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lørdag 14. august 2010

Skar course-Endurance ride

Finally back on the bike again. What a marvellous afternoon to bike! Sunny, ligth breeze and low humidity. Another session of my course in to Skar and back again. I just love the scenery! It's fantastic to have this kind of nature in your own backyard. Biking is cross-training. Today it was good to do just that after four days with quality training of running. Anyhow, as always I aim to keep a cadence not lower than 80-preferably 90 and a speed of 30 km/h. Obviously I'm improving on my performance as I finished just over 1h-new course record.

-Distance: 28,0 km
-Time:  1h 2m 6s
-1. lap: 32m 42s
-2. lap: 29m 24s
-Average speed: 27,1 km/h
-Cadence, average: 81
-Elevation gained: 216m
-Calories:  1.296 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored
-Weather: sun, ligth breeze, low humidity

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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