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tirsdag 16. mars 2010

Swimming-speed skills

I've participating in a svimming course since the beginning of January this year. The main purpouse was to improve my speed skills. A total of 9 times I've been working on my crawl- technique. Has there been any improvement? The answer is yes. I've come across an excellent swimming instructor and he's been able to comment on my week points, allow me to practise and correct when necessary. I'm very satisfied and have decided to attend a new course with the same instructor starting right after Easter.
Most important to me is to carry out a set of drills, work on my technique and challenge my self when progress is identified. Today I was a bit tired and didn't gain as much effect of the lesson as usual. That's because I carried out a workout on my bike earlier today. I'm not going to repeat that on later occasions.
To be spesific I have sufficient leg work, need to work more with the way I use my arms and must improve more on my breathing. I have to establish a pattern of drills and consentrate on my performance on every session through my next course. When tired it's essential to take a break. It's paramount to focus on establishing the right technique. Speed and distance is no subject at this stage. When it comes to drills for arms I think that consentrating on one arm at the time could be useful. I'll practise that on my next session. First right, then left and so on.
After establishing that I'll attend to my breathing. All the way I have to consentrate on relaxing more and more in the water.

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