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mandag 30. august 2010

Sandnes course. Endurance run

Eager to check out my recovery after Saturdays marathon in Stavanger I headed out for a short endurance session today. I went for a run with moderate elevation and aimed at keeping a marathon-pace throughout the whole session. My body felt fine allthough a bit worn. I managed to keep a steady pace at all times. I'm not yet fully recovered though. I need some more time to allow my body to recover. I had Yesterday completely off. Clearly there is still some need to recover from Saturdays race. Important to me is to run at targeted pace with as low effort as possible. I did struggle a bit today, which is expected. The two weeks ahead is tapering-period. I'm aiming at making a very good recovery from the building period in order to make as good preparation as possible for the competition period-ending in Berling Marathon the 26th of September. In that race I will strive to be as fit as never before-trying to finish at new personal best.


-Distance: 8,18 km
-Time: 42m 52s
-Average pace: 5:14 min/km
-Elevation gained: 141 m(17,24 m/km)
-Calories: 574 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin
-Weather: Sun, 20 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

søndag 29. august 2010

Stavanger Marathon, 28th of Aug-Norway: Race report-New personal best!

Mosvannet, after 5km
On Saturday I was participating in my eight marathon and for the second time in Stavanger Marathon(the first was last year). The course had changed since last year. This year it consisted of one loop starting at old Stavanger stadium, around the lake Mosvannet two times and around the lake Store Stokkavann nearly one time. Further on the course passed Hafrsfjord, Grannes, Forus and Gausel before entering a new minor road along the sea from Vaulen to the city center with the finish at Vågen. A beautiful course that truly presents the city and the district in an outstanding manner. The race was very good organized and the course was marked good. Only smile and cheers from the voulenteers at the service stations along the course. Weather was lousy, but the beautiful course more than made up for it.
My aim was to finish with a new personal best at around 3h 45m-the old one is 3h 49m 14s. The finish time was 3h 46m 21s. An improvement of nearly 3 minutes. I won my age-group and came in 4th place overall. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the race. Considering that major parts was on gravel roads, that the weather was lousy a great deal of the time and my preparation had been markedly affected by the loss of a close relative recently. I know that I can improve on this finish time.
At the beginning I tried to keep a steady pace on 5:30. I managed that pretty good and had an average pace of 5:12 the first 30 km. I had a pit stop at an aid station after about 33 km and lost some minutes there-at Gausel. A few km later I needed to attend the toilette and lost some minutes there as well. Average pace due to these incidents was down to 5:55 for the next 10 km-resulting in a loss of time of 4,5 minutes. From 40 km till the finish line I had an average pace of 5:14. In total 5:22 as an average pace.
Just finished
I felt good during the beginning of the run and consentrated on keeping the pace with minimum use of effort. By keeping a steady pace I passed a lot of runners both initially and the last 10 km. It was a though call, but I managed to keep the pace as planned inititally. The course arond Store Stokkavatn was a bit hilly and on gravel roads. In spite of this I kept my pace. Anyway, there is clearly potensial for improvement. Moving towards Hafrsfjord I experienced some heavy downpour of rain again. Ascending a bit towards Grannes before the course turned towards Forus. I could feel the effect of my consistent pace, but carried on. My feet weren't as fresh as they could get, but they were a lot better than last weekend. However, I haven't recovered fully from last weekends 6h-race. The rain stopped as I did my refuelling of fluids at Gausel and I headed towards Vaulen to work my way through the remaining 10 km. Right after Vaulen I had a short stop due to natures call. Afterwards I continued along the fjord towards the finish line. It was though to keep the pace and I think my brief stop at the last aid station just was an excuse to have a short break. Anyway, I soon navigated through the last 2-3 km and had a good pace. It felt good to realise that I was about to finish with a new personal best.


Finish time: 3h 46m 21s

Placement: 4th overall, winner of age-group

Splits(average speed):
-5 km:   26:00 (5:12)
-15 km: 50: 21(5:10)
-20 km: 25:48 (5:13)
-25 km: 25:50 (5:09)
-30 km: 26:24 (5:16)
-35 km: 29:28 (5:56)-pit stop, Gausel
-40 km: 29:48 (5:55)-toilette break, Vaulen
-42,195 km: 11:14 (5:14)

Total average speed: 5:22

Verticals: 155 m

Calories: 2.965

-Clothing: Singlet, short thights-both from GORE. Excellent functioning.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin-wonderful shoes
-Drinking belt: Perfekta, 8 bottles-served me well

To establish a strategy in advance worked out good this time as always. I need to improve on my thoughest part in the race and stick 100 % to my strategy. I experienced some difficulties with my stomach. In future races I will eat no solid food on race-day. In addition my approach towards nutrition worked out good. I just need 6 bottles of energy-drink and two bottles of water during the race. If needed I'll just supply with some water at an aid-station in the end of the race. To do a light warm-up and some stretching before the race ensures that I'm able to start at targeted pace right away.

The GARMIN-logfile can be found here:

The results from the race can be found here:

Pictures from the race is found here:

onsdag 25. august 2010

Ullevål course: Endurance-session

Thuringen Ultra-2010
After two days of recovery I was back again to se if my days off from running had paid off. I did a very short endurance session at marathon-pace on a course with little elevation. It felt good. My feet were almost fresh. I even had the speed left. Promising. I made an effort to keep a very steady pace of 5:30 at all times to se how the body responded. I had a good feeling throughout all the workout. I even had some energy left to keep a steady pace the last 1 km. I'll stick to my programme in the days to come. That means a flexibility-session tomorrow and a very short treshold-session on Friday. The race is on Saturday-starting 0830 a.m. My aim in this race is sub 3:45. That means an average speed of 5:20. I'll write more on strategy later on.

-Distance: 10,99 km
-Time:      1h 0m 32s
-Average pace: 5:30 min/km
-Elevation gained: 108 m(9,83 m/km)
-Calories: 773 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Clouded, 17 degrees celsius, breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 24. august 2010

Flexibility-todays workout

Rallarvegen-towards Vatnahalsen-big ascend
I had my last running workout on Sunday. Yesterday I went to my therapist for some sports-massage. My thighs were pretty stiff-especially my hamstrings so she worked mainly with the hamstrings and trigger-points on the buttom. This was definately my most painful massage session ever. I do hope it pays off-it certainly has before. According to my therapist the muscles in the hamstrings may thigthen up a bit when they're stressed from spesific training over some time. It makes sense to me. I've been logging over 7.000 metres of elevation gain since 12th of July. Anyway, she did her job, I endured the pain and this week I'm working afterwards with sessions of stretching for my feet. I'm doing three, short sessions of 5 minutes every day. Hopefully my feet will be a lot fresher on Saturday when Stavanger Marathon is due. More on that later on.

1. Quads: 5 minutes distributed on three sessions
2. Legs: 5 minutes distributed on three sessions
3. Hamstrings: 5 minutes distributed on three sessions 
Total time: 15 minutes.

Taking my Running to the next level

Considerations funded on pure theory is of limited importance. The only approach that works is evaluation based on practise after careful planning. Planning is-of course-based on theory and the experience resulting from the accumulation of workouts, races and other activities. Still, I always want to excel. Take my running to a new level. My only competitor is my self. What others do is of limited interest, except if there's something to learn from it-there always is if you look closely enough.
What is that next level going to be then?
Fundamentally, I need something that goes beyond my capasity of today. That means I'll have to run longer, faster and in a more demanding terrain.
I have the capasity to endure today. What I need is to improve on my strength and speed. I also need to develop endurance to run continually for hours at end-without stopping. I simply need to run more as a whole.
From the last quarter of this year I'm establishing a new sechedule based on a gradual increase in amount of running. There are two possibilities then. To increase the length of my existing sessions and to increase the number of sessions. I need to do both, but in a considerate and patient way.
To excel in ultrarunning I need to run long and run a lot. With a winter returning each year and affecting my outdoor-running for 3-4 months there certainly are challenges to overcome. That's good-I need that.
With trail-runs being my priority in the second quarter in 2011 I need to plan with that in mind also.
When it comes to ultra-running I can improve on several areas. Most important are nutrition, running-strength, endurance(long sessions: 4-8 hours) and speed.
First of all I need to work on my endurance throughout all winter(fourth quarter this year and first quarter next year). That means I'm adding one more endurance-session to the two I'm doing today. They we'll all be outdoors until winter is forcing me inside. In addition two of them will be on trails before winter is settling. When conditions are allowing it I will start running outdoors in the first quarter. First on roads with solid pavement, later on on grael roads and finally on trails. My first ordeal will be Täby Extreme Challenge the 9th of April-2011. It'll be my first 100-miler. Before then I need to train very long runs, run at night, run in racelike conditions and improve on my nutrition-intake.
To achieve results I need to plan wisely and be disiplined in my execution. When planning I must make benefits from the experience gained from this year-2010. It's been a very good year so far.
One of the key issues is periodization. One year, from 1th of January to 31th of December is a macro-cycle. The year consists of four quarters(meso-cycles) and a quarter consists of three periods of 3-4 weeks(micro-cycle). This is how it goes:

A. First quarter: gradually more volume followed by recovery week every third or fourth week
Period of basic-training, few or no races, indoor-training
-January: Base 1; Running spesific endurance and technique, strength-training, cross-training
-February: Base 2; As Base 1 but with gradually introducing more running spesific force and muscular endurance
-March: Base 3; As Base 2, but more running-spesific force and muscular endurance.

B. Second quarter: High volume at start, but gradually decreasing, recovery as in first quarter
Period of building running-spesific abilities outdoors
-April: Transition period of 1 week, Building 1; force, muscular endurance and anaerobic endurance, as well as cycling, swimming and ligth strength-training
-May: Building 2; As Building 1, but with gradually more running and less cross-training. Very light strength-training.
-June: Tapering; Only running-Endurance and muscular endurance, Race: Only running-Race-like workouts. No cross-training or strength-training.

C. Third quarter: High volume at start, but gradually decreasing, recovery every third week
-July: Race: Only running-Race-like workouts, Transition
-August: Like the period in May
-Sep: Like the period in June

D. Fourth quarter: gradually more volume followed by recovery week every third or fourth week
Period of basic-training, few or no races.
-Oct: Transition, Like the period in January
-Nov: Like the period in February
-Dec: Like the period in March, Transition.

Experience so far tells me that greater distinction between endurance and quality-workouts when it comes to intensity is important. Further on I need to do much more endurance work on relative terms. Today I've been down on 50 %-that's to much quality or to little endurance. In addition quality-workouts is best combined with endurance workouts. When it comes to weekly volume I can handle something between 13-15 h as maximum, weekly volume. Recovery is serious business and I can certainly improve on that point. From day to day it's important to get enough sleep. Right now I'm operating on 7-8 hours. I need 8 at least. On weekly terms I seem to be in need of one recovery day(free of training)-at least that's what my training-log is telling me when I add up the last quarter. I think I'll try a recovery session as an alternative to no activity.

mandag 23. august 2010

Weakly report: 33/10

Running in Lillomarka-Oslo
It's been a good week-with all activity consisting of running. I've had 5 workouts and one competition. Three workouts with quality and two endurance workouts. The race on Saturday was a new ultrarun-my first 6h run.
Since the start of this quarter I've carried out 13 endurance workouts, 14 quality workouts and three competitions. The last three consisted of two ultraruns and one marathon. Total number is 30 workouts.
In addition I've done cross-training on the bike(3 workouts) and flexibility(two workouts) and strength-training(2 workouts). In total 40 workouts distributed on 6 weeks. In second quarter I carried out 55 workouts in total-41 workouts-distributed on 13 weeks. The former being 6,67 workouts a week and the latter 4,23 workouts a week. Training amount is 97,6 in the second quarter and 57,1 so far in the third quarter. The former being 7,51 h a week and the latter 9,51h a week. Well, that's the main figures from my activity.
Why am I conserned about this? Because I'm in it to produce results-long term. Last week I noticed that I didn't seem to be recovered after the end of what was to be a recovery week. I was right. This week have been a tough call. Allthough I decided to take a recovery day on Thursday, I'm not rested to a satisfactory degree.
I did a recovery-session on Sunday(Yesterday) to loosen up a bit after Saturdays race. That was good, but I could clearly feel that the body was very worn. Worn from a heavy workload over several weeks. I' need to consider what to do the rest of the quarter. My target is to perfom at my best at Berlin Marathon. My training plan consists of one more week to finish the building period. After that the plan is to taper in two weeks followed by two weeks of competition, which is finished with Berlin Marathon the 26th of Sep.
Well, what's it going to be?
View from Grefsenkollen towards Oslo
The next week(the week I'm at the beginning of right now) is dedicated to recovery. I'm way down on number of workouts and hours of training. I'm running a marathon in Stavanger on Saturday. Before that I'm running a light session, a treshold session and flexibility workouts on alternate days. Treshold session on Friday, light session on Wednesday, flexiblity workout on Thuesday and Thursday. Sunday is dedicated to a very light running session-just to loosen up.


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
208,2h/7,44h pr week(Running: 159,7h/1.488,2 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
57,4h /9,51h pr week (Running: 51h 56m/469,25 km) 
Verticals: 7.740 m( Running: 7.103 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
13h 10m(Running: 13h 10m/124,07 km)
Verticals: 816 m(Running: 816 m) 

4. Body weight: 70,1 kg
(Sunday morning)

søndag 22. august 2010

Recovery-session: Trail run in the sky

Ormetjern, right before Sinober
With Yesterdays race fresh in my legs I set out for a very light trail run today accompanied with a runner-friend, Gunnar. We ran from Movatn to Nydalen in Oslo by crossing Lillomarka entirly on trails-sometimes even off-trails. Weather was good, the trail was very technical and excellent and the terrain and the views vere magnificent. My aim was to run light and slow and use todays session as a recovery run. It was most needed. Allthough I didn't have any more than one or two gears today it was sufficient to keep me going and enjoy the run. The course was Movatn-Sinober-Linderudkollen-Kjelsås-Nydalen. My feet are pretty loaded with training this week. I've passed 13h and 120 km. I need to think about my approach for the week ahead.

View from Barlindåsen towards Oslo
-Distance: 16,81 km
-Time: 2h 48m 40s
-Moving time: 2h 19m 22s
-Average pace, total: 10:02 min/km
-Average pace, moving: 8:17 min/km
-Elevation gained: 229 m(13,62 m/km)
-Calories: 999 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Montrail Masochist
-Weather: Sun, 23 degrees celsius, low humidity in the air-lovely weather

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

Romerike 6h-race, 21th of Aug: Race-report

Photo by Ole Arne Schlytter
Today I participated in my 4th ultrarace and my first 6h-race. It's pretty difficult to decide on the pace in advance as I haven't run it before. My goal was to finish with a distance covered in total of 65 km. I finished just over 60 km. As this being my first 6h-run I'm satisfied with that. Today I couldn't have covered more distance. The course consisted of one loop of 1.989 metres with about 1m of elevation gain pr round. 60 % gravel roads and the rest on asphalt pavement. I needed to attend the toilette on two occasions. The first after the 8th loop and the second time after the 18th loop. I lost about 15 minutes on those disruptions. I guess the pizza I ate Yesterday afternoon caused it. I could have covered another loop on those minutes, but that's what it was today. I'll learn from it. I managed to keep a steady, high pace for 14 loop's-except the toilette visit. After that I needed to make some pit-stops to refuell and spent some time on that. It is clearly a great advantage to have someone crewing for you. From there on I used around 12:30 on each loop compared to 10/11 minutes earlier on. I finished excatly on the finish line after completing 30 loops and 426 m-a total of 60,096 km. I'm satisfied with that. Initially I used my own energy drink, chocolate-milk and coke, but supplemented with potato-chips and water after the 15 loops. In addition it was pretty hot and made use of sponges after each loop. I walked very little-only just after completing each loop when eating and drinking water.
It was a pretty even race- the marathon was passed on 4h 4m 2s.


Finish distance(official): 60,096
(25,6 % shorter compared to the winner: 75,515 km)

Placement: 6th overall of 26 and third in age-group.

Split times(average pace):
1. First 10 loop's: 
-Split time                                : 1h 52m 4s
-Distance covered                    : 20,32 km
-Average pace, total                 : 5:31 min/km
-Average pace, in last 10 loops : 5:31 min/km
-Average loop time, total          : 10m 59s
-Average loop time, split          :  10m 59s     

2. Next 10 loop's:
-Total time                                : 3h 52m 40s
-Split time                                 : 2h 00m 36s
-Distance covered, total            : 40,21 km
-Distance covered, split             : 19,89 km
-Average pace, total                  : 5:47 min/km
-Average pace, in last 10 loops  : 6:04 min/km
-Average loop time, total          : 11m 38s
-Average loop time, split          :  12m 04s  

3. Last 10 loop's:
-Total time                                : 6h 0m 0s
-Split time                                 : 2h 7m 14s
-Distance covered, total            : 60,096 km
-Distance covered, split             : 19,89 km
-Average pace, total                  : 5:59 min/km
-Average pace, in last 10 loops  : 6:24 min/km
-Average loop time, total          : 12m 00s
-Average loop time, split          :  12m 43s

Verticals: 29 m, less than 1 metres a round

Calories: 4.224

The log-file from Garmin can be found at:

My enery intake consisted of energy-drink, Coke, chocolate milk and potato chips. I supplied with water at almost every supply station.
I didn't experience any problems due to lack of energy so I guess my intake was sufficient. I had 130 grams of energy-drink, 1,0 l of chocolate milk and 0,67 l of Coke.

-Shoes: I used Mizuno Wave Ronin as my running shoes. They served me well during the whole race.
-Logging: I used my GF 205. No additional device for heart rate-monitoring.
-Clothes: I wore a singlet, medium length thigths and running socks-all from GORE. Wonderful equipment.

Mental part:
I was a though race. My biggest challenge was to decide on my pace in advance. My choise was 5:30. I still think that was a right choise. I paid no attention to what others did at all. I carried out my own race entirly. I experienced difficulties with my stomach and needed to attend the toilette on two occasions-first one after the eigth loop and the second after the 18th loop.

I think this is the area that has greatest potensial. That includes both before and during the race. Energy-drink and coke works fine, but I need something more than that. I added chocolate milk this time. That worked fine. In addition I had some potato-chips. I will add that also as a regular. In future races I will also include loafes of bread. To have mixed the energy-drink in advance worked fine. I had two litres of energy drink and 0,35 litres of dehydration drink. My box in the pit-stop area was exposed to the sun. I need to supply with protection on future races. Having my own box with all my gear in was a very good idea. Next time I will make sure to have an inventory list and check it out in advance. A multi-tool was sorly needed and a pair of scissors as well.
My clothing were good as always. I think the drinking belt needs to be replaced in due time. When wet it tends to get open at front. The shoes were good. I experienced some minor blisters, but I used some vaseline to sort that out. I need to bring compeed next time.
-Race strategy:
I used 7-8 minutes more between every 10th loop. Next time I need to establish better routines in advance when it comes to nutrition-intake. I'll set a loop time that includes running, intake of nutrition in the pit-area and pit-stops. I need to be clear about what to eat and when to eat it. In addition it needs to be prepared in advance. There's also work to be done when it comes to pre-race nutrition. I haven't got time to waste on toilette-visits. This time it was 15 minutes. That's nearly 1,5 loops(3 km).

fredag 20. august 2010

Helsfyr course-counterclockwise: Treshold session

Copenhagen Marathon-2010
Eager to know if my day off had paid off I set out to check out my condition. A short session at treshold pace-below 5 is a good test. I went about it and had a good experience. I may have pushed to hard, but what the heck-I only live once. I can clearly feel the release from not using a heart-rate watch. I only use my body and mind to determine what's the right pace for every session. It works fine with me-better than with a heart rate monitor. The workout went fine. I'm ready for the race tomorrow.

-Distance: 5,57 km
-Time:      29m 11s
-Average pace: 5:14 min/km
-Working pace: 4:53 min/km
-Elevation gained: 52 m(9,34 m/km)
-Calories: 397 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Ligth rain, 16 degrees celsius, windy, high humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

Tomorrows 6h-race: Preparation

Well then, tomorrow I'll be participating in my first 6h race. It'll be my fourth ultra-race. Again it's important to decide on strategy in advance. It's going to be a new type of race to me. We'll be running in loops of 1.989 m on a very levelled course. The ground is mostly gravel roads and some on asphalt pavement.
I'll be running in 6h and cover as much distance as possible. How much I'll decide in advance. I have been running marathons on 5:26. That was in Copenhagen in May this year. Since then I have been training a lot-both quality and distance. I have also runned my three ultra-runs so far. I'll set my pace at 5:30. That'll give me a total distance of 65,45 km. My target is to finish with a distance over 65 km. Split-times for every 5km will be 27,5 minutes. I'll keep my running pace at 5:15. In order to run 65 km I need to complete a total of 32,7 loops. That equals 5,45 loops an hour. Each loop will then take 11 minutes. My task is to make sure that each loop is covered within 11 minutes. That requires a pace of 5:30 minutes/km.
Nutrition: I will make use of energy-drink and dehydration-drink.

torsdag 19. august 2010

Recovery day

After 9 consecutive days of training I needed a day off. It was not scheduled, but I find it important to listen to my body. The body veto's my training programme. I've been pretty low on energy the last week-I noticed an uncertainty after last Sundays workout wether I was recovered fully or not. It seems I wasn't. The symptoms are low on energy, high level of fatigue, not fully rested after a nigths sleep, find it hard to consentrate from time to time and have some difficulties in motivating myself to workout. Had it been in a basic period I'd probably push some more, but being in a building period I choose to back off a bit-one day with no activity. Hopefully I'll get some energy back tomorrow. I need it on Saturday when racing my first 6h race. I've been a bit low on sleep lately. I need to increase on my amount of sleep. I've been down to 7h. That's to little. I need a minimum of 8h sleep every night. I'll keep my level of sleep on 8h from now on. The fluea I experienced last week is gone. I'm fre of illnesses-just tired. Hopefully I've regained my energy tomorrow.

onsdag 18. august 2010

Top of Oslo

Ascending and descending my favourite hill again-Grefsenkollen. It was a tough call today. I've had a heavy workload lately, but I managed to execute a good workout-allthough I had to make a short stop while ascending as the phone called with an urgent call I needed to answer. It was really bad news and I had trouble consentrating on my training afterwards. Life is meaningless ocassionally and indeed it was tonight. I don't want to talk about it more right now. In spite of having a hard time I managed to perform good both ascending and descending. Important to keep a momentum upwards and the same downwards.

-Distance: 11,92 km
-Time: 1h 11m 36s
-Average speed: 6:00 min/km
-Elevation gained: 277 m(23,24 m/km)
-Calories: 831 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Cloudy, 17 degrees celsius, breeze

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 17. august 2010

Movatn-Kjelsås course: Endurance work, ligth session

Sandermosen station-in the middle of the woods
A very good run tonight. I needed a light endurance session and travelled by train 15 km in the wood and ran back again. The track is mostly decending and is on gravel roads. It takes me on less travelled roads through pine woods. It's a lovely scenery even in a cloudy evening like the one today. My aim with the session today was to run as efficient as possible while trying to maintain 5:30 as an average speed. I achieved both. However I'm beginning to feel the burden of a workload bigger than ever before. I migth consider taking a day off this or next week. I will, however, keep a high workload until next week has passed. After that I'm tapering. Hopefully after two weeks of tapering I'm ready to execute the performance of my life in Berlin at the end of September.

Maridalsvannet-view to the North
-Distance: 16,31 km
-Time: 1h 28m 24s
-Average pace: 5:25 min/km-Good!
-Elevation gained: 103 m (6,32 m/km)
-Calories: 1.098 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin, excellent shoes on the road.
-Weather: Clouded, 16 degrees celsius, light breeze, low humidity in the air

The Garmin logfile can be found at:

mandag 16. august 2010

Kjelsås course: Endurance and speed work

Maridalsvannet-view from Kjelsås
I decided to run a bit more than usual before I started my speed work. It makes sense to get a thorough warm-up before I start pushing my body hard. 1km wont do-I need a lot more than that. Tonight I ran just over 9 km before I started my speed work. I did 4 intervals. It's hard to say, but I truly felt I was more beneficial by securing a good warm up. Indeed my strength work has paid off. I'm able to keep a steady body-position throughout the entire interval. I'll keep the same approach when it comes to securing a good warm-up before pushing my body. That means at least 5km before starting quality-work. Tonight was good. Temperature was excellent. I managed to keep a steady pace at 5:30. Intervals went good also. I managed to push good. I've clear impression that my average pace is going down.

-Distance: 13,06 km
-Time:      1h 12m 57s
-Intervalls: 1 of 300 m, 2 of 400 m and 1 of 540m,
-Intervals, average pace: 4:34-to low, got to push more!
-Average pace: 5:35 min/km-Good!
-Elevation gained: 126 m (9,65 m/km)
-Calories: 918 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8, excellent shoes on the road.
-Weather: Clouded, 20 degrees celsius, light breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

søndag 15. august 2010

Weakly report: 32/10

From Sundays run-Blanksjø
Recovery week this one. Question is, am I recovered? I'm not quit sure, but I'll stick to my programme for the time being. I will, however, monitor my freshness closely in the week to come. Monday was off due to some light infection. Besides that it's been a good week. I've had 4 quality workouts and one endurance workouts when it comes to running and one endurance workout on the bike. I didn't carry out the strengt workout as planned. Lack of disiplin, I guess. It'll be carried out as planned the rest of the quarter. 4 of 6 weeks in the building period is done. Two more weeks left of which both has more workload than 10h. After that it's tapering for two weeks. I'm pretty satisfied with improving on the quality of my hill-run. In addition I can sense that my speed is improving-even on longer sessions. Seems like my training programme is working.
No injury problems whatsoever. I'm still using Mizuno on all but trail sessions.Montrail on the latter.
Important in the next two weeks to keep a high workload, doing quality as planned and consentrating on establishing a higher pace on the long runs.
A race is due next Saturday. It'll be my first 6h run. More on that later on.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
195h/7,22h pr week(Running: 146,5h/1.364,5 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
38,2h /9,55h pr week (Running: 38,17h/345,61 km) 
Verticals: 6.924 m( Running: 6.287 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
5,7h(Running: 4,66h/46,03 km)
Verticals: 900 m(Running: 684 m) 

4. Body weight: 71,4 kg
(Saturday morning)

Høgåsen loop: endurance run, low pace

Descending towards Blanksjø
A beautiful day to run in the woods. Sun, light breeze and low humidity. My aim with todays workout was to run on technical trails to add some variety to the major part of my running in the third quarter-street-runnning.
Being a recovey week I should feel some freshness in my body and mind at this moment. I have to look closely for freshness in the former part, but I can spot some in the latter part. My legs felt a bit heavy when encountering the ascend of the first part of the loop, but who cares on a day like this. Life can't get much better. I'd just wished it was a diiferent week than recovery-week. In that case this loop would have been substansially increased in length. Running on technical trails is good in many ways. It builds supplementary muscles and is an opportunity to train patience-let the terrain work with me instead of against me. It's not like running on streets. Quite the contrary, actually. Running in the woods and managing to get the good feeling I could stay there for hours. After 4km there's a short section on gravel roads along the lake Store Åklungen and then it's back again along another trail towards my starting point-this time descending. I didn't push it at all. I was out there to focus on having a good time, executing good technique and using some different muscles than the ones I usually use.

Pretty hot-even when descending
-Distance: 9,04 km
-Time:      1h 13m 13s
-Ascending time:36m 47s
-Descending time: 36m 24s
-Average pace: 8:06 min/km
-Elevation gained: 175 m (19,4 m/km)
-Calories: 568 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Montrail Masochist (wonderful shoes on technical trails)
-Weather: Sunny, 25 degrees celsius, light breeze, low humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

lørdag 14. august 2010

Skar course-Endurance ride

Finally back on the bike again. What a marvellous afternoon to bike! Sunny, ligth breeze and low humidity. Another session of my course in to Skar and back again. I just love the scenery! It's fantastic to have this kind of nature in your own backyard. Biking is cross-training. Today it was good to do just that after four days with quality training of running. Anyhow, as always I aim to keep a cadence not lower than 80-preferably 90 and a speed of 30 km/h. Obviously I'm improving on my performance as I finished just over 1h-new course record.

-Distance: 28,0 km
-Time:  1h 2m 6s
-1. lap: 32m 42s
-2. lap: 29m 24s
-Average speed: 27,1 km/h
-Cadence, average: 81
-Elevation gained: 216m
-Calories:  1.296 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored
-Weather: sun, ligth breeze, low humidity

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

Main targets in 2011

In many ways 2010 has been a year of breakthrough for me as a runner.  I've bettered all my personal records and established myself as an ultra-runner. I've achieved that through lots of quality-training and a great number of competitions. In my opinion they're both necessary in order to produce results. Right now I'm in the middle of the autumn-season and preparing for some serious street-running. My aim this quarter is to improve on my PB on marathon. Then what about next year?
I definately need a target that is beyond my capasity of today. One that both attracts and frigthens. One that mobilize all of me in order to be successfull.

I've allready decided to consentrate on trails in the spring and street-running in the autumn, but what are my main targets for next year? I need one for each season. Clearly in the spring it has to be a trail-race, and a road-race in the autumn, but what race?
This is a very important question as it more or less governs all my activity in both seasons, that is training and B- and C-priority races. So what are they?
Spring first:
First of all my A-priority race is to be done in the period late June to late July-a period of one month. Secondly it's going to be a 100 mile trail-race. What are the options then?

Several actually,

1. Europe:
-31th of July: Chiemgauer 100, Bergultralauf. Germany
-22th of July: Lakeland 100, GBR
-2th of July: Thuringen Ultra, Germany-thirdly choise

2. USA:
-30th of July: Burning River 100 mile Endurance Run-Ohio
-17th of July: Tahoe Rim Trail 100M Endurance Run-California
-16th of July: Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Race-New England-secondary choise
-8th of July: Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run-Colorado
-25th of June: Western States Endurance Run-California-primary choise

Who's it going to be?

Well, my primary race is Western States, but I wont know if this is going to happen before after the lottery the 4th of December this year. If I don't make it I will have to arrange for some additional alternative.
Since I prefer to race in the USA I'll chose my secondary race there. Hardrock is an natural choise, but I need to finish a qualifying race. That's a 100 miler-on trails. Hardrock is due then first in 2012.
Next pick of choise is Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run. By doing that I'm able to participate in Kristins Runde at 25th of June in Norway. The third alternative(the last one) is Thuringen Ultra. In that case I'm not participating in Kristins Runde(just a week between the races). I will have a chanse, though, to participate in an additonal race at the end of July. Im definately participating in Kongsvinger skogsmaraton at the 6th of August.

What about autumn then?

Well, we're back on the road again. Allthough I take great joy in running marathons, and I will continue to do so, my aim is for longer distances. That is 100 km and beyond.
The options are(Europe only):

1. 20th of August: NM 6h, Romerike-Norway
2. 27th of August: Bornholm Ultramaraton, 100 km, Denmark
3. 10th of September: Run Winschoten, 100 km, Netherland
4. 26th of Nov: Bislett 24h, Norway

Anyway, this is how I feel about this now. I might alter later on. I'll conclude on this matter within the end of this year.

fredag 13. august 2010

Ulven course: Treshold session

A good day running. My aim was to run sub 5 for a period of around 20 minutes and that I managed. A bit rainy earlier today, but weather was good when I ran in the evening. A great deal of humidity in the air. Didn't take long before the sweat bursted out. I can feel very clearly that my average speed is increasing. That's a good feeling. In the weeks to come it's important to establish a higher working pace on longer runs. My aim is 5. It's a tough standard, but what the heck, I need some hairy targets. Running at 5 I'm able to run a marathon at 3:30h. That's my main target this year. In Stavanger in two weeks I'll target for sub 3:45. In Berlin a month later my aim is 3:30h.

Thuringen Ultra, 2010
-Distance: 5,49 km
-Time:      27m 49s
-Average pace: 5:03 min/km
-Working pace: 4:48 min/km
-Elevation gained: 50 m(9,11 m/km)
-Calories: 390 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Sunny, 23 degrees celsius, breeze, high humidity in the air

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

torsdag 12. august 2010

Majorstua course: Fast, short endurance-run

Thuringen Ultra-100 km, 4 a.m
Gradually I'm changing my workouts from trail to street and from lots of elevation to minor elevation. To encounter a fast endurance-session is going to prepare for a good performance on my nest marathon.
Allthough I'm running at moderate pace it's also important to get the good feeling while running-the one that keep me going through hours.
A good session today. I may have started out to fast, but I managed to slow down a bit. I think 5:30 is a good pace to use on a fast endurance-session right now. Running marathon I'll settle for 5:15. I felt good running allthough the weather was a bit too hot and humid. I was successfull in consentrating on my tasks as I barely noticed time and space when running-I think it's necessary with a minmium degree of effort in order to sharpen the focus.

-Distance: 14,33 km
-Time: 1h 19m 25s
-Average speed: 5:32 min/km
-Elevation gained: 138 m(9,63 m/km)
-Calories: 1.015 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin
-Weather: Sunny, 22 degrees celsius, breeze

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

onsdag 11. august 2010

Grefsenkollen course-strength work

View to the west from Grefsenkollen
Another great hill-run today. I snatched another 1 minute on the first lap and three minutes of my total time. Weather was lousy-rain, very densed and cold. Anyway, I went about it and encountered the hill in a patient way that provides me with a good feeling. I need the patience in order to improve on my hill-runs, and finally I got it. Reaching the top is always great. Catching a glimp of the great wiev from the top of Oslo-a bit rainy today though-before heading down again. Descending I have another important working-task. That is to keep an efficient way of running with as little load as possible on my quads. All this while I stribe to keep a high, steady pace. I succeeded today-sub 5(excellent).

-Distance: 11,87 km
-Time: 1h 10m 07s
-Average speed: 5:54 min/km
-Elevation gained: 275 m(23,17 m/km)
-Calories: 840 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8
-Weather: Rain, 16 degrees celsius, breeze

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 10. august 2010

Helsfyr course: Speed-work

Three days since Kongsvinger skogsmaraton on Saturday. I've had two of them off. Back on training again today. Time for some quality-work. I need to improve on my speed and doing intervals is a mean to achieve that. I had 1h of sports-massage Yesterday. I've been doing that on regular basis once a month the last few months. I was rested today, but not fully rested. Anyway, I felt pretty good and did four good intervals of 500 metres each. I need to run more slowly in the lap between the intervals. In addition I'm increasing the length of the interval next week to 600 metres. Speed today is just over 4. I'm going down under 4 next week! The lap in between is not going to be under 6.

-Distance: 5,31 km
-Time:  29m 02s
-Average speed: 5:28 min/km
-Elevation gained: 45 m
-Calories:  373 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Intervals: 4 of 500 metres, time: 2:10, speed: 4:19
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Aero 8

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

mandag 9. august 2010

Weakly report: 31/10

The first week in August is passed. Mostly running this week, but also a session of strength-training.
I haven't had any bike sessions. Two quality workouts and one endurance workouts when it comes to running. In addition a new marathon-race on Saturday-forrest marathon.
This week I've experienced difficulties connected with some ligth outburst of fluea. I thought it was overwith on Saturday, but the race must have triggered a new outburst. The same thing happened on Wednesday. I took the day off on Thuesday and Sunday because of that.
I've trained a lot lately-almost double digits on weekly terms on average. Maybe I've been to hard on myself?
Both quality-sessions were good. I increased the length of intervals and finished a hill-session with new personal best without putting to much effort in it.

I'm using Mizuno all the time now. Mostly Aero, but also Ronin. They serve me well.
I haven't experienced any new problems with my knee's at all so far-seems promising.
I've decided to focus entirly on street-running in the rest of the third quarter, but I will schedule a trail-session once a week also. In the time to come my training must be more race-spesific. In addition I need more speed.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
189,3h/7,28h pr week(Running: 141,8h/1.318,4 km) 

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
38,2h /9,55h pr week (Running: 33,51h/299,57 km) 
Verticals: 6.025 m( Running: 5.603 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
7,78h(Running: 7,2h/71,08 km)
Verticals: 964 m(Running: 964 m)

søndag 8. august 2010

Kongsvinger skogsmarathon 7th of Aug Race report

Pretty relaxed before the race
Yesterday I was participating in my second forrest marathon this year(and ever). It's both a pleasure and a pain when it comes to perfomance. Pleasure because it's always enthralling to run in beautiful surrondings like the one I went through, and pain because I can't expect to achieve the same speed as in street-marathons.
The course consisted of two loops with the major ascent on the first 10 km. It was nearly all trail-good to run-some on gravel roads and a very minor part on asphalt and one minor on grass.
Being in the building period I didn't taper at all for this run. I trained as normal and treated it like a C-priority run. Because of that I was a bit stiff in my thighs and not fully rested. The fluea I experienced earlier on this week had faded away and I felt fresh before the run.
Winner of age-group K40-44
My strategy was to keep a pace just under 6 min/km. That would give me a finish time of 4h 12m. Anyhow, if things worked out differently I could certainly push more speed on. Encountering the first loop I quickly concluded that this was no course for a speed record. It is indeed a forrest marathon-lots of it on pure trails. In addition total verticals is just over 600 m.  Anyhow I kept my pace and gradually worked my way through the first 10km of the first loop. I only had to walk the last part of it. The second part of the loop is mostly on gravel roads with some parts on trails. I was possible to increase my marching speed again, but I strived to get into my running modus. I didnt' get that good feeling and concluded that I never would on this run. It was going to be a run where I had to work to maintain my speed at all times. It was a hot day with a high degree of humidity. I needed to supply with lots of water during the run. In addition I used Coke and energy drink.
The last 5 km of the loop consist of a pretty levelled part of 2,5 km and then it's down 2,5 km and a minor descend at the end before I entered the start/finishing area again. I finished the first loop just before the start of the half-marathon. It was hard to start another loop, but I consentrated on completing each km and by doing this I worked my through the second loop as well. I needed to walk more of the ascends though.
With just two km left of the loop I managed to increase the speed by 1 min/km and finished well before my targets. It was a hard run, but I'm very satisfied to have performed well under such circumstances.


Finish time(official): 4h 6m 26s
(11,2 % up compared to the winner: 3h 41m 39s)

Placement: 4th overall and first in age-group.

Split times(average speed):
1) 5 km:                 27m 55s (5:43)
2) 10 km:               29m 45s (6:00)
3) 15 km:               28m 38s (5:51)
4) 20 km:               27m 50s (5:37)
5) 21,0975 km:        6m 26s (6:03)  
6) 25 km:               23m 45s (6:06)
7) 30 km:               32m 06s (6:27)
8) 40 km           1h 00m 07s (6:06)
9) 42,195 km:          9m 47s (4:59)

Real average time: 5:50 min/km (total distance)

Verticals: 621 m

Calories: 2.906

The log-file from Garmin can be found at:

My enery intake consisted of energy-drink and Coke. I supplied with water at every supply station.
I didn't experience any problems due to lack of energy so I guess my intake was sufficient. I had 65 grams og energy-drink, and 1-1,5 l of Coke.

-Shoes: I used Mizuno Wave Ronin as my running shoes. They served me well during the whole race.
-Logging: I used my GF 205. No additional device for heart rate-monitoring. The watch measured a shorter distance than the one the race actually was. The deviation was 1,8 %. We were running mostly in the woods. I guess that explains why this deviation appears. Interesting experience.
-Clothes: I wore a singlet, short thigths and running socks-all from GORE. Wonderful equipment.

Mental part:
I was a though race. Again to have established a strategy in advance paid off well. I finished a good first loop (2h) and I'm very satisfied to have just used 6 minutes more on the second loop. Comparing to Nordmarka Skogsmarathon the 12th of June this year-

I used 5 minutes less on the first half and 9 minutes less on the second half-all that in a more demanding track.
Every time I'm strugling I keep consentrating on keeping a steady pace and move forward to the next km.
When I'm 2-3 km from the finish I always make an effort to speed up a bit to ensure a finish time as good as possible. I managed to do so this time as well.

fredag 6. august 2010

Running-special session: A brave man!

This morning I had the pleasure of accompanying a man who has runned constantly from Nordkapp(the most Northern point of Norway) with the target of reaching Lindesnes-the most southern point of Norway. He'd covered over 2000 km on roads so far and intends to reach Lindesnes in the middle of next week. This is truly a run that places heavy demands of the one who sets out. Erik Nossum is the man and he started with a partner and a driver and they both withdraw after a short while. He quickly found a solution and continued his run southwards, with a new driver and now running alone. Another important mission with this run is to raise money for a charity-purpouse. In this case it's cancer. I do hope he'll be successfull in both matters. It was interesting to run along some 12 km of todays lap(Hvam-Drammen) with Erik and learn from his experiences. Among other things he divides his lap of the day into 10 km-laps and breaks off 10-15 minutes after each such lap in order to relax and refuell on nutrition.
It takes tremandous courage to challenge oneself day after day and a great deal of will to finish. It sems like Erik has both. There's more to learn from the run on the web-page:

Todays session-logged on GF 205-can be found here:

Strength training-workout on Thursday 5th of August

Time for another session with strength training. I can feel that I'm struggling to maintain my achieved strength-level from the basic-period in the first quarter. It will be interesting to see if that's a fact when I enter a new basic-period in the fourth quarter this year. After not training strength the last week I get a bit rusty. Afterwards I get pretty worn in my muscles. It's important to be consistent with the strength-training as well, I think.
Anyway, I had a good session, but I'm a bit reduced due to ligth fluea. I do hope the fluea passes away without to much annoyance.

onsdag 4. august 2010

Grefsenkollen- top of Oslo

Encountering my favourite ascend today I was eager to achieve two things. First to run all the way up and second to have a good feeling while running. The ascend is long(4,7 km) and evenly distributed. On top there is a beautiful view over Oslo(I'll bring my camera next time). After a short break it's down the same way again.
I managed to run all the way and had a pretty good feeling all the way. It felt good to achieve that. As a result of this I improved my lap-time from home to the top by 4 minutes and by 7 minutes when it comes to total time. Descending I was trying to run efficiently. Apparantly I managed to do so as I gained three minutes to my previous total time. In total it was a very good workout.

-Distance: 11,94 km
-Time: 1h 13m 08s
-Average speed: 6:07 min/km
-Elevation gained: 283 m(23,7 m/km)
-Calories: 832 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 3. august 2010

Monthly report: July-2010

I thought it could be useful to evaluate each month in addition to every week. It makes sense because a month represents a cycle with weeks leading up to a recovery week with increasing workload before recovery the last week. There are certainly some experience to gain from each month in many ways and I'm sure I will benefit from the effort.
Well then, July was the first month of the third quarter and the last days of the second quarter. I've decided to consentrate on street-running with the A-priority target being Berlin Marathon 26th of September.
Initially I had a transition week in order to recover fully from the second quarter. No activity in week 27 at all. Just trying to give the body a total rest.
After that I've completed one week of preparation and two weeks of good, hard training. Planned working load was 25,16h in total(Running: 19,4h) , 279,9 km of movement(219,9 km, 60 on the bike).
Initially I didn't plan a race before Kongsvinger Marathon the 7th of August.
My training log shows:

1. Total activity:
-Workouts: 19
-Distance: 373,88 km
-Time: 42h 57m 10s
-Verticals: 7.150 m
-Calories: 23.708 C

2. Running:
-Distance: 317,88 km
-Time: 38h 50m 15s
-Verticals: 6.728 m
-Calories: 21.045 C

3. Bike:
-Distance: 56 km
-Time: 2h 6m 55s
-Verticals: 421 m
-Calories: 2.663 C

4. Strength:
-Workouts: 2
-Time:1h 30m

5. Flexibility:
-Workouts: 2
-Time: 30m

Thuringen Ultra is included here as the race was held the 3th of July. In addition I decided to replace two running, endurance-workouts  with a race-Rallarvegløpet. I'd planned a total workload of 40h in the same period. I'm a bit over then. Running was about 35h planned-I ended at just under 39h.
I'm very satisfied to have completed Thuringen Ultra within 14h. It serves as a qualifier to Western States next year. In addition it was an awesome experience to race and finish. I shall never forget the feeling right after I finished. A very strong emotional experience. It's one of the reasons for racing again.
I've increased the length of my long runs as planned. A long run to me is over 3h. I've also experienced some problems with my knees, but I've elemintated that by changing the shoe I use while running. Mizuno serves me good-models Ronin and Aero 8. I've also incorporated bike-, strength- and flexibility-workouts in my schedule. That was a relief. I need the cross-training in order to gain strength and variety.
Focus in the third quarter is street-running. However, I will schedule one workout weekly on trails.
I've carried out three quality-workouts when it comes to running weekly and two endurance runs. I'll stick to that as earlier planned.

mandag 2. august 2010

Løren course-Speed work

Monday again and then it's time for some speed-work. I'm doing some intervals in the neighbourhood were I live. Up till now I've been running just over 400 metres. About time then to increase the distance. As it happens I'm now covering just over 800 metres in one interval. I did three-at the same pace as on previous sessions. My approach is to increase the length up to 1000m and the number of intervals to 6. After that the only thing that's increasing is the speed.  The session went fine. I'm a bit stiff in my feet, but I'll have that taken care of by some stretching in the days to come. Most important is to run at a steady, fast pace. A pace I'm able to sustain the entire interval. I managed that today. Pace is just over 4:20. I'd like it to be sub 4, but I'll have to work on that.

-Distance: 5,66 km
-Time:  33m 22s
-Average speed: 5:54 min/km
-Elevation gained: 13 m
-Calories:  396 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

-Intervals: 3 of 820 metres, time: 3:37, speed: 4:26

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

Weakly report: 30/10

Another week is history and hopefully did my fitness develop according to plan. I'll never know that before after the targeted race. Well then, mostly running this week-just a short session of stretching. I'm not going to make that a habit. I need the variety represented by the bike and the strength from my strength-sessions.
I've been doing three quality-workouts during the weekdays and two endurance-workouts at weekend.
I'm a bit down on amount, but I'm not very conserned about that-I had a lot more than scheduled the last week. It felt good to spend some time on technical trails on Saturday. I'll continue to sechedule one session a week on the trail. I've been using my new pair of shoes-Mizuno Wave Aero-on two occasions. They do serve me well so far, but I'll just keep testing a bit more before I conclude on that matter.
No problems with my knees. I felt some discomfort at the end of Saturdays run, but that was a very long session-nearly 7h-and I was using Montrail Masochist(they're not good on gravel roads, but excellent on trails).
To be this early in the building period I have good speed. I carried out a session at treshold pace on Friday-I had an average pace of 5:12 on 10km.
I need to work more on establishing routines on long runs(+40 km). The weekend who's up next will provide an opportunity to do so. 

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
181,6h/6,72h pr week(Running: 134,6h/1.247,4 km) 

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
30,4h /10,14h pr week (Running: 26,32h/228,49 km) 
Verticals: 5.061 m( Running: 4.639 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
10,88h(Running: 10,63h/85,72 km)
Verticals: 1.148 m(Running: 1.148 m)

søndag 1. august 2010

Ullevål-course: Recovery run

I needed a short run at low pace to freshen up my feet a bit before entering next weeks schedule.
I aimed for a 6 min-pace as average and trying to execute good technique at all times.
My feet were a bit stiff intitially, but slowly they loosened up more and more. I restricted my water-intake to 0,3 l pr hour. I maintained a good technique throughout all the run and finished feeling fresh.

-Distance: 10,87 km
-Time:  1h 5m 24s
-Average speed: 6,0 min/km
-Elevation gained: 97 m
-Calories:  766 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:


During my transition period a few weeks ago I had some thoughts about what my main goals were going to be the next year. For some reason I made a distinction between trail running and street running. Well, there are reasons to do so, but my consern is to wether I'm chosing between them or integrate both in my programme.
After I've spent some weeks thinking about this I've decided to integrate both in my programme. In order to gain maximum effect of my efforts it's vital to make a periodization in my training schedule, conserning theese to different approaches to running.
My activity when it comes to competition and building periods are consentrated on the second and the third quarter of the year. After some consideration I've decided to dedicate trail-running to the second quarter and street running to the third quarter. There are several reasons for this. The second quarter allows me to use more time to build race-specific capasities than the third. Further on most trail-runs are scheduled in June and July.
In the third quarter I have limited time to build up race-spesific capasity, but I've already built a solid foundation through the second quarter. In the third I move my activity towards the street and consentrate mainly on that.
Competition period will be in end-June and July for the second quarter. For the third quarter It'll be in the end of September-the last two weeks(maybe just the last week).
It's important that my training in both quarters gravitate mainly towards respectively trail- and street running.
In short I run on trails in the second quarter on all workouts and in the street during the third quarter. It is possible that keeping a couple of workouts on trail in the third quarter, and a similar approach with street-running in the second quarter, could be wise. I'll decide on that later on.
The main thing is that deciding on what my primary focus should be in each quarter, allows me to be more spesific in my goal-setting. That again gives a lot better direction when scheduling workouts for the quarter in my training programme. 
The first move thereafter is to establish main-targets for the quarter.
I won't have more than two main-targets each quarter. Leading up in advance I'm scheduling one B-priority race a month and, if applicable, C-priority races in between as part of my training. I'm not tapering for C-priority races, but I will for B-priority races. The latter will be suitable in a monthly recovery-week.
Well then, the big question now is if this is going to affect anything in my sechedule this third quarter I'm about to work my way through. I need to think a little about that.