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onsdag 19. mai 2010

Running, tonights workout

I decided to let go of the strength session and replace it with a light, running-session in order to check out about my recovery after last Saturdays ultrarun. I carried out a short, long run.
My body feels fine. I'm almost recovered. Just one more day and I'll should be ready for some more action. Friday is still scheduled for recovery. Tomorrow is still scheduled for swimming. Saturday is a short, fast run in order to prepare the body for some speed on Sundays race. More on my strategy for the race later on.
Some technicals:
-Distance: 12,5 km(7,8 miles).
-Split time: 1h 12m 19s
-Average heart rate: 156(zone 3)
-Vertical: 277 m
-Average speed: 5,8 min/km

The session was light and didn't put any particular strain on my body. In spite of this I managed to keep up a good pace. I'm satisfied so far when it comes to the outcome of this test. My target speed at his maraton will be 5,45 min/km. That will result in a finish time of 3h 50m. My working speed during the race will be 5,33 min/km.
I'll consider my strategy more closely on Friday this week and conclude on it then.

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