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tirsdag 18. mai 2010

Running, tonights workout

Back in training again after two days of recovery. Pretty eager to find out if I've had enough recovery after Saturdays ultrarun. The session tonight was consentrating on speed-work. I've recovered a great deal, but I'm not fully recovered. I will consider more closely if I'm scheduling another recovery day tomorrow. Maybe I'm just having a very light strength-workout. I'm concluding on this matter tomorrow. I was glad to register that I've regained some of my previous form. It'll come in handy the Sunday to come in Copenhagen. Anyhow, I didn't have any trouble whatsoever to perform the intervalls at targeted speed and the body-allthough still a bit worn-responded well when put under pressure.
Some technicals:
-Length of intervalls: 400 m
-Number of intervalls: 4
-Split times:
.1 1m 46s
.2 1m 42s
.3 1m 44s
.4 1m 43s
Average time: 1m 44s
Average speed: 4m 20s pr km
Shoes: Mizuno Wave Ronin
I worked my way from zone 2 and finished just above treshold heart rate at all intervalls.
I have one more of this workout left in my building period(next week). I'm pretty sure that I've benefitted from these workouts in the building period after Easter-I've had a total of five of them.. My results so far goes to show for that.

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