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søndag 25. juli 2010

Rallarvegløpet, 24-25th of July: Race-report

I've been spending two days up in  the central mountains of Norway at a place called Finse. It's situated at 1.222 m above sea-level(4.009 ft). The race is arranged over two days. The first lap is on Saturday, from Flåm, at sea-level to Finse. The second lap is on Sunday from Finse to Haugastøl, 888 m above sea-level(2.913). So, pretty much up the first day and just over 54 km(33,55 miles). On day two it's mostly down and  just under 27 km(16,66 miles).
Day one:
Start is at Flåm station-just above sea-level. From there the course moves forward through the beautiful valley-Flåmsdalen. I was in for a better performance than my last ultra-run. That means a lower moving pace. In Thuringen I had 8,05 min/km(12,95min/miles). I felt good when ascending the first part. I had very good pace the first 7,5-8 km, but had to slow down a bit when entering some heavy ascends. Later on I power-walked the most hilly parts. I went through one of Norways most beautiful scenery. It felt good just to be there. Truly an awesome experience to run trough it. I even met with some goats that had blocked the entire road-wonderful creatures to meet in a place like this. Well then, time to move on and shortly after the course enters a monstrous ascend towards Vatnahalsen-I walked that one. As a matter of fact it was demanding just to walk it. At Vatnahalsen we were able to leave a drop-bag(the only place actually-the race is self-supporting). I didn't think I needed to do so, but that was a mistake. I could have used a top with long sleves up on the mountain, and I could shorly need some more nutrition-more on that later. After Vatnahalsen there is just over 30km to the finish line. The course ascends from about 822 m above sea-level(2.696ft) to Finse-1.222 m(4.009 ft).
I felt fine running through Vatnahalsen an heading for my next target-Hallingskeid-1.074 m.a.s(3.535 ft), 33,5 km(20,86 miles). I could feel some fatigue, but my feet were good still. I was beginning to think about my rapidly diminishing supply of energy. After a steep ascend I was up on the high-mountains-no trees, but lots of solid rock and long views.
I still had walking-breaks when encountering ascends, but not as much as in the first part. Weather was good, but a bit windy. After passing Hallingskeid I was beginning to feel the effects of my to low intake of energy. I tried to push, but couldn't do that to the degree I wanted. Rumours about a possible refuelling with coke at Fagernut was promising. The terrain was getting more and more desolate and almost free of vegetation. I begain to feel some pain in my back, but I didn't slow me down. It was just a new feeling. My feet were still fine, but a bit worn. I had no problems with my knees. With Fagernut(44,5 km-27,66 miles at -1.310 m, 4.297ft) in sight I could lay my hands on a bottle of coke and that made the difference for a good finish for the race. Clearly I had operated on a too low energy intake. It was good to experience that and the importance of enough nutrition. The last part towards Finse leds me by the the highest point of the course-Fagervann, 1.323 m, 4.340ft. After that it's pretty much a long descend to Finse. I finished the first day on 6h 40m 34s-resulting in an average pace of 7,38min/km(11,88 min/miles). Down from 8,05 in Thuringen-Ultra.

Day two on Sunday(Today) consists of an uneventful strech of gravel roads encountering more and more civilisation as I move closer towards the finish line at Haugastøl-888 m, 2.913ft above sea level. My target today was to keep the pace under 6 min/km(9,66 min/miles). I finished 26,5 km(16,5 miles) at 2h 37m 21s, resulting in an average pace of 5,94 min/km(9,56 min/miles). I walked very little, didn't suffer from particularly stiffed feet, but I was a bit worned after Yesterdays race.

Day 1-24th of July: Flåm to Finse
-Distance: 54,3 km( 33,75 miles)
-Time:  6h 41m 32s
-Average speed: 7,4 min/km(11,91 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 2.212 m(7.260 ft)-the log is corrected after an irregular drop in height.
-Calories:  3.472 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

Day 2-25th of July: Finse to Haugastøl
-Distance: 26,5 km( 16,47 miles)
-Time:  2h 37m 30s-time is corrected as I didn't stop the watch before well after I crossed the finished line.
-Average speed: 5,94 min/km(9,56 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 135 m(442 ft)
-Calories:  1.859 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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