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lørdag 1. mai 2010

Running-fast, long run: todays workout

Crusing at 10 k speed-5 min/k. Heart rate(167) just below treshold. A good workout, but I've been runing to long on asphalt pavement. I can feel a light pain in my right leg. Tommorow I'm heading for a long run on the trail. Anyhow I've bougth a pair of new running shoes for my speed-workouts. It's a new brand for me-Mizuno. The model is Wave Ronin. It weighs just 190 grams and it's just a pleasure to run with. I bought it three weeks ago and I've runned just over 55 k with including one race-Sentrumsløpet-Oslo. They demand good technique in order to benefit. It's not a shoe to run long runs with, but it's a dream to use in shorter speed sessions and competitions. I'll be using them in my races on solid pavement.

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