Danmark fra Larkollen

onsdag 18. august 2010

Top of Oslo

Ascending and descending my favourite hill again-Grefsenkollen. It was a tough call today. I've had a heavy workload lately, but I managed to execute a good workout-allthough I had to make a short stop while ascending as the phone called with an urgent call I needed to answer. It was really bad news and I had trouble consentrating on my training afterwards. Life is meaningless ocassionally and indeed it was tonight. I don't want to talk about it more right now. In spite of having a hard time I managed to perform good both ascending and descending. Important to keep a momentum upwards and the same downwards.

-Distance: 11,92 km
-Time: 1h 11m 36s
-Average speed: 6:00 min/km
-Elevation gained: 277 m(23,24 m/km)
-Calories: 831 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Cloudy, 17 degrees celsius, breeze

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

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