Danmark fra Larkollen

mandag 31. mai 2010

Running: tonights workout-short, long run

A very nice evening indeed. Sun, 25 degrees celsius, ligth breeze and a recovered body, ready for action. Life is good. I spent the time in zone 3 consentrating on keeping a steady pace at minimum effort. Everything is functioning just fine. I'm really looking forward to taper in shape the next two weeks. I'll be scheduling four running workouts this week and three next week-including the race on Saturday the 12th. It's a B-priority race.
My workouts will be endurance ones entirly except for one at treshold-pace. One of the endurance workouts will be a very long run. I'm scheduling this on Saturday the fifth and the 26th. I'm racing on June the 12th, June the 18th and July the 3th.

søndag 30. mai 2010

Weakly report-Week 21-2010

A week of recovery after a month of hard training and two marathon-races. The first one in Ålesund and the last one in Copenhagen last Sunday.
I've had four recovery days without any training at all-Monday, Thuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I had a strength workout on Wednesday  and running-workouts on Friday and today.
I've reduced the number of sessions in order to obtain full recovery.
Next week I'm entering a period of tapering of two weeks length. The period of competition starts in week 24 and lasts for three weeks consisting of two ultra-races.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
108,1h / 5,69h pr week(Running: 66,3h / 662,2 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
54,6h / 6,82h pr week (Running: 44,6h/448 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: 
2,35(Running: 1,7h/18,3 km)

Running, tonights workout

A good workout is just finished. I wanted to test if I've achieved a good recovery after a full recovery week.
I went for a session in zone 3(marathon-pace). Average speed was 5,56 min/km and heart rate was 157. It was pretty hot, but not to windy. I managed to keep a steady pace at all times without to much effort. My thighs felt alright.

-Distance: 11,3 km
-Average heart rate(max): 157(175)
-Average speed(overall): 5,56(5,66)
-Vertical: 217 m

During the workout I made effort to practice my zen-drills. They're very good to help me consentrate on my tasks connected to execute good technique at all times. In addition I need to have a specific goal for every workout. I'll work on that in the time to come.

fredag 28. mai 2010

Running-tonights workout

Back on track again, running. My first running session since Copenhagen Marathon last Sunday. I'm almost recovered. I think I'm right were ought to be after this weekend. That's necessary in order to be ready for the next period I'm entering-the period of competition. It's two weeks left till the first competition. The pace was good on tonights session. I had just over 5 in zone 4. That's good.

torsdag 27. mai 2010

Wednesday, 26th of May: Strength training-workout of the day

Back on planned schedule again. The strength workout was my first workout after the race on last Sunday in Copenhagen. The experience was good. I felt fit and ready to resume my training schedule again. I didn't feel any strain and felt rested. The workout was maintenance work. It has been that way as I am in the building period. Throughout the building period I've been using planned workouts on my bike and strength-workouts as recovery opportunities. That means I've been skipping them for recovery reasons. This strategy has paid off well when it comes to achieve results in running.

tirsdag 25. mai 2010

Recovery day after Copenhagen Marathon on May 23th

The body still needs some time off. I've taken the day off to make sure I recover good enough. After Ålesund Marathon I kept pushing through with training from the day after. It's possible, and it was a good experience, but I paid the price afterwards. This time I'm backing off to allow the body to recover properly. Tomorrow I'll be back on planned schedule. Starting the next quarter of the year(this autumn) I'm planning for a new periodization scheme. I'm thinking of training for trailruns in the spring combined with triathlon. Competition period for trailruns in June and July-Triathlons in July and early august. August-sept/oct is Marathon period with competition in late september and october. Basic training is due in October-December and January-March.Building periods in April-May and Aug-Sept. Competition periods in June-July-August and Late sept-early october.

mandag 24. mai 2010

Weakly report: week 20-2010

A week almost totally dominated by running. I've had three workouts and one competition-Copenahgen Marathon on Sunday, 23th of May.
Running workouts were one with short intervals on Thuesday and a short long run on Wednesday. In addition I had a swimming workout on Thursday. Rest of the days were recovery days in order to tap for the race on Sunday. The strength training and the workout on Saturday scheduled last week for this week was terminated due to recovery reasons.
The next week I'm having a recovery week in order to achieve recovery from the workload in May. That means the same number of workouts with the same intensity, but at shorter length. The running strength-workout is out though.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
105,8h / 5,88h pr week(Running: 64,6h / 643,9 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
52,2h / 7,46h pr week (Running: 43h/430 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: 
6,33(Running: 5,6h/60,5 km)

Race report-Copenhagen Maraton, 23th of May

Overall this was a race with a good outcome. I finished with a new personal best. My personal best now is 3h 49m 14s. That means I managed to lower my previous personal best from Ålesund Maraton 8th May this year with 2m 55s. It was a demanding race with a micture of heat and wind, but also a great deal of clouds.
Copenhagen was a new experience to me. The Danish are obviously very engaged in their marathon. There were lots of people all the way through the race that mostly went through the city centre and some of the suburbs. There were even a number of ensembles playing live music enroute. The course is pretty flat and not very demanding. It runs mostly on asphalt pavement but there are some minor sections of brick pavement. Sparta DK-who is head of the arrangement-did well on most parts of todays arrangement. There were  12.644 registered of which about 9.847 started and 9.141 finishers-706 DNF. I even saw on two occasions a participant being taken care of by emergency-personell. A lot of people experienced cramps during the race. Many head out for a fast, first part of the race. I myself make an effort to run at a steady pace, and hopefully a negative split-and passed lots of people during the second half.
My placement was 3.267 of all the particapants and nr 46 in my age group(40-44).

Some technicals:

Split times:
1) 10 km:                51m 50s (51m 51s)
2) 15 km:           1h 18m 25s (26m 35s)
3) 20 km:           1h 44m 55s (26m 30s)
4) 21,0975 km:  1h 50m 44s (  5m 49s)
5) 25 km:           2h 12m 23s (21m 39s)
6) 30 km:           2h 40m 38s(28m 15s)
7) 35 km:           3h   9m 27s(28m 49s)
8) 40 km            3h 37m 29s(28m   2s)
9) 42,195 km:    3h 49m 14s(11m 45s)

The finish time is 2m 55s faster than in Ålesund. An improvement of about 2%.

Average speed:
1) 10 km:          5,15 min/km
2) 15 km:          5,23 min/km(5,32 min/km)
3) 20 km:          5,25 min/km(5,30 min/km)
4) 21,0975 km: 5,25 min/km(5,30 min/km)
5) 25 km:          5,30 min/km(5,55 min/km)
6) 30 km:          5,35 min/km(5,65 min/km)
7) 35 km:          5,41 min/km(5,76 min/km)
8) 40 km:          5,44 min/km(5,61 min/km)
9) 42,195 km:   5,43 min/km(5,35 min/km)

Increase in average speed from last marathon in Ålesund(5,55 min/km) is about 2 %.

Spread in speed is: 12 %-up from 4,5 % in Ålesund

Average heart rate: 163(zone 4).

1) 10 km: 164               2) 15 km: 164   3) 20 km: 163
4) 21,0975km: 164 km 5) 25 km: 164   6) 30 km: 163
7) 35 km: 163               8) 40 km: 163   9) 42,195 km: 167

Average heart rate is slighty above the one in Ålesund.


I drank 3,0 l of water, 0,9 l of energy drink and 0,15 l of electrolytes.
In addition I ate two bananas.
The temperature was between 15-20 degrees celsius. I was bothered by it when the sun was present. My conditions when it comes to training differ in temperature. Allthough I take great care making sure I don't get dehydrated this marathon was a new experience. Up to 20 km I managed to replace my lost fluids with my water bottles. After that I needed to make use of the supplements from the arranger. From 35 km it was hard to maintain a sufficient intake of fluids and I suspect I didn't make it. I have to improve on my routines.

-Shoes: I used Mizuno Wave Ronin. I didn't experience any problem. They are simply wonderful!
-Clothing: My singlet created some brushings under my shoulders. I have to use some vaseline on later occasions. I bougth a pair of new tights, kne-legth, from Gore at the Sports exhibiton when picling up my bib. A good experience. Gore is an overall, positive experience during three years of using their products.
-Drinking belt: It functioned satisfactory throughout the entire race.
-Heart rate monitor: Apart from irritating my skin it served me well. The watch shortcutted the speed on three or four occasions, but I was just for a short moment and it didn't bother me. The speed sensor is showing a to low speed. I ought to adjust it.

Mental part:
Actually it was a pretty though marathon. Maybe I had a too fast speed the first part of the race and paid for it later. I addition I think i suffered some from the hot conditions. I tried during the race to consentrate on my own performance by doing a spesific mental exercise in order to enter a zen-zone(counting my steps on my right foot up till ten and repeat again). It worked partially, but I need to train on that . The last part of the race was demanding, but again I need to train in order to handle these conditions. I am in zone 4. Maybe I could have pushed a bit harder, but that's difficult to know during a race. I aim to keep my heart rate in zone 4 and that I managed this time as well. I'm satisfied with that. I kept matching my split times with a schedule based on 5min/km pace. That turned out to be a good move as I experienced good control with my status all the way during the race.

I didn't run the day before as planned. That turned out to be a good move. On race day I had four loafes of bread. That was two to much. I had some minor difficulties on three occasions during the race due to an urgent need for a toilette visit. I didn't have to attend the toilette. It was just falsh alarm
Tapering the week in advance was good. Anyhow I think I was more fit in Ålesund two weeks ago.

Point's of improvement:
-Speed: I need to increase on my speed in order to lower my finish time.
-Endurance: I need to run more on average in order to maintain pace at set speed during the entire race.
-Technique: More work on this is necessary. I may have to seek feedback from more experienced runners.
-Mentally: I need to establish a training routine in order to incorporate zen into my running. I think that will suit me well.
-Equipment: 1) adjust speed sensor, 2)use vaseline under my shoulders
-Preparation: Improve on my intake on nutrition before and under the race

lørdag 22. mai 2010

Copenhagen-preparing for tomorrows marathon-race

I arrived in Copenhagen late this morning after an uneventful flight from Oslo-Norway. I've spent the day getting aquainted a bit more with the city as well as picking up my startingnr at Østerbro Stadium. I had a bad nights sleep and have been tired most of this lovely day in Copenhagen. I did plan for a short fast run today, but that doesn't make any sense now. I am getting to bed early tonight to make an effort to catch up on my lack of sleep and regain some strength. I need to be rested at the start tomorrow morning. My strategy for the race is to run at an average speed of 5m 15s(5,25 min/km). The main challenge initially will be to get a good start. There doesn't seem to be any differing between the runners. I will have to be there early and make sure to get situated at the front. After the start I'm consentrating completely on my technique and to enter my running zone. That means I don't care about the finish line. All I care about is to keep a steady pace, excellent running technique, steady heart rate in zone 3/4 and to keep hydrated. Tomorrow is going to be a warm day if it doesn't start foggy as today. I hope the latter but I prepare for the former. I will wear 8 bottles of fluid. Five of them are with water and needs to be refilled on or two times during the race. One is with dehydration-fluid. The last two are with energy-drink. I'm using the same approach as in Ålesund Maraton. I will refill with water after 18 or 22,3 km-both are options. I will eat some fruit after 13,5 km and 26,5 km. Much of the course is runned twice and it's pretty flat. If my body is fit I should be able to achieve a good result. I will certainly go for it.
The picture is from a lovely part of the course with 5 different lakes situated right next to each other. The one showed is Sortedams Sø at Østerbro. Maybe the runner is giving it a last effort before tomorrows marathon.

fredag 21. mai 2010

Recovery before Copenhagen Marathon

Well then, alomost there again. A new marathon is due in a few days. This time it's Copenhagen Marathon at 23th of May. I've been tapering this week in order to prepare for it. Monday and today was recovery days-off from training. On Thuesday I did some intervalls, a short, long run on Wednesday and a swimming session yesterday. Tomorrow I'll be arriving shortly before noon in Copenhagen, pick up my starting nr and enjoy the city afterwards. In the afternoon I'll have a short fast run in order to prepare the body for some speed on Sunday. The race strategy will be concluded on tomorrow. The weather forecast are good for the Sunday. Not to hot, clouded, no rain and light wind. The rest is up to me. I've decided that I'll have a good time in the race-enjoy the pain.

torsdag 20. mai 2010

Swimming, speed skill, front crawl, workout of tonight

I'm covering greater distance within the same session. I'm up from 150m to 270 m- i.e. 10 laps to 18 laps. Progress is slow but it's there. I'm consentrating on my breath. It's getting better. The trick is to forget the end of the lap and consentrate all the time on my tasks when I'm in the water. My feets are operating on autopilot, I need to improve on my arms, but I'm moving forwards. My biggest target now is to relax in the water, establish a good breathing pattern and work on covering greater distance at the same time. I need to forget to complete a lap. I have to consentrate fully on my tasks when I'm in the water. It's a long and slow work to improve, but I will get better little by little. I have two times left at the swimming school. After that I'm training individually during through the summer. I'm determined to succeed!

onsdag 19. mai 2010

Running, tonights workout

I decided to let go of the strength session and replace it with a light, running-session in order to check out about my recovery after last Saturdays ultrarun. I carried out a short, long run.
My body feels fine. I'm almost recovered. Just one more day and I'll should be ready for some more action. Friday is still scheduled for recovery. Tomorrow is still scheduled for swimming. Saturday is a short, fast run in order to prepare the body for some speed on Sundays race. More on my strategy for the race later on.
Some technicals:
-Distance: 12,5 km(7,8 miles).
-Split time: 1h 12m 19s
-Average heart rate: 156(zone 3)
-Vertical: 277 m
-Average speed: 5,8 min/km

The session was light and didn't put any particular strain on my body. In spite of this I managed to keep up a good pace. I'm satisfied so far when it comes to the outcome of this test. My target speed at his maraton will be 5,45 min/km. That will result in a finish time of 3h 50m. My working speed during the race will be 5,33 min/km.
I'll consider my strategy more closely on Friday this week and conclude on it then.

tirsdag 18. mai 2010

Running, tonights workout

Back in training again after two days of recovery. Pretty eager to find out if I've had enough recovery after Saturdays ultrarun. The session tonight was consentrating on speed-work. I've recovered a great deal, but I'm not fully recovered. I will consider more closely if I'm scheduling another recovery day tomorrow. Maybe I'm just having a very light strength-workout. I'm concluding on this matter tomorrow. I was glad to register that I've regained some of my previous form. It'll come in handy the Sunday to come in Copenhagen. Anyhow, I didn't have any trouble whatsoever to perform the intervalls at targeted speed and the body-allthough still a bit worn-responded well when put under pressure.
Some technicals:
-Length of intervalls: 400 m
-Number of intervalls: 4
-Split times:
.1 1m 46s
.2 1m 42s
.3 1m 44s
.4 1m 43s
Average time: 1m 44s
Average speed: 4m 20s pr km
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin
I worked my way from zone 2 and finished just above treshold heart rate at all intervalls.
I have one more of this workout left in my building period(next week). I'm pretty sure that I've benefitted from these workouts in the building period after Easter-I've had a total of five of them.. My results so far goes to show for that.

søndag 16. mai 2010

Weak points

During workouts-especially hard ones-I try to monitor to discover weak points(areas of improvement)-constantly. If I experience the same thing over some period of time, which is important for future development in that particular sport, I've discovered a week point that needs to be adressed with spesific training later on. I addition I sometimes carry out hard workouts just to stress my body and see what happens. It's fun and a good, potensial source of learning.

Weak points I've discovered so far:

1. Strength:
-Core: It's still a limiter, but I've improved since last year. My results lately goes to show for that.
Anyhow, I still need to work more on this area. I will adress this the next period of Basic-training, due in October-December this year.

-Upper back: I haven't worked particularly on this area before. I've experienced some limitation ascending hills.
I have to schedule some training for this area in the next period of Basic-training.

2. Swimming:
-Technique: My greatest limiter. I've been working on this since January this year. The work continues.
In order to improve faster I need to extend the anmount of training and schedule some short endurance workouts. From mid-May I'll schedule to workouts a week with swimming.

3. Bike:
-General: I've rearranged my priorities after Easter and consentrated on running. My aim is to include two workouts on the bike a week in order to prepare for later triathlon races. That's a long term goal(next year).
This time of the summer I'm only scheduling one workout a week and none in the tapering- and race-period.
After summer I will schedule one workout a week-an endurance session.

4. Running:
-Endurance: This is one of my strongest points. I'll make sure that my development continues the way it has been so far. I'm continuing to schedule one session a week-a long run.

-Strength: I've included hill work in my training programme in the building period after Easter. It has paid off well. I will schedule this again in the next building period after summer.

-Speed: Still a limiter allthough I've had progress  this building period through scheduling sessions with intervalls and workouts at treshold-pace. I will schedule similar sessions the next building period.


This week has consisted of mainly running. I've had four different workouts. Hillrun, speed work, treshold pace and an ultrarun. I addition I've had a swimming workout.
Two days has been recovery days-Friday and today(Sunday). My intention with recovering on Friday was to regain some strength before Saturdays ultrarun. Well, I did, but not sufficient enough. That's why I'm backing off today(Sunday).
I've had a steady progress in amount of running after Easter-starting at 50 km, extending to beyond 60 km and this week on 75 km. In total I've runned 370 km on 6 weeks. In average 61,67 km a week. I've carried out 21 workouts and 2 races after Easter vacation, when it comes to running. In addition I've had one workout on the bike, four strength-workouts and six swimming-workouts.
Total amout of training since Easter(6th of April is 46 h(Jan-March: 54h-11 weeks).
The increase in amount of training on average/week so far is 57 %. It has paid off well so far-achieving personal bests both at 10km and marathon.
My main targets in this period(April-July) is two ultraruns- one the 19th of June and the second the 3th of July.It's about time to think some more about what lies ahead of me and what strategy that suits me best.
First to come are two marathons-one the next Sunday and the other three weeks after that. I'm starting to taper the first week in June. Before that there are two weeks in May to make arrangements for. I've scheduled a recovery week the last week in May. That leaves the week to come then. Tomorrow is recovery day. On Wednesday and Saturday I'm scheduling running. Sunday is Race day in Copenhagen. On Thuesday I'm scheduling some light strength-training. On Thursday I'm having a swimming workout.
Friday is recovery day. That means four workouts, one race and two recovery days next week.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
99,5h / 5,85h pr week(Running: 59h/584 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
46h / 7,65h pr week (Running: 37h/370 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: 
9,2h(Running: 8,4h/75,1 km)

lørdag 15. mai 2010

Running-workout of today: Very long run-Ultrarun!

I guess I can call myself an Ultrarunner now, having runned 51,5 km in 6h 3m 42s. The course was on trails in Nordmarka. I experienced rain most of the time. It was also the first time I used my new trail-shoes. The brand is new to me-Montrail. The model is Masochist and today I almost felt that way-especially at the end of the workout. My intention with this monstrous session was to prepare the body-and the mind-for a 50 mile race due in the midle of June this year in the same area, only somewhat more north.

Technical data:
-Time: 6h 3m 42s
-Distance: 51,5 km(32,2 miles)
-Ascent: 2.160 m
-Average heart rate: 148
-Average pace: 7,06 min/km(11,3 min/miles)

Some impressions from the workout:
-I'm still a bit worn out. Yesterdays recovery day wasn't sufficient enough.

-Nutrition: I'm a bit low still, but it's better. I'm using energy drink and dehydration-tablets from Maxim.
Total intake was dehydration(3 tablets of 10 gram), energy drink(75 gram), bananas( 2) and water(2,0litres)
I'm to low on energy and water-especially energy. I need to increase! I was down 1 kg after the workout. Bananas doesn't work well in the rain. They dissolve. I need to find another solution. Bread with honey is an alternative-well wrapped!

-Shoes: A good experience so far. Cushion is adequate, but not more-better on pure trails. It's a steady shoe and good to run with. It suits me fine. It's not to heavy-310 grams. I didn't get any blisters. Anyhow I need to bring along some gear to mend them-they will occur!

-Clothing: When it rains all the time you get wet no matter what. I should use my Mythos thights. I got soar on the inside of the tighs, at the top. I need to find a means to prevent that. Talkum?
If I had known the amount of rain I would have used another jacket. I have a Gore Tex jacket that would have been more suited for the occasion. I need to refresh the impregnation though. I addition I need some gloves and something on the head.

-Backpack: Works allright. I have to cut off some lose ends here and there.

-Performance: Ultrarunning is not marathon-running. I need to remind my self of that. Being used to run a steady pace throughout all the run/race I'm sort of used to that approach. Covering much lengther distances it's vital to make use of another approach. The limiter is not lactic acid accumulating in my body, it is fatigue from worn ut muscles-particularly in my thighs. In order to prevent eccesive fatigue I have to fit in-on a regular basis-walking breaks. Walking breaks is due on steep ascends and a certain amount of time every hour.

-Overall: I'm very satisfied with the outcome of the session.

fredag 14. mai 2010

Recovery day

Time for another day of recovery. The body tells me that it's wise to back off a bit. That ranks before the training programme. I'm generally a bit worn out after 6 days of training, but I haven't got any stiffnes or injuries of any kind. After Easter-vacation I've had one day off a week on average. Maybe that's what works for me. If it does I'll schedule one day a week on a regular basis. I'll have to consider that in the weeks to come

torsdag 13. mai 2010

Running, todays workout

Running at treshold-pace tonight. My body is not stiff after the race last Saturday, but a I feel a bit worn out. The schedule for the rest of the week consists of cross-training and two long-runs.
Anyhow, some technicals:
-Treshold pace right now is: 4m 42s
-Average heart rate: 170 (right on target!)
-Body-weight(this morning): 75 kg
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin

A treshold-workout is difficult. It's easy to get trapped and start at a higher speed than the sustainable speed. It's important to set the speed I'm able to keep throughout the workout. To be even through the entire workout is important. In races a negative split is wanted. Tonight I started out a bit to high-about 3,75. I need to adjust that the next time. I finished at 5. The spread is 33 %. That is to much. Next time I'm starting at 5 and working my way down to 4,5. Better to be conservative at the beginning and start pushing a bit later. The shoes are fantastic! Steady, light, good cushion and a joy to run with.They do require good technique though, to gain the benefits.

onsdag 12. mai 2010

Running-tonights workout

Time for some intervall training again. I'm still on short intervalls. That is 500 m. I did four with some light running in between. My aim is to work my way up to treshold and stay there untill the lap is over. My split time is ranging from 1m 43 s to 1m 48s. In speed that is about 3m 30s/km. The laps in between I'm running the same distance back again but at a much lower pace using about 4m 40s on a bit longer distance. I'm still a bit worn out after the race last Saturday. It's possible that I must take a day off during this week. I'll se about that later on.

tirsdag 11. mai 2010

Swimming, workout of the day

Another technique-workout tonight.Slowly I'm getting more and more grip of the front crawl. Right now I'm working on my breath. It's paramount to relax in the water, consentrate on performance in every movement and then the distance will take care of it self. My leg work is good, my arm work is adequate, but needs to improve. My breath is not sufficient enough yet. Most important to me now is to establish an adeqate breathing pattern. After that I will work on extending the distance I cover in one lap. Beyond that there is more speed skill work to do in all areas. In two weeks I'm extending to two sessions of swimming a week.

mandag 10. mai 2010

Running, hill work-workout of tonight

Time again to encounter my favourite hill-Grefsenkollen. I was a bit curious whether my thighs still would be to stiff to such a workload. It turned out to be a bit hard but not to hard. It seems that continuing my training is the best way to recover from Saturdays race. I brought along some energy-drink, but that led to cramp. I wont include that on my later hill runs. It's pretty hard to encounter an ascend of 270 m in one, but I'm convinced that such a workout is well worth the effort. The result from Saturdays race clearly states my point. In order to run steady and fast over a lengthy period of time it is necessary to build spesific running strength, and such a hill run is the right way to accomplish that. The workout will be part of my programme till the end of May. From mid-May im gradually including trail runs in my programme. Part of those will be hills.

søndag 9. mai 2010

Running-workout of today

Actually it is extraordinary for me to carry out a workout the day after a marathon-race. It certainly is the first-not the last-time. My intention was to check out the condition in my legs and overall. After previous races I haven't been able to run-or exercise-for several days in a row. This time was definately different. I had no problem at all to carry out the workout. The tighs were a bit stiff, but not particularly worn. I had no problem keeping a pace at 6 min/km as average. Liberately I ran up a long, moderate steep hill, but although I needed to adjust my speed to 6,5 min/km I had no trouble getting up. What seems to be reduced now is the abiltiy to keep a steady, fast pace over a lengthy period of time. That's to be expected after a race like that. I'll make sure I'm fit for fight again in two weeks in Copenhagen Marathon.That will be the last race on asphalt pavement before the end of August. My long runs will take place on gravel roads and on the trail.
I think it's important for recovery to hit the road right after a race like that. The time to come will show if I'm right about that.
Key data:  Split time was 1h 7m 24s, distance covered was 11,4 km, average speed was 5,91 min km, total ascend was 150 m.

lørdag 8. mai 2010

Race-Ålesund Marathon, Norway, 8th of May

New personal best: 3h 52m 9s. My fourth marathon was finished in Ålesund today. It's a small race with around 100 participants-most of them running half-marathon. It was a rainy day, light breeze and somewhat cold (6 degrees celcius). The course was levelled, but only to a minor degree.

Some technical data:

Split times:
1)10 km:              54m 33s
2) 21,0975km: 1h 54m 23s (59m 50s)
3)31,0975 km: 2h 50m 40s (56m 16s)
4) 42,195 km: 3h 52m 9s    (1h 1m 28s).

Average speed:
1) 10km:           5,46 min/km
2) 21,0975 km:  5,42 min/km(5,39 min/km)
3) 31,0975:        5,49 min/km(5,63 min/km)
4)  42,195 km:   5,55 min/km(5,54 min/km)

Average heart rate: 162
1) 10km: 162(Max: 171) /2) 21,0975 km: 161(173) /
3) 31,0975: 161(173)     /4)  42,195 km:   162(171)

I drank 1,2 l of water, 0,6 l of energy drink and 0,15 l of electrolytes.
In addition I ate one banana.

Overall it went exceptionally well. I'm very satsified with the outcome. I didn't just get a personal best by a small margin-I smashed the old record entirly. I ran 26m 41s faster-an improvement of 9 %.
The speed is very even. The maximum gap is only by 4,5 %. In addition the speed is fast. My first goal was to perform better than last time and second to finish below 4h. I managed both.
I think my strategy paid off well. My plan was to consentrate on technique, keep a steady, preset pace and a steady heart rate below treshold. I think it is crusial to establish a strategy in advance-especially when it comes to speed.
When it comes to nutrition I think the intake of energy drink and electrolytes was successfull. I felt strong almost all the times during the race. One minor low was at the beginning of the fourth leg, but it got sorted out after I had some energydrink. I suspect I'm low on my intake of fluids. I need to check that out in the time to come. Further on I need to work more on developing my routines when it comes to nutrition.
Mentally I felt strong most of the time, but I needed to work on myself on the fourth lap. I was consentrating on my tasks as decided in advance and to reach the next distance mark(km). It worked out well. Before I imagined the finish line was within reach.

fredag 7. mai 2010

Racepreparation-Ålesund Maraton, 8th of May

Almost there again. On the brink of encountering another marathon. This one is in Ålesund-Norway tomorrow. It'll be my fourth marathon-the third in Norway and the second this year.
It's a C-priority race-which means I'm not tapering in order to perform beyond an ordinary long run. I planned on carrying out a workout at treshold pace this evening, but I've been logging 4 workouts the two days ahead of this-resulting in stiff thighs-so I need to recover. Pretty much the same scheme as the previous marathons.
My goal is to perfom better than the last marathon-the one in Rome this year. I finished there at 4h 18m 50s.
Breaking the 4h 15 m barrier should be within reach-maybe even better. Well then, in order to do that I need to perform a 5,5 min/km-speed, leaving 8 minutes to nutrition intake. It wont be to hot tomorrow. That's good. I hope it's not to windy and rainy, but thats beyond me to alter. I'm bringing 8 drinking bottles. One with dehydration fluid, two with energydrink, and 5 with water. I addition I supply with some water enroute.
I'm arriving the start area some 1,5 hours before start. That leaves time to warm up properly. I'll be doing some light running, a few sprints and some ligth running afterwards. During the race I will focus on maintaining the target speed at 5,5 m/k and keeping a steady heart rate between 150-160. Nutrition before the race is ligth as before, consisting of fruit, fluids, low on coffein and no solid foods.

torsdag 6. mai 2010

Swimming-tonights workout

My second workout today. I'm continuing to consentrate on the front crawl. Tonight I challenged myself to increase the length of each lap i swim to 15 m. There are two main reasons for that. The first is that I have to breathe in order to complete the distance. That means I will have to practise breathing in order to improve on that point. Second is that I need to cover a greater distance in order to develop greater strength. I wont get better just by svimming the same distance. This evening I finished 10 laps of 15 m. It's the first time I'm logging distance when it comes to swimming. I have three more times left on this swimming course. I need to work individually through the summer in order to develop my swimming skills. In august I'm attending another swimming course-hopefully held by the same swimming school.

Strength-todays workout

Continuing with my once a week workout-schedule. It gives space for my increased focus on running. Todays workout was good. I've regained most of the strength I lost during Easter vacation. Allthough I've put greater effort in increasing my core-strength, I'm not satisfied yet. I need to revise my training programme in order to achieve better strength in my core. The same goes for strength in my back-lower as well as upper.
Anyhow, I'm staying put with my strength programme till after my summer vacation in July. Afterwards I'm returning to my strength training using a revised programme.

onsdag 5. mai 2010

Cycling, endurance, workout of today

Finally I'm back on my bike again. Tonight was the first time outside after a long winter inside with stationary biking. It was a short ride just to get the feeling, check out a few technicals and get started.
I need to adjust the gearing-system and the brakes, In addition I need to adjust my seat forwards. This year the bike is a means of obtaining cross-training. I intend to use it to maintain my biking form, develop strength in my thighs and as a possibility to obtain some variety in my training.

Running, speed work, workout of today

After a couple of days since my last training session I'm back on track again. Monday was recovery day and I didn't manage to fit in a workout on Thuesday due to travelling in connection with my studies. It was a morning session. I was anxious to see if I could feel any pain in my right leg again. Well I didn't. That's good news. I guess two days of backing off from running paid off well. Anyhow I need to monitor both legs in the time to come. I will take measures to prevent an injury like that to develop later on. I intend to use ice on the area after my running workouts and carry out some extra stretching as well in the time to come. I ran four, short intervalls.  Length was approximately 500 m. Average speed was 3,5 min/km and I used about 1m 45s-1m 50s to run the stretch. I'm scheduling this workout throughout May, but not in June. Next week I'm increasing the length to 750m.

søndag 2. mai 2010

Running, workout of the day-first run in Nordmarka-Oslo

Well, it's been a nice day so far. Weather is good although not to warm. I've moved my long runs from asphalt pavement to gravel roads in Nordmarka-Oslo. Key data: 33,5 k(20,9 miles), 3h 22 48 sm, average speed: 6,05 m/k(9,7 m/mile), average heart rate: 154, ascent: 710 hm.
Lactate acid is no object anymore when it comes to long runs. Important aspects are level of muscular endurance and my ability to establish good routines when it comes to drinking and eating. Additionally I need to replace my loss of salt.
After the workout I didn't experience any particular stiffness in my thighs, but more like a general fatigue. Further on I've developed a minor shinsplint at the bottom of my right leg. My guess is that I've been increasing the amount of running to fast after Easter. I'll have to monitor the injury closely in the week to come. It is a possibility that it fades away without any active threatment.Anyhow, I will do some spesific stretching and ice the area after workouts. Tommorow is resting day and Thuesday I'm doing a bike session. My next run will be on Wednesday.
Well, overall I've carried out a good amount of long runs the last four weeks. In the next four weeks I need to increase on my mileage, working my way up to 6 hours. My next long run will be a race-Ålesund Marathon next Saturday(8th of May). Two days ago I bought a pair of new shoes for my hill runs and long runs. The brand is Puma and the model is Concinnity. So far the impression is good(after tow workouts). It's pretty stable, not to heavy(290 g) and good to run with.

lørdag 1. mai 2010

Running-fast, long run: todays workout

Crusing at 10 k speed-5 min/k. Heart rate(167) just below treshold. A good workout, but I've been runing to long on asphalt pavement. I can feel a light pain in my right leg. Tommorow I'm heading for a long run on the trail. Anyhow I've bougth a pair of new running shoes for my speed-workouts. It's a new brand for me-Mizuno. The model is Wave Ronin. It weighs just 190 grams and it's just a pleasure to run with. I bought it three weeks ago and I've runned just over 55 k with including one race-Sentrumsløpet-Oslo. They demand good technique in order to benefit. It's not a shoe to run long runs with, but it's a dream to use in shorter speed sessions and competitions. I'll be using them in my races on solid pavement.