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fredag 7. mai 2010

Racepreparation-Ålesund Maraton, 8th of May

Almost there again. On the brink of encountering another marathon. This one is in Ålesund-Norway tomorrow. It'll be my fourth marathon-the third in Norway and the second this year.
It's a C-priority race-which means I'm not tapering in order to perform beyond an ordinary long run. I planned on carrying out a workout at treshold pace this evening, but I've been logging 4 workouts the two days ahead of this-resulting in stiff thighs-so I need to recover. Pretty much the same scheme as the previous marathons.
My goal is to perfom better than the last marathon-the one in Rome this year. I finished there at 4h 18m 50s.
Breaking the 4h 15 m barrier should be within reach-maybe even better. Well then, in order to do that I need to perform a 5,5 min/km-speed, leaving 8 minutes to nutrition intake. It wont be to hot tomorrow. That's good. I hope it's not to windy and rainy, but thats beyond me to alter. I'm bringing 8 drinking bottles. One with dehydration fluid, two with energydrink, and 5 with water. I addition I supply with some water enroute.
I'm arriving the start area some 1,5 hours before start. That leaves time to warm up properly. I'll be doing some light running, a few sprints and some ligth running afterwards. During the race I will focus on maintaining the target speed at 5,5 m/k and keeping a steady heart rate between 150-160. Nutrition before the race is ligth as before, consisting of fruit, fluids, low on coffein and no solid foods.

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