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fredag 20. august 2010

Tomorrows 6h-race: Preparation

Well then, tomorrow I'll be participating in my first 6h race. It'll be my fourth ultra-race. Again it's important to decide on strategy in advance. It's going to be a new type of race to me. We'll be running in loops of 1.989 m on a very levelled course. The ground is mostly gravel roads and some on asphalt pavement.
I'll be running in 6h and cover as much distance as possible. How much I'll decide in advance. I have been running marathons on 5:26. That was in Copenhagen in May this year. Since then I have been training a lot-both quality and distance. I have also runned my three ultra-runs so far. I'll set my pace at 5:30. That'll give me a total distance of 65,45 km. My target is to finish with a distance over 65 km. Split-times for every 5km will be 27,5 minutes. I'll keep my running pace at 5:15. In order to run 65 km I need to complete a total of 32,7 loops. That equals 5,45 loops an hour. Each loop will then take 11 minutes. My task is to make sure that each loop is covered within 11 minutes. That requires a pace of 5:30 minutes/km.
Nutrition: I will make use of energy-drink and dehydration-drink.

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