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lørdag 15. mai 2010

Running-workout of today: Very long run-Ultrarun!

I guess I can call myself an Ultrarunner now, having runned 51,5 km in 6h 3m 42s. The course was on trails in Nordmarka. I experienced rain most of the time. It was also the first time I used my new trail-shoes. The brand is new to me-Montrail. The model is Masochist and today I almost felt that way-especially at the end of the workout. My intention with this monstrous session was to prepare the body-and the mind-for a 50 mile race due in the midle of June this year in the same area, only somewhat more north.

Technical data:
-Time: 6h 3m 42s
-Distance: 51,5 km(32,2 miles)
-Ascent: 2.160 m
-Average heart rate: 148
-Average pace: 7,06 min/km(11,3 min/miles)

Some impressions from the workout:
-I'm still a bit worn out. Yesterdays recovery day wasn't sufficient enough.

-Nutrition: I'm a bit low still, but it's better. I'm using energy drink and dehydration-tablets from Maxim.
Total intake was dehydration(3 tablets of 10 gram), energy drink(75 gram), bananas( 2) and water(2,0litres)
I'm to low on energy and water-especially energy. I need to increase! I was down 1 kg after the workout. Bananas doesn't work well in the rain. They dissolve. I need to find another solution. Bread with honey is an alternative-well wrapped!

-Shoes: A good experience so far. Cushion is adequate, but not more-better on pure trails. It's a steady shoe and good to run with. It suits me fine. It's not to heavy-310 grams. I didn't get any blisters. Anyhow I need to bring along some gear to mend them-they will occur!

-Clothing: When it rains all the time you get wet no matter what. I should use my Mythos thights. I got soar on the inside of the tighs, at the top. I need to find a means to prevent that. Talkum?
If I had known the amount of rain I would have used another jacket. I have a Gore Tex jacket that would have been more suited for the occasion. I need to refresh the impregnation though. I addition I need some gloves and something on the head.

-Backpack: Works allright. I have to cut off some lose ends here and there.

-Performance: Ultrarunning is not marathon-running. I need to remind my self of that. Being used to run a steady pace throughout all the run/race I'm sort of used to that approach. Covering much lengther distances it's vital to make use of another approach. The limiter is not lactic acid accumulating in my body, it is fatigue from worn ut muscles-particularly in my thighs. In order to prevent eccesive fatigue I have to fit in-on a regular basis-walking breaks. Walking breaks is due on steep ascends and a certain amount of time every hour.

-Overall: I'm very satisfied with the outcome of the session.

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