Danmark fra Larkollen

tirsdag 25. mai 2010

Recovery day after Copenhagen Marathon on May 23th

The body still needs some time off. I've taken the day off to make sure I recover good enough. After Ålesund Marathon I kept pushing through with training from the day after. It's possible, and it was a good experience, but I paid the price afterwards. This time I'm backing off to allow the body to recover properly. Tomorrow I'll be back on planned schedule. Starting the next quarter of the year(this autumn) I'm planning for a new periodization scheme. I'm thinking of training for trailruns in the spring combined with triathlon. Competition period for trailruns in June and July-Triathlons in July and early august. August-sept/oct is Marathon period with competition in late september and october. Basic training is due in October-December and January-March.Building periods in April-May and Aug-Sept. Competition periods in June-July-August and Late sept-early october.

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