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fredag 11. juni 2010

Planning for race of tomorrow-Nordmarka Forrest Marathon in Oslo

A new race is due soon. This one I've scheduled right at the end of my period of tapering. It's not an A-priority race though-it's an C-priority race. I'm using it to get ready and prepare for the race next Saturday, which is an A-priority race-Kristins Runde in Oslo.
I need a strategy for tomorrows race. First of all I need to decide on my finish time. In order to do that I must decide what my pace is going to be. My pace during the last three marathon races have been 6,09(Rome), 5,55(Ålesund) and 5,43(Copenhagen). Those are all races on solid pavement and with low elevation. The marathon tomorrow is on gravel roads and with moderate elevation. I'm deciding the pace to be 6,0 min/km.
The finish time will be just under 4h 15 min. I will be pleased with that. I will bring along 5 bottles of water, two bottles of energy drink and one bottle of dehydration drink as usual. In addition I will bring along two energy bars. Roughly speaking I'm planning to pass Bjørnholt at 1h 15m, Kikutstua after 2h 15m, Kobberhaughytta after 3h and at the descend from Ullevålseter towards Sognsvann after 4h. It will be a rainy day tomorrow. That's good-I need the training. I'm using my Mythos-thigts and my Gore-Tex jacket. On the feet-Montrail Masochist. I need to run some more with them before Kristins Runde. On the head a nit cap-if necessary.
I will be staying in zone 4-the low part-on average through the race. It will be a though race. That's good. I like that. Most important with tomorrows race is to consentrate on executing excellent technique, keep a steady heart rate and speed and stay in my zen-zone at all times.
Before the race I will do some light running to losen up a bit. I will also use some vaseline under my shoulders.
No solid food tomorrow-just fruit and energy bars. I'm using both watches tomorrow-Polar s725x and Garmin Forerunner 205.

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