Danmark fra Larkollen

torsdag 20. mai 2010

Swimming, speed skill, front crawl, workout of tonight

I'm covering greater distance within the same session. I'm up from 150m to 270 m- i.e. 10 laps to 18 laps. Progress is slow but it's there. I'm consentrating on my breath. It's getting better. The trick is to forget the end of the lap and consentrate all the time on my tasks when I'm in the water. My feets are operating on autopilot, I need to improve on my arms, but I'm moving forwards. My biggest target now is to relax in the water, establish a good breathing pattern and work on covering greater distance at the same time. I need to forget to complete a lap. I have to consentrate fully on my tasks when I'm in the water. It's a long and slow work to improve, but I will get better little by little. I have two times left at the swimming school. After that I'm training individually during through the summer. I'm determined to succeed!

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