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mandag 24. mai 2010

Race report-Copenhagen Maraton, 23th of May

Overall this was a race with a good outcome. I finished with a new personal best. My personal best now is 3h 49m 14s. That means I managed to lower my previous personal best from Ålesund Maraton 8th May this year with 2m 55s. It was a demanding race with a micture of heat and wind, but also a great deal of clouds.
Copenhagen was a new experience to me. The Danish are obviously very engaged in their marathon. There were lots of people all the way through the race that mostly went through the city centre and some of the suburbs. There were even a number of ensembles playing live music enroute. The course is pretty flat and not very demanding. It runs mostly on asphalt pavement but there are some minor sections of brick pavement. Sparta DK-who is head of the arrangement-did well on most parts of todays arrangement. There were  12.644 registered of which about 9.847 started and 9.141 finishers-706 DNF. I even saw on two occasions a participant being taken care of by emergency-personell. A lot of people experienced cramps during the race. Many head out for a fast, first part of the race. I myself make an effort to run at a steady pace, and hopefully a negative split-and passed lots of people during the second half.
My placement was 3.267 of all the particapants and nr 46 in my age group(40-44).

Some technicals:

Split times:
1) 10 km:                51m 50s (51m 51s)
2) 15 km:           1h 18m 25s (26m 35s)
3) 20 km:           1h 44m 55s (26m 30s)
4) 21,0975 km:  1h 50m 44s (  5m 49s)
5) 25 km:           2h 12m 23s (21m 39s)
6) 30 km:           2h 40m 38s(28m 15s)
7) 35 km:           3h   9m 27s(28m 49s)
8) 40 km            3h 37m 29s(28m   2s)
9) 42,195 km:    3h 49m 14s(11m 45s)

The finish time is 2m 55s faster than in Ålesund. An improvement of about 2%.

Average speed:
1) 10 km:          5,15 min/km
2) 15 km:          5,23 min/km(5,32 min/km)
3) 20 km:          5,25 min/km(5,30 min/km)
4) 21,0975 km: 5,25 min/km(5,30 min/km)
5) 25 km:          5,30 min/km(5,55 min/km)
6) 30 km:          5,35 min/km(5,65 min/km)
7) 35 km:          5,41 min/km(5,76 min/km)
8) 40 km:          5,44 min/km(5,61 min/km)
9) 42,195 km:   5,43 min/km(5,35 min/km)

Increase in average speed from last marathon in Ålesund(5,55 min/km) is about 2 %.

Spread in speed is: 12 %-up from 4,5 % in Ålesund

Average heart rate: 163(zone 4).

1) 10 km: 164               2) 15 km: 164   3) 20 km: 163
4) 21,0975km: 164 km 5) 25 km: 164   6) 30 km: 163
7) 35 km: 163               8) 40 km: 163   9) 42,195 km: 167

Average heart rate is slighty above the one in Ålesund.


I drank 3,0 l of water, 0,9 l of energy drink and 0,15 l of electrolytes.
In addition I ate two bananas.
The temperature was between 15-20 degrees celsius. I was bothered by it when the sun was present. My conditions when it comes to training differ in temperature. Allthough I take great care making sure I don't get dehydrated this marathon was a new experience. Up to 20 km I managed to replace my lost fluids with my water bottles. After that I needed to make use of the supplements from the arranger. From 35 km it was hard to maintain a sufficient intake of fluids and I suspect I didn't make it. I have to improve on my routines.

-Shoes: I used Mizuno Wave Ronin. I didn't experience any problem. They are simply wonderful!
-Clothing: My singlet created some brushings under my shoulders. I have to use some vaseline on later occasions. I bougth a pair of new tights, kne-legth, from Gore at the Sports exhibiton when picling up my bib. A good experience. Gore is an overall, positive experience during three years of using their products.
-Drinking belt: It functioned satisfactory throughout the entire race.
-Heart rate monitor: Apart from irritating my skin it served me well. The watch shortcutted the speed on three or four occasions, but I was just for a short moment and it didn't bother me. The speed sensor is showing a to low speed. I ought to adjust it.

Mental part:
Actually it was a pretty though marathon. Maybe I had a too fast speed the first part of the race and paid for it later. I addition I think i suffered some from the hot conditions. I tried during the race to consentrate on my own performance by doing a spesific mental exercise in order to enter a zen-zone(counting my steps on my right foot up till ten and repeat again). It worked partially, but I need to train on that . The last part of the race was demanding, but again I need to train in order to handle these conditions. I am in zone 4. Maybe I could have pushed a bit harder, but that's difficult to know during a race. I aim to keep my heart rate in zone 4 and that I managed this time as well. I'm satisfied with that. I kept matching my split times with a schedule based on 5min/km pace. That turned out to be a good move as I experienced good control with my status all the way during the race.

I didn't run the day before as planned. That turned out to be a good move. On race day I had four loafes of bread. That was two to much. I had some minor difficulties on three occasions during the race due to an urgent need for a toilette visit. I didn't have to attend the toilette. It was just falsh alarm
Tapering the week in advance was good. Anyhow I think I was more fit in Ålesund two weeks ago.

Point's of improvement:
-Speed: I need to increase on my speed in order to lower my finish time.
-Endurance: I need to run more on average in order to maintain pace at set speed during the entire race.
-Technique: More work on this is necessary. I may have to seek feedback from more experienced runners.
-Mentally: I need to establish a training routine in order to incorporate zen into my running. I think that will suit me well.
-Equipment: 1) adjust speed sensor, 2)use vaseline under my shoulders
-Preparation: Improve on my intake on nutrition before and under the race

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