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lørdag 14. august 2010

Main targets in 2011

In many ways 2010 has been a year of breakthrough for me as a runner.  I've bettered all my personal records and established myself as an ultra-runner. I've achieved that through lots of quality-training and a great number of competitions. In my opinion they're both necessary in order to produce results. Right now I'm in the middle of the autumn-season and preparing for some serious street-running. My aim this quarter is to improve on my PB on marathon. Then what about next year?
I definately need a target that is beyond my capasity of today. One that both attracts and frigthens. One that mobilize all of me in order to be successfull.

I've allready decided to consentrate on trails in the spring and street-running in the autumn, but what are my main targets for next year? I need one for each season. Clearly in the spring it has to be a trail-race, and a road-race in the autumn, but what race?
This is a very important question as it more or less governs all my activity in both seasons, that is training and B- and C-priority races. So what are they?
Spring first:
First of all my A-priority race is to be done in the period late June to late July-a period of one month. Secondly it's going to be a 100 mile trail-race. What are the options then?

Several actually,

1. Europe:
-31th of July: Chiemgauer 100, Bergultralauf. Germany
-22th of July: Lakeland 100, GBR
-2th of July: Thuringen Ultra, Germany-thirdly choise

2. USA:
-30th of July: Burning River 100 mile Endurance Run-Ohio
-17th of July: Tahoe Rim Trail 100M Endurance Run-California
-16th of July: Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Race-New England-secondary choise
-8th of July: Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run-Colorado
-25th of June: Western States Endurance Run-California-primary choise

Who's it going to be?

Well, my primary race is Western States, but I wont know if this is going to happen before after the lottery the 4th of December this year. If I don't make it I will have to arrange for some additional alternative.
Since I prefer to race in the USA I'll chose my secondary race there. Hardrock is an natural choise, but I need to finish a qualifying race. That's a 100 miler-on trails. Hardrock is due then first in 2012.
Next pick of choise is Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run. By doing that I'm able to participate in Kristins Runde at 25th of June in Norway. The third alternative(the last one) is Thuringen Ultra. In that case I'm not participating in Kristins Runde(just a week between the races). I will have a chanse, though, to participate in an additonal race at the end of July. Im definately participating in Kongsvinger skogsmaraton at the 6th of August.

What about autumn then?

Well, we're back on the road again. Allthough I take great joy in running marathons, and I will continue to do so, my aim is for longer distances. That is 100 km and beyond.
The options are(Europe only):

1. 20th of August: NM 6h, Romerike-Norway
2. 27th of August: Bornholm Ultramaraton, 100 km, Denmark
3. 10th of September: Run Winschoten, 100 km, Netherland
4. 26th of Nov: Bislett 24h, Norway

Anyway, this is how I feel about this now. I might alter later on. I'll conclude on this matter within the end of this year.

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