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søndag 9. mai 2010

Running-workout of today

Actually it is extraordinary for me to carry out a workout the day after a marathon-race. It certainly is the first-not the last-time. My intention was to check out the condition in my legs and overall. After previous races I haven't been able to run-or exercise-for several days in a row. This time was definately different. I had no problem at all to carry out the workout. The tighs were a bit stiff, but not particularly worn. I had no problem keeping a pace at 6 min/km as average. Liberately I ran up a long, moderate steep hill, but although I needed to adjust my speed to 6,5 min/km I had no trouble getting up. What seems to be reduced now is the abiltiy to keep a steady, fast pace over a lengthy period of time. That's to be expected after a race like that. I'll make sure I'm fit for fight again in two weeks in Copenhagen Marathon.That will be the last race on asphalt pavement before the end of August. My long runs will take place on gravel roads and on the trail.
I think it's important for recovery to hit the road right after a race like that. The time to come will show if I'm right about that.
Key data:  Split time was 1h 7m 24s, distance covered was 11,4 km, average speed was 5,91 min km, total ascend was 150 m.

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