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søndag 16. mai 2010

Weak points

During workouts-especially hard ones-I try to monitor to discover weak points(areas of improvement)-constantly. If I experience the same thing over some period of time, which is important for future development in that particular sport, I've discovered a week point that needs to be adressed with spesific training later on. I addition I sometimes carry out hard workouts just to stress my body and see what happens. It's fun and a good, potensial source of learning.

Weak points I've discovered so far:

1. Strength:
-Core: It's still a limiter, but I've improved since last year. My results lately goes to show for that.
Anyhow, I still need to work more on this area. I will adress this the next period of Basic-training, due in October-December this year.

-Upper back: I haven't worked particularly on this area before. I've experienced some limitation ascending hills.
I have to schedule some training for this area in the next period of Basic-training.

2. Swimming:
-Technique: My greatest limiter. I've been working on this since January this year. The work continues.
In order to improve faster I need to extend the anmount of training and schedule some short endurance workouts. From mid-May I'll schedule to workouts a week with swimming.

3. Bike:
-General: I've rearranged my priorities after Easter and consentrated on running. My aim is to include two workouts on the bike a week in order to prepare for later triathlon races. That's a long term goal(next year).
This time of the summer I'm only scheduling one workout a week and none in the tapering- and race-period.
After summer I will schedule one workout a week-an endurance session.

4. Running:
-Endurance: This is one of my strongest points. I'll make sure that my development continues the way it has been so far. I'm continuing to schedule one session a week-a long run.

-Strength: I've included hill work in my training programme in the building period after Easter. It has paid off well. I will schedule this again in the next building period after summer.

-Speed: Still a limiter allthough I've had progress  this building period through scheduling sessions with intervalls and workouts at treshold-pace. I will schedule similar sessions the next building period.

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