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søndag 1. august 2010


During my transition period a few weeks ago I had some thoughts about what my main goals were going to be the next year. For some reason I made a distinction between trail running and street running. Well, there are reasons to do so, but my consern is to wether I'm chosing between them or integrate both in my programme.
After I've spent some weeks thinking about this I've decided to integrate both in my programme. In order to gain maximum effect of my efforts it's vital to make a periodization in my training schedule, conserning theese to different approaches to running.
My activity when it comes to competition and building periods are consentrated on the second and the third quarter of the year. After some consideration I've decided to dedicate trail-running to the second quarter and street running to the third quarter. There are several reasons for this. The second quarter allows me to use more time to build race-specific capasities than the third. Further on most trail-runs are scheduled in June and July.
In the third quarter I have limited time to build up race-spesific capasity, but I've already built a solid foundation through the second quarter. In the third I move my activity towards the street and consentrate mainly on that.
Competition period will be in end-June and July for the second quarter. For the third quarter It'll be in the end of September-the last two weeks(maybe just the last week).
It's important that my training in both quarters gravitate mainly towards respectively trail- and street running.
In short I run on trails in the second quarter on all workouts and in the street during the third quarter. It is possible that keeping a couple of workouts on trail in the third quarter, and a similar approach with street-running in the second quarter, could be wise. I'll decide on that later on.
The main thing is that deciding on what my primary focus should be in each quarter, allows me to be more spesific in my goal-setting. That again gives a lot better direction when scheduling workouts for the quarter in my training programme. 
The first move thereafter is to establish main-targets for the quarter.
I won't have more than two main-targets each quarter. Leading up in advance I'm scheduling one B-priority race a month and, if applicable, C-priority races in between as part of my training. I'm not tapering for C-priority races, but I will for B-priority races. The latter will be suitable in a monthly recovery-week.
Well then, the big question now is if this is going to affect anything in my sechedule this third quarter I'm about to work my way through. I need to think a little about that.

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