Danmark fra Larkollen

lørdag 31. juli 2010

Nordmarka-Oslo: From North to South

Todays endurance workout started at Mylla and ended at Sognsvann some 46km after the start. Mostly on gravel roads but a very technical part on trail from Sandungen Gård to Kikut, passing Kikuttoppen on the way. Distance was just under 9km and we used approximately 2h on the distance. It was a very wet part of the course, partly off-trail and was pretty demanding. Originally we had planned on encoutering another technical trail from Fyllingen to Blankvannsbråten, but redecided and ran on gravel roads passing Kikutstua, Bjørnholdt, Skjærskjøen and finally Sognsvann. Initially we ran the course used in Kristin Runde. We started at Mylla, passed the beautiful lake Gjerdingen, Katnosa and Sandungen Gård were we left the course of Kristins Runde.
I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by two nice people and skilled runners-Adelheid and Gunnar. We started from Mylla at about 10:30 and ended our journey at Sognsvann around 17:15.
Weather was excellent as the pictures from the start indicates.
The course is pretty nice initially as there is some 3-4 km of descend-It's pretty heavy to ascend it at the end of Kristins Runde.
Afterwards the course ascends about 1,5 km moving towards the lake Gjerdingen. Shortly before Gjerdingen we have to leave the road and navigate through the wood to reach Gjerdingen. Mood was good and we chatted along and passed the point by a couple of hundred metres before I realised we were about to run around the lake! Anyhow, my fault as chief-navigator-and we were soon on the rigth course again, only loosing just a couple of minutes.
Lake Gjerdingen is one of Nordmarka's most beautiful places. I was completely enthralled on my first visit earlier this year when I passed it on Kristins Runde. We had a short break, refuelled and were soon on our way towards or next target-Sandungen Gård. The course ascends a bit after Gjerdingen but not more than a 100 metres over 2 km. The course levelled out a bit after that and we reached Katnosa. I knew we weren't supposed to se much of the lake as we were to gain some heigth before descending towards Sandungen Gård. Anyhow, I didn't pay enough attention at a critical point and we ran towards Katnosa Gård-which we weren't supposed to do. Some 1km extra run. Anyhow I realised my wrongturn as I noticed the lake Katnosa appearing on our left side. We went back and were soon on the right course again. Weather was still good and it's wonderful to be running on days like this. After a pretty long descend we arrived at Sandungen Gård. The point were we were to leave the course of Kristins Runde. Gunnar and Adelheid refuelling there as we had a short rest before encountering a demanding technical trail towards Kikut. Leaving Sandungen Gård after 2,5 h from the start, covering about 20km we had a average pace within our scheduled area. After a couple of 100 metres we left the road and started the ascend towards Kikuttoppen after crossing a bridge between the lakes.
We were to spend just over 2h covering 9km on a very demanding trail. Good training, but demanding. It was very wet-we went on lengthy sections almost in a stream and the trail was absent on several parts. Fun, but time-consuming. Well, we finnally reached the top-Kikuttoppen and had by this ascended 100 metres above the heigth at Mylla.
It felt good to be on the top.
Anyhow we were soon on our way towards Fyllingen Gård encountering a descend consisting of mostly a stream in the mountainside. Fun, exciting and time-consuming.

Anyhow, after settling at the road were we planned to leave i and enter another technical part we redecided and went by gravel road the rest of the run. Passing Kikut.hytta we stopped a few minutes, but were soon on our way towards Bjørnholt. There is a pretty heavy ascend just at the end of the lake Bjørnsjøen and Gunnar impressed os both by running it all the way.
Passing Bjørnholt we increased our speed and were soon arriving at the lovely lake Skjersjøen. After that we went by the road Ankeren towards Sognsvann and finished our run with a beautiful run through the pinewoods. After finishing at Sognsvann we were all chers pleased with the outcome of a nice day.

-Distance: 45,43 km
-Time:  6h 46m 22s
-Average speed: 8,94 min/km
-Elevation gained: 784 m
-Calories:  3.047 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

fredag 30. juli 2010

Fast, short run

My third run this week. I headed out for at session at treshold pace. I don't use a heart rate monitor anymore so I quite simply use my feeling to assess what the speed is going to be. I think it's a better approach. I listen to my body. If it's up to it I push as planned. If not, I don't.
Well then, it was up to it. I covered just under 10 km in just under 52 minutes. The course was levelled. I had a good run, but I tend to push to fast too early. Running a 10k-race you don't have time to start a bit slow and gradually work up towards the running pace, but I can do it in a training run. Next time I will. If it had been a race I'd done a warm up and tapered in advance. The time is good to be a training run. I'm satisfied.

-Distance: 9,93 km
-Time:  51m 46s
-Average speed: 5,21 min/km
-Elevation gained: 84 m
-Calories:  705 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

torsdag 29. juli 2010


Another session of stretching. I'm doing a set of exercises suited for running and for some achy spots of my own choise. Hopefully I'm establishing an increased degree of flexiblity, but I don't want to overdo it.

I'm also workin' on my hamstrings. Hopefully, that will reduce imbalances towards the quadriceps. I'll just have to watch closely in the time to come. Consinstency is important here-as always. The weather is pretty lousy outside. I'm rescheduling the bike-session till Saturday morning.

onsdag 28. juli 2010


This afternoon I bought a pair of new running shoes-Mizuno Wave Aeoro 8. I wasn't planning on running before Friday again, but I felt fine and I couldn't resist some serious testing of my new shoes. A bit sceptic after Yesterday's down, but what the heck. I gave it a try. I felt fine running, The body responded good. Clearly I've recovered good from last weekends race. I'm back in normal training again. The shoes were very good. They are steady, provides a good running experience, low sole, allows me to land on my forefoot and evenly. Overall a very good shoe, but I'll run at least 100 km before I give my final judge. So far good, but not as good as Ronin. Well then, I went for a small hill run on the streets. Weather was fine and the body responded well. I need to work more on my pace when ascending hills. My goal is to keep a pace that allows me to run throughout all the ascend. I need to slow down when encountering the ascend and focus on a good feeling and a steady pace.
I addition I started to reduce my amount of water-intake. My aim is to keep it at 0,3 l pr hour as an average. That means I can run for 4h without refuelling-a whole marathon.

-Distance: 12,8 km
-Time:  1h 12m 49s
-Average speed: 5,69 min/km
-Elevation gained: 144 m
-Calories:  893 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 27. juli 2010

Speed run-short interval session

Well, I'm pretty ambitious starting out after just a day of recovery since racing the whole weekend. Interesting experience to really feel what it's like to not have recovered more than just a bit. My fet were heavy, my body didn't respond much when put under pressure during my intervals and I felt generally unfit.
Tomorrow is off. On Thursday it's strength-training. Next running session is on Friday.
Still no problems with my knees-I'm wearing Mizuno Wave Ronin for the time being. I need to buy a pair of other shoes in order to prevent my Mizuno's from wearing out too soon.

-Distance: 6,72 km
-Time:  41m 43s
-Average speed: 6,21 min/km
-Elevation gained: 38 m
-Calories:  491 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

mandag 26. juli 2010

Weakly report: 29/10

Being the first week in the building period I have delivered a solid amount of training, ending with an ultrarace on Saturday and Sunday. The body is responding well to the new schedule after the transition period. I think the adaption-period of one week paid off.
This week I've been using Mizuno Wave Ronin as my running shoes only. I haven't noticed any problem with my knee's whatsoever. I did experience some unfamiliar pain in my lower back during the race on Saturday. It didn't affect the outcome of the race. The race-Rallarvegløpet- was an awesome experience, especially the first day. It would have been even better if the race was carried out on one day.
I need to train more on long runs(4-8 hours). It's important to establish better routines when it comes to performance, nutrition and mental coping. I can't accomplish that with a short, long run(1-3 hours). In addition I need far more muscular strength when ascending. At last I need more speed. Shorly there is enough to work on.
Progress in performance is measured by results from competitions.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
170,7h / 6,57h pr week(Running: 124h / 1.161,6 km)

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
19,6h /9,78h pr week (Running: 15,69h/142,77 km)

3. Total amount of training this week:
13,67h(Running: 11,87h/107,32 km)

søndag 25. juli 2010

Rallarvegløpet, 24-25th of July: Race-report

I've been spending two days up in  the central mountains of Norway at a place called Finse. It's situated at 1.222 m above sea-level(4.009 ft). The race is arranged over two days. The first lap is on Saturday, from Flåm, at sea-level to Finse. The second lap is on Sunday from Finse to Haugastøl, 888 m above sea-level(2.913). So, pretty much up the first day and just over 54 km(33,55 miles). On day two it's mostly down and  just under 27 km(16,66 miles).
Day one:
Start is at Flåm station-just above sea-level. From there the course moves forward through the beautiful valley-Flåmsdalen. I was in for a better performance than my last ultra-run. That means a lower moving pace. In Thuringen I had 8,05 min/km(12,95min/miles). I felt good when ascending the first part. I had very good pace the first 7,5-8 km, but had to slow down a bit when entering some heavy ascends. Later on I power-walked the most hilly parts. I went through one of Norways most beautiful scenery. It felt good just to be there. Truly an awesome experience to run trough it. I even met with some goats that had blocked the entire road-wonderful creatures to meet in a place like this. Well then, time to move on and shortly after the course enters a monstrous ascend towards Vatnahalsen-I walked that one. As a matter of fact it was demanding just to walk it. At Vatnahalsen we were able to leave a drop-bag(the only place actually-the race is self-supporting). I didn't think I needed to do so, but that was a mistake. I could have used a top with long sleves up on the mountain, and I could shorly need some more nutrition-more on that later. After Vatnahalsen there is just over 30km to the finish line. The course ascends from about 822 m above sea-level(2.696ft) to Finse-1.222 m(4.009 ft).
I felt fine running through Vatnahalsen an heading for my next target-Hallingskeid-1.074 m.a.s(3.535 ft), 33,5 km(20,86 miles). I could feel some fatigue, but my feet were good still. I was beginning to think about my rapidly diminishing supply of energy. After a steep ascend I was up on the high-mountains-no trees, but lots of solid rock and long views.
I still had walking-breaks when encountering ascends, but not as much as in the first part. Weather was good, but a bit windy. After passing Hallingskeid I was beginning to feel the effects of my to low intake of energy. I tried to push, but couldn't do that to the degree I wanted. Rumours about a possible refuelling with coke at Fagernut was promising. The terrain was getting more and more desolate and almost free of vegetation. I begain to feel some pain in my back, but I didn't slow me down. It was just a new feeling. My feet were still fine, but a bit worn. I had no problems with my knees. With Fagernut(44,5 km-27,66 miles at -1.310 m, 4.297ft) in sight I could lay my hands on a bottle of coke and that made the difference for a good finish for the race. Clearly I had operated on a too low energy intake. It was good to experience that and the importance of enough nutrition. The last part towards Finse leds me by the the highest point of the course-Fagervann, 1.323 m, 4.340ft. After that it's pretty much a long descend to Finse. I finished the first day on 6h 40m 34s-resulting in an average pace of 7,38min/km(11,88 min/miles). Down from 8,05 in Thuringen-Ultra.

Day two on Sunday(Today) consists of an uneventful strech of gravel roads encountering more and more civilisation as I move closer towards the finish line at Haugastøl-888 m, 2.913ft above sea level. My target today was to keep the pace under 6 min/km(9,66 min/miles). I finished 26,5 km(16,5 miles) at 2h 37m 21s, resulting in an average pace of 5,94 min/km(9,56 min/miles). I walked very little, didn't suffer from particularly stiffed feet, but I was a bit worned after Yesterdays race.

Day 1-24th of July: Flåm to Finse
-Distance: 54,3 km( 33,75 miles)
-Time:  6h 41m 32s
-Average speed: 7,4 min/km(11,91 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 2.212 m(7.260 ft)-the log is corrected after an irregular drop in height.
-Calories:  3.472 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

Day 2-25th of July: Finse to Haugastøl
-Distance: 26,5 km( 16,47 miles)
-Time:  2h 37m 30s-time is corrected as I didn't stop the watch before well after I crossed the finished line.
-Average speed: 5,94 min/km(9,56 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 135 m(442 ft)
-Calories:  1.859 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

torsdag 22. juli 2010

Bike: Endurance-ride

Another workout on the bike. I was a bit worn in my legs from Yesterdays run. I could clearly feel that on the ascends towards the turning point at Skar in Maridalen. Time spent on the journey out to the turning point was up by 2 min compared to last Saturday's ride. However, I was down by more than 2 minutes on the ride home again. In total just over 30 seconds down. The body functioned good, but I need some rest before the race in the weekend to come. I might skip tomorrows strength-workout. I'll se about that tomorrow.

-Distance: 28,0 km( 17,4 miles)
-Time:  1h 3m 9s
-Average speed: 26,6 km/h (16,5 miles/h)
-Cadence, average: 79
-Elevation gained: 217m(712 ft)
-Calories:  1.326 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

Running-shoes: Status

Today I'm using three different running shoes:

1. Mizuno Wave Ronin:
Purchased: 8.4.10 at "Løplabbet" in Oslo
Main area for use is competitions.
Total km: 202

2. Puma Concinnity:
Purchased: 30.4.10 at "Løplabbet" in Oslo
Main area for use is training off-trail
Total km: 223

3. Montrail Masochist:
Purchased: 14.5.10 at "Løplabbet" in Oslo
Main area for use is training on-trail.
Total km: 308

Right now I've decided to use the shoe from Mizuno only as I suspect that the other shoes are the reason for my recent problems with my knee's.

onsdag 21. juli 2010

A good run!

What a wonderful evening it was tonight. Warm, ligth breeze and some clouds. Heading out in the evening for a short, long run in partly in the woods and on a quiet road outside of town is magic. It feels good just to be present, feel the body functioning well and be able to push ahead. The course is one of my favourites. Starting from home, towards Kjelsås, around the lake Maridalsvannet and back home again. I did a combination exercise. One part was pure endurance, the other part was muscular endurance. I used my competition shoes-Mizuno Wave Ronin. I can clearly feel the difference when it comes to running technique. I'm landing on the ground far more evenly and much more on my forefoot than with my other shoes(Puma C and Montrail Masochist). I didn't feel any pain in my knee's. It seems like my strategy is paying off well so far. I went for 6min/km(9min/mile) on the first 11 km-pure endurance. After that I had around 8-9 km at treshold pace, that is 5 min/km(8 min/miles).
It turned out good. I was able to maintain the speed and had a good running experience. When changing into a higher speed I feel that this need to be done gradually. If it is my body responds good. From there on I need to get the head along. That's the challenging part.
Anyway, next run is a race on Saturday-Rallarveløpet. An ultrarun-54+27 km, distributed on two days. A great ascend the first day and pretty much downwards the other day. I'm looking forward to a good, long run in a beautiful scenery.

-Distance: 21,16 km(13,15 miles)
-Time: 2h 0m 29s
-Average speed: 5,69 min/km(9,16 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 248,1 m(814 ft)
-Calories:  1.493 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 20. juli 2010

Strength-todays workout

Time for another strength workout today. Initially I'd planned one session a week on Thuesday in the building period. Now I've redecided and I'm scheduling two sessions a week in the building period and one session in the tapering period. There will be no sessions in the competition period.
Todays workout went fine. I felt rested and ready for training. I'm still on three sets-one warm-up and two sets on 60 % workload with 6 reps. I intend to keep it that way untill I enter the basic-period in October this year. Then it's back to 100 % workload. It's a bit inefficient to train at the middle or the end of the day. From Thursday this week I'm training in the morning(06:30 a.m.). My experience from the second quarter is that I stopped the strength-training to early in the building period. I think that's why I've suffered later with injuries. My approach now is to do strength-training during the whole building-period-scheduling two sessions, and one session in the tapering period. In addition I'm going to add some more excersises for my core, back and feet. Now I'm using 30 minutes on general strength and 10 minutes on core-strength. I'll fit in a few more exercises in the former by increasing the intensity, and the latter by increasing the time spent. Anyway, the beautiful scenery is from lake Øyungen in Nordmarka-Oslo. A pity I have to do my strength-sessions indoors.

mandag 19. juli 2010

Weakly report: Week 28/10

First week in the third quarter. I'm in compliance with my plan both in amount and quality.
I need to do some adjustments when it comes to running shoes. I'm going to use only very lightweight/competition shoes from now on. I think both Puma Concinnity and Montrail Masochist have been giving me serious trouble with my knee's. I'll check that out in the time to come.
In addition I've decided to run an ultrarace more this quarter-Rallarvegløpet. I'd originally planned to participate but redecided a while ago. No I've changed my mind. I need the time off and it can be fitted into my training programme with some adjustments. Looking forward to 81 km(50,3 miles) distributed on two days, 54+27 km(33,55 + 16,78 miles) on Saturday and Sunday. It's a mountain race at Finse in Norway. The scenery is awesome and it's something I really cherish-just me and mother nature for hours long.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
157h / 6,28h pr week(Running: 112,1h / 1054,3 km)

2. Total amount of training since 12th of July: 
5,88h /5,88h pr week (Running: 3,82h/35,45 km)

3. Total amount of training this week:
5,88h(Running: 3,82h/35,45 km)

Resuming speed training

I was a bit uncertain concerning my knee's after Yesterdays workout. I have been thinking a great deal about what the real cause for the pain in my knee's could be. Possible causes are to much strain, insufficient technique, wrong shoes, low strength in feet. I think nr 2 is connected to nr 3. Today I used a pair of competition shoes(weight: 193 kg), Mizuno Wave Ronin. I didn't feel any pain or discomfort in my knees at all. I could clearly sense that I tended to use my forefoot to a greater extent and a more evenly distributed pressure when landing on the foot. In the time to come I'll use these shoes only and check out if that's the reason for my knee-problems.
Well then, about todays workout. I did four, short intervalls. The speed was there like before. In order to develop I need to increase the length of my intervalls. I'm running 435 m(0,270 miles) now. Next week I'll increase the length to 600 m(0,37 miles).

-Distance: 5,36 km(3,33 miles)
-Time: 32m 38s
-Average speed: 6,09 min/km(9,8 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 22,9 m(75 ft)
-Calories:  372 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

søndag 18. juli 2010

Trailrun, short long run

A beautiful day to run in the woods today. Sunny, warm and a light breeze. Eager to get some dirt under my running shoes again I travelled by bus to get to my starting point some 14km(8,7 miles) from home. My plan was to run home again through the woods. The route starts from a place called Skar, ascends northwest to the lake Øyungen and turns south from there-ascending a hill(Kamphaug) and descends to the beautifully situated lake Skjærsjøen. From there it's a short bit on gravel roads and then navigating through a slow decend over the ridge Skjervenåsen towards Låkeberget. From Låkeberget there is a nice run towards a lovely little forrest before arriving the road again at Brekke. From Brekke i ran along the river Akerselva till I reached the main road-Ring 3. From there it's a short run on asphalt pavement before I'm home. The whole run is logged on my GPS-watch.
I was curious to learn if I would experience any problems with my knees during this run. It's pretty technical and there are a lot of ascends and descends. Well, I did. As a matter of fact it was more than a minor discomfort. I was in no pain, but I clearly need to adress this problem right away. For some reason I began to analyse my running technique. I've always thought my pronation was neutral-I even had some dude at a local running store(Løplabbet in Oslo) to check it out. Well, he was wrong. I definately over-pronate. Can't trust people like that. I need to have some professional look into the matter-an orthopedic-spesialist. This matter will be adressed in the week ahead of me. I don't want any breaks in my training.
Well, besides the knee there was more to learn from the run. I read something interesting in a book by Terry Orlick("In pursuit of excellence") about the importance of relaxing in muscles not in use when executing an athletic performance. By doing so economy is increased. In todays run it was important for me to encounter the ascends by running-not walking. By paying attention to the approach regarding relaxation I was able to run more than 90 % of the workout. To me that was an eye-opener. I'll work more with my economy in future endurance-sessions. Finally, it was enthralling to be out in the woods again-running, paying attention to the scenery and just be present in the moment.

-Distance: 20,5 km(12,73 miles)
-Time: 2h 23m 24s
-Average speed: 7,0 min/km(11,27 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 369,7m(1.213 ft)
-Calories:  1.374 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

lørdag 17. juli 2010

Back on my bike again

The workout on the bike this afternoon was excellent. It's been a while since my last ride on the bike-5th of May. It felt good to be cycling again-almost as good as running. In advance I had done necessary maintenance on the gear- and brakesystem. Crusing along the way in 40km/h at a cadence of 90 is just wonderfull when the bike and body functions well. I could be in there for hours. Cycling is a muscular sport-mostly the feet(thighs). The one being strong in the feet has a great advantage. Well, if I-Good forbide it-should have to give up running, there's always the bike to hang on to. My feet felt good. I had some minor setbacks since last time when it comes to technique, but I will sort that out in the time to come. I managed to keep up a good pace without to much effort. I also had a high cadence on average. Although the temperature was high I experienced some discomfort in my knees. I'll wear my knewarmers next time. In addtion I'll be working some more with my technique.
This third quarter I've scheduled one session on the bike a week, lasting one hour. I'll keep the frequency, but I will increase the length of some of the workouts.

-Distance: 28,0 km( 17,4 miles)
-Time:  1h 3m 45s
-Average speed: 26,4 km/h (16,4 miles/h)
-Cadence, average: 79
-Elevation gained: 204,2m(670 ft)
-Calories:  1.337 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored-will I ever(Felt excellent without doing it)

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

fredag 16. juli 2010

Hill-run, short session

First hill run since the ultrarace in Thuringen. Still wearing my support on the knee. Moderate ascends, two in number and on solid pavement. My body is working better. This was my fourth workout since transition-week last week and the second run-first being an endurance run. I'm still a bit worn in my body after resuming training, but I can sense it's fading. Speed was good today-even uphills. I had a good feeling-that's even better.
My target with todays workout was to resume quality-training again and test if the knee is recovering well. I managed both. Seems like my knee has recovered well. I didn't feel any discomfort at all. Next running session is on Sunday. It's an endurance run on trail. I'll try running without any support on my right knee-see how it works out. 

-Distance: 5,5 km(3,42 miles)
-Time:  31m 53s
-Average speed: 5,8 min/km(9,33 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 84,7m(278 ft)
-Calories:  392 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored. Felt good not doing(will I ever?).

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

torsdag 15. juli 2010


I decided when planning for this quarter that I should include stretching in my training schedule. The main reason for this is to test if there is any benefit to gain from such an effort over some time. I've scheduled a weekly session of 20 minutes throughout the third quarter, focusing on running related stretches. I'll make a thorough evaluation after the end of the quarter. If it provides results I will continue to schedule it in the future.
 A special issue for me now is the main muscle attached to both the hip and the knee, located on the outside of the thighs. To much strain in the muscle results in "Runners knee". I'm working on special stretches on a daily basis to prevent any such experience.

onsdag 14. juli 2010

Running high again

It feels good to be back running again. I was a bit worried about my right kne and wore some support during the workout. It went well. Both knee's responded well when I pushed on during the workout. I only experienced some minor discomfort initially in my right knee when ascending. What a great relief! For a moment I was worried. Anyway, I will continue to use some support, make extensive use of ice everyday, do my stretchings every day and monitor my progress extensively. Well then, I had a light, short run. My body feels a bit "rotten" after 11 days away from my running shoes, but I managed to hang in with 5,7 min/km without to much effort. 
I ran with just my GPS-watch. A great relief to not wear my heart rate watch. Maybe I'll make it a regular habit.

-Distance: 9,45 km(5,87 miles)
-Time:  53m 45s
-Average speed: 5,69 min/km(9,16 min/mile)
-Elevation gained: 73,5m(241 ft)
-Calories:  667 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.

The GARMIN logfile can be found at:

tirsdag 13. juli 2010

Resuming training again

It feels good to be training again after one week(9 days) of total rest. This week is scheduled for preparation. That means I'm using a low workload on all workouts to allow the body to prepare for a tougher schedule in the weeks to come.
In the third quarter I've scheduled a total of 82 workouts distributed on strength(7), flexiblity(9), swimming(8), cycling(11) and running(47). Total hours of training-including races is 113h(Running: 83h). I'm participating in 6 races-the A-priorities being UltraBirken and Berlin Marathon-both in the end of september.
Todays workout went fine. I experienced some mild discomfort in my right kne-I suspect is a mild degree of "Runners kne". I'm working on that with ice and stretching on a daily basis. I'm also going to use some support on my kne at the beginning of my running. Today I went through three sets. One to warm up and two additional at 60% workload. I can clearly sense that I've lost some muscular strength since last time. I would guess about 20 %. Last strength workout was 26th of May-some seven weeks ago. It's about time to regain some of it.

lørdag 10. juli 2010

Thoughts about the first half of the year-2010

It's been a different year than I planned in advance. First of all I'd planned on consentrating on basic training the first quarter(I did that) and cycling the next quarter(I did anything but that-In fact I've only logged three sessions on the bike the second quarter. Why is that? Well, I decided after Easter to change my plans and consentrate on running the second quarter. I have spent three years in advance using time on both running, strength and cycling. I felt I needed to do just to one thing and see what the results were when doing that. Choosing running was easy. It has always been my favourite. In addition it's the sport I've been doing most, starting back in 2004. Funny though I didn't participate in a competition before last year when attending Sentrumsløpet in Oslo(2009).
Later the same year I ran my first marathon(Stavanger) and the second(Oslo).
The first quarter I logged 53,6h of training distributed on 67 workouts, of which 21 were running, 17 were cycling, 9 were swimming, 6 were core-strength and 14 were general strength.
The second quarter I logged 97,6h of training distributed on 55 workouts, of which 41 were running, 3 were cycling, 7 were swimming and 4 were general strength.
I nearly doubled the amount workouts when it comes to running and almost terminated the cycling workouts. I was also down considerably when it comes to strength.
Well then, the most important question is: Has it produced results?
Let's take a look at my results this second quarter. When I talk about results I mean competitions, my finish time and placement.
I've participated in 6 races-three marathons, two ultras and one 10km(Sentrumsløpet-Oslo).
In marathon I've lowered my finish time to 3h 49m 14s-from 4h 18m 50s
In Ultras I've been able to finish two demanding trailraces of 50 miles and 100km well before cut-off time.
In Sentrumsløpet I've lowered my time to 49m 54s from 55m 2s(last year).
The main question then: Am I satisfied? Yes I am. Definately. To improve on my results is one thing, but to discover ultra-running is maybe my greatest achievement. To run an ultra is something completely different than a marathon. It's an emotional experience beyond everything I'd encountered before. I truly love it.
What is the price I've paid for my results?
I've lots fitness when it comes to cycling. Further on I've noticed the beginning of what could be "runner's kne"-my right one. Finally, I've reached a level of running fitness far beyond the ones in my previous years.
The way I see I have benefitted from 5 years of steady training without much changes from year to year. Gradually I've been building a greater running form and took advange of that this second quarter.
I've been putting a lot of strain on my body this quarter, both when it comes to running and in total. I did double the amount of running workouts and the hours of running activity and covered distance was fourth as much as in the first quarter. Total training time doubled. I'm very pleased to have been able to make use of that amount of training and produce results in races as a consequense of it.

Now it is important to think ahead. What I've achieved is history. What's important lies ahead of me.
The main subject is my overall targets long term. What are they?
Well, having spent 7 years of training, most of them with running, I must admit that my passion lies with running. So it seems like a good thing to pursue my passion in order to see how good I can be, starting at my age(42). Conducting a wise training programme I should have many years of passionate running ahead of me. Long-distance running that is-more spesific, ultrarunning.
Having reached my conclusion when it comes to establishing my main target, the rest is executing.
My strategy in the years to come is to consentrate on ultras. I'm going to run fewer runs, but longer. It's important to develop gradually from year to year. I need to develop in many areas, when it comes to running, but I will never give up cross-training. That means that cycling, swimming and strength will be an integrated part of my training programme-strength being the most important one.
This year I've been introduced to ultra, running a 50-miler and one 100km. The next year my target is to run a 100-miler, preferably in the USA, and preferably Western States Endurance Run. Leading up to that I'm establishing a race once a month to build up my running form-starting in March-2011.
Any marathons will be treated as C-priority runs.
The remains of this year I'll gain some more ultra-experience by running 6h-runs and a trail-run.

onsdag 7. juli 2010

What now?

I'm in the middle of a transition week and this is a good time to reflect upon what to consentrate on further on when it comes to main targets. My preferance when it comes to sport is decided earlier on-running. My thoughts now are on what field in running I should consentrate on. It's clear that long-distance running is my main field, but there are different ways here to choose from. Marathon has been a good choise for me about half a dousin times, but I'm not so certain any more about that. Having runned a couple of Ultras this quarter I've experienced a greater pleasure in doing that than marathons. Why then should I spend any more time on marathons?
Frankly I don't know. Why should I? Maybe I'll just call it a day when it comes to marathons and consentrate completely on ultras? Why not if that's what I like best and what's works best for me?

tirsdag 6. juli 2010

Weakly report: 26/10

Last weak this second quarter of 2010, and the end of the competition period this time. The latter culminated in the race Thuringen Ultra at Saturday the 3th of July-a trailrun of 100km and 2.150m of verticals.
Before that I had one session of running on Thursday-a short run around Tiergarten in Berlin.
The race went very vell. I'm very satisfied to have finished well within my target of 14h.
I have never been so tired after a race. I just falled apart physically after the finish. Clearly I'd given all I had during the effort.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
151,1h / 6,3h pr week(Running: 108,3h / 1018,9 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
97,6h / 7,51h pr week (Running: 86,6h/804,7 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: Including the ultrarace, Thuringen Ultra
14,42h(Running: 14,42h/110 km)

mandag 5. juli 2010

Thuringen Ultra, 100 km, 3.7.10-Race report

Writing this race report a couple of days after I have nothing but good memories from the race. It's a very scenic race that encouters the terrain of Thuringen Wald(forrest) in the heart of Germany. The race consists of one loop starting in Frottstadt and finishing the same place after 100 km in the woods. Mostly on trails, but also on gravel roads and some minor part on asphalt pavement. We started out early-4 a.m-and that was a good move. The heat had been at levels of +30 degrees celsius and it was good to start in a bit chilly atmosphere in the morning. Up to about 10 a.m. the woods shielded the participants from the worst heat. After that, from the second checkpoint at Seligenthal(51 km) we were fully exposed to the heat. The race was very well organized. The markings, support during the race and the atmosphere was excellent. The first part of the course-some 15 km was even marked with read lights in order to help navigating in the early morning. I didn't experience one problem finding the way through the course. The race is apparently appreciated by the locals. When some 15 km was left of the race I saw that many had, on own intitiative, placed out water in order for the participants to refresh themselves. There were also a lot cheering and supportive coments all along the race-both from the participants and from the locals.
The race is divided into four parts. That's because it enables the arranger to facilitate for an additional relay-run. The first part is from the start in Frottstadt to Ruhlaer Skihutte(24km / 15,06 miles). The next place is Floh-Seligenthal(51km / 31,63 miles) . Further on we have Finsterbergen(74 km / 46,33 miles) and finally the finish at Frottstadt(100km / 62,1 miles). The course is pretty demanding-consisting of 2.150 metres of verticals(7.053ft). The race has a total of 17 aid stations with supplies of water and food.
My strategy was to run the flats and decends, and walk the uphills. It was kind of good to start running that early(4 a.m.)-allthough I was sceptical at first. It was about 4 km(2,5 miles) on small roads before we entered the deep of the woods in the morning mist. I felt good running. Having entered the forrest we soon startet to encounter a long ascend up to the first point(Ruhlaer Skihutte). I felt really fit and only had to walk at very steep ascends. I logged in at Ruhlaer Skihutte after 2h 41 56s-an average of 6,46m/km(10,4 min/miles), after gaining a total of 705 m(2.313ft) from the start in Frottstadt.
The second part-from Ruhlaer Skihutte to Floh Seligenthal went also pretty well-though not as well as the first part. The course descends a little right after the beginning, but then start to ascend to the highest point of the part after 35,8km(22,2miles) with an elevation of 778m(2.553ft). After that it's pretty levelled for 1,6km(1mile) and then it descends rapidly down to the second timing point-Floh Seligenthal to 375m(1.232ft). That descend was pretty long-almost 15km(10 miles). I thought it would never end, but knowing pretty well that we were ascending rapidly afterwards I kept the pace as high as I could in order to keep my pace-schedule of 8,0m/km(12,87m/miles). During the last part of the downhill I started to feel some pains in both my knees. This particular pain is familiar to me. It normally appears after I've had a long period of training and races. It normally disappears after a period with no training at all, but I had the remaining half of the run left. Clearly I had to establish a strategy to cope with this for the rest of the race. That was to cool down my feet at regular intervals with water for the rest of the race. The pain didn't disappear, but it only got a bit worse-it was berable. However, I logged in at Seligenthal after 5h 59m 16s. Elevation here is 375m(1.232ft) and the average pace in total now was 7,04m/km(11,3m/miles). Elevation gained from last checkpoint was 457m(1.499ft). I was still within my pace limit, but I had a monstrous ascend to encounter on the third part.
Well then, after some minutes due to natures call and some supplies, I was eager to get going again and not lose to much time on the checkpoint. Shortly after I was encountering the ascend. It kept going until 57,82km(35,93 miless) and peaked at an elevation of 741,3m(2.432ft)-an ascend of 366,3m(1.200ft). I thought it never would end and just managed to run minor parts of it. Right afterwards it was straight downhill to 442m(1.450ft) after 65,4km(40,65 miles). For the first time I experienced problems with running continually down the descends. I had to break it up with small walking parts. My quads were giving me some problems. The pain in my knees were pretty stable as it had been since the second part. I was still determined to finish within my goal of 14h. My strategy to do that was to move forwards with an average pace of no more than 8m/km(12,9m/miles). After some ups and downs I arrived at Finsterbergen-the third check point-situated 74km(46,33miles) out in the race at 9h 33m 59s. After leaving the second point I'd gained an elevation of 637,9m(2.093ft). Average pace so far in total was 7,76m/km(12,5 m/miles). I was a great comfort to realise that I was still ahead of my schedule.
I didn't stay long at Finsterbergen and soon went out for the last part of the race. After 1,6 km of ascend the part pikes at 585,5m(1.921ft). After that it's pretty much downhill. Right then I didn't think that was much of an advantage as both my legs and quads were hurting. However, I'd figured out that in worst case I could powerwalk this race in, but I wanted the time to be as good as possible. I clearly had a better pace than Kristins Runde two weeks ago(the same distance was passed on 10h 42m 38s-50m 55s shorter). The last part of the fourth part-some 16km(10 miles) is out in the fields with no cover for the sun. I managed to run and power walk about half each, but this was the part with my lowest pace, 9,37m/km(15,08m/miles).
It was with a feeling of true accomplishment that I broke the finish line after 13h 26m 44 s-over thirty minutes before my target time, with an average pace of 8,07m/km(12,99m/miles).
Why 14h? Well, it's the qualification time for Western States Endurance Run, and now I'm able to approach that event with an applicant for the lottery.

Some technicals:

Split data:

1. First check point-Ruhlaer Skihutte, after 24 km(15,06 miles):
Total time: 2h 41m 56s
Average pace in total: 6,77m/km(10,89m/miles)
Elevation gained in total: 705m (2.313ft)

2. Second check point-Floh Seligenthal, after 51km(31,63 miles):
Total time: 5h 59m 16s(3h 17m 20s)
Average pace in total: 7,04m/km(11,33m/miles) / (7,33m/km(11,8m/miles))
Elevation gained in total: 1.161,9m(3.812ft) ( 457m(1.499ft))

3. Third check point-Finsterbergen, after 74km(46,33 miles):
Total time: 9h 33m 59s(3h 34m 43s)
Average pace in total: 7,76m/km(12,49m/miles) / (8,9m/km(14,3m/miles))
Elevation gained in total: 1.799,8m(5.905ft) ( 637,9m(2.093ft))
4. Finish line-Frottstadt, after 100km(62,1 miles):
Total time: 13h 26m 44s(3h 52m 45s)
Average pace in total: 8,07m/km(12,99m/miles) / (9,37m/km(15,08m/miles))
Elevation gained in total: 2.186,3m(7.173ft) ( 386,5m(1.268ft))

Total result:
I came in 7th in the category(W40), some 30% after the winner. There were 12 finishers.
Overall I came in 12th of 23 finishers, some 30 % after the winner.
Full results here:

Calories: 6.233kcal

The Garmin logfile can be found at:

Video from the race:

Thueringenultra 2010 from Mayk Hirschfeld on Vimeo.

Average heart rate:  135(173).

-Water: I had lots of water. I would estimate about 10l. I had three peing breaks and two other breaks due to natures call.
-Energy: I used the arranger's supplies with Iso-drink and Coca Cola. i had an intake of 2l of each. In addition I had two bananas and some salty biscuits.
-Total energy intake: ..later..

-Clothes: I ran in short tights and a singlet. They're both from GORE and were excellent as always.
-Shoes: Montrail Masochist. Just wonderful! Doesn't like to much asphalt pavement, but wonderful on the tracks and gravel roads.
-GPS-watch, GF 205: The watch let me know after 11h 45 m that battery was low, but I decided to let it run without bothering to follow instructions on the watch to "enter". The whole race was logged.
-Heart rate watch, Polar S725X: Values were pretty narrowed. I guess the battery capacity is low on the heart-rate monitor. Not representative at all.

Mental part:
It is vital to have a strategy in advance. It is also extremely important to break the race into bits. I consentrated on moving from one check point to the next, from one aid-station to the next and from 1 km to the next. All along I was trying to keep as relaxed as possible, consentraiting on maintaining a good technique. I'd experienced a tension in my elbows during Kristins Runde and this time I let my arms hang straight down in a relaxed manner during parts of the descends. It worked out well. I didnt' experience any similar problems. It was a pretty though race with all the ascends and descends, but I was never in doubt on wether I should finish or not. The question was before or after the targeted finish time. I was truly happy right after crossing the finish line. I haven't felt like that since Kristins Runde. It's worth running just to get that feeling again!
In addition I get a feeling of true pleasure when running through such beautiful terrain as this course was. I know I'm having a great time when time and space just disappears and I'm just being present right there, running. There is no better time in life than that!