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fredag 30. april 2010

Running, hillwork, todays workout

Being my recovery week I've had just three sessions before todays workout. It seems to have paid off since I feel rested and fit for some serious sessions in the weeks to come. That means I'm back on normal workload again after 4 days of recovery.
Tonight I was encountering my favourite hill again. Being more patient this time, reducing my speed initially, trying to keep my heart rate down, I managed to get by with just one stop and three short walking periods in order to reduce the heart rate. Weather was lousy, but it's a good opportunity to get use to rough conditions. On later sessions I will have three working targets: keep the speed at 8 min/km at all times, keep the heart rate below anaerobic treshold and run up the hill without having to stop to lower the heart rate. I bought a pair of new shoes today-Puma Concinnity. They seem to be pretty solid, no to heavy and good to run with. I intend to use them on my hill runs and the long runs.

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