Danmark fra Larkollen

mandag 10. mai 2010

Running, hill work-workout of tonight

Time again to encounter my favourite hill-Grefsenkollen. I was a bit curious whether my thighs still would be to stiff to such a workload. It turned out to be a bit hard but not to hard. It seems that continuing my training is the best way to recover from Saturdays race. I brought along some energy-drink, but that led to cramp. I wont include that on my later hill runs. It's pretty hard to encounter an ascend of 270 m in one, but I'm convinced that such a workout is well worth the effort. The result from Saturdays race clearly states my point. In order to run steady and fast over a lengthy period of time it is necessary to build spesific running strength, and such a hill run is the right way to accomplish that. The workout will be part of my programme till the end of May. From mid-May im gradually including trail runs in my programme. Part of those will be hills.

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