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søndag 16. mai 2010


This week has consisted of mainly running. I've had four different workouts. Hillrun, speed work, treshold pace and an ultrarun. I addition I've had a swimming workout.
Two days has been recovery days-Friday and today(Sunday). My intention with recovering on Friday was to regain some strength before Saturdays ultrarun. Well, I did, but not sufficient enough. That's why I'm backing off today(Sunday).
I've had a steady progress in amount of running after Easter-starting at 50 km, extending to beyond 60 km and this week on 75 km. In total I've runned 370 km on 6 weeks. In average 61,67 km a week. I've carried out 21 workouts and 2 races after Easter vacation, when it comes to running. In addition I've had one workout on the bike, four strength-workouts and six swimming-workouts.
Total amout of training since Easter(6th of April is 46 h(Jan-March: 54h-11 weeks).
The increase in amount of training on average/week so far is 57 %. It has paid off well so far-achieving personal bests both at 10km and marathon.
My main targets in this period(April-July) is two ultraruns- one the 19th of June and the second the 3th of July.It's about time to think some more about what lies ahead of me and what strategy that suits me best.
First to come are two marathons-one the next Sunday and the other three weeks after that. I'm starting to taper the first week in June. Before that there are two weeks in May to make arrangements for. I've scheduled a recovery week the last week in May. That leaves the week to come then. Tomorrow is recovery day. On Wednesday and Saturday I'm scheduling running. Sunday is Race day in Copenhagen. On Thuesday I'm scheduling some light strength-training. On Thursday I'm having a swimming workout.
Friday is recovery day. That means four workouts, one race and two recovery days next week.

1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
99,5h / 5,85h pr week(Running: 59h/584 km)

2. Total amount of training since 6th of April: 
46h / 7,65h pr week (Running: 37h/370 km)

3. Total amount of training this week: 
9,2h(Running: 8,4h/75,1 km)

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