Danmark fra Larkollen

fredag 21. mai 2010

Recovery before Copenhagen Marathon

Well then, alomost there again. A new marathon is due in a few days. This time it's Copenhagen Marathon at 23th of May. I've been tapering this week in order to prepare for it. Monday and today was recovery days-off from training. On Thuesday I did some intervalls, a short, long run on Wednesday and a swimming session yesterday. Tomorrow I'll be arriving shortly before noon in Copenhagen, pick up my starting nr and enjoy the city afterwards. In the afternoon I'll have a short fast run in order to prepare the body for some speed on Sunday. The race strategy will be concluded on tomorrow. The weather forecast are good for the Sunday. Not to hot, clouded, no rain and light wind. The rest is up to me. I've decided that I'll have a good time in the race-enjoy the pain.

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