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onsdag 5. mai 2010

Running, speed work, workout of today

After a couple of days since my last training session I'm back on track again. Monday was recovery day and I didn't manage to fit in a workout on Thuesday due to travelling in connection with my studies. It was a morning session. I was anxious to see if I could feel any pain in my right leg again. Well I didn't. That's good news. I guess two days of backing off from running paid off well. Anyhow I need to monitor both legs in the time to come. I will take measures to prevent an injury like that to develop later on. I intend to use ice on the area after my running workouts and carry out some extra stretching as well in the time to come. I ran four, short intervalls.  Length was approximately 500 m. Average speed was 3,5 min/km and I used about 1m 45s-1m 50s to run the stretch. I'm scheduling this workout throughout May, but not in June. Next week I'm increasing the length to 750m.

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