my level of sleep on 8h from now on. The fluea I experienced last week is gone. I'm fre of illnesses-just tired. Hopefully I've regained my energy tomorrow.

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