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søndag 2. mai 2010

Running, workout of the day-first run in Nordmarka-Oslo

Well, it's been a nice day so far. Weather is good although not to warm. I've moved my long runs from asphalt pavement to gravel roads in Nordmarka-Oslo. Key data: 33,5 k(20,9 miles), 3h 22 48 sm, average speed: 6,05 m/k(9,7 m/mile), average heart rate: 154, ascent: 710 hm.
Lactate acid is no object anymore when it comes to long runs. Important aspects are level of muscular endurance and my ability to establish good routines when it comes to drinking and eating. Additionally I need to replace my loss of salt.
After the workout I didn't experience any particular stiffness in my thighs, but more like a general fatigue. Further on I've developed a minor shinsplint at the bottom of my right leg. My guess is that I've been increasing the amount of running to fast after Easter. I'll have to monitor the injury closely in the week to come. It is a possibility that it fades away without any active threatment.Anyhow, I will do some spesific stretching and ice the area after workouts. Tommorow is resting day and Thuesday I'm doing a bike session. My next run will be on Wednesday.
Well, overall I've carried out a good amount of long runs the last four weeks. In the next four weeks I need to increase on my mileage, working my way up to 6 hours. My next long run will be a race-Ålesund Marathon next Saturday(8th of May). Two days ago I bought a pair of new shoes for my hill runs and long runs. The brand is Puma and the model is Concinnity. So far the impression is good(after tow workouts). It's pretty stable, not to heavy(290 g) and good to run with.

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