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torsdag 6. mai 2010

Swimming-tonights workout

My second workout today. I'm continuing to consentrate on the front crawl. Tonight I challenged myself to increase the length of each lap i swim to 15 m. There are two main reasons for that. The first is that I have to breathe in order to complete the distance. That means I will have to practise breathing in order to improve on that point. Second is that I need to cover a greater distance in order to develop greater strength. I wont get better just by svimming the same distance. This evening I finished 10 laps of 15 m. It's the first time I'm logging distance when it comes to swimming. I have three more times left on this swimming course. I need to work individually through the summer in order to develop my swimming skills. In august I'm attending another swimming course-hopefully held by the same swimming school.

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