Danmark fra Larkollen

lørdag 22. mai 2010

Copenhagen-preparing for tomorrows marathon-race

I arrived in Copenhagen late this morning after an uneventful flight from Oslo-Norway. I've spent the day getting aquainted a bit more with the city as well as picking up my startingnr at Østerbro Stadium. I had a bad nights sleep and have been tired most of this lovely day in Copenhagen. I did plan for a short fast run today, but that doesn't make any sense now. I am getting to bed early tonight to make an effort to catch up on my lack of sleep and regain some strength. I need to be rested at the start tomorrow morning. My strategy for the race is to run at an average speed of 5m 15s(5,25 min/km). The main challenge initially will be to get a good start. There doesn't seem to be any differing between the runners. I will have to be there early and make sure to get situated at the front. After the start I'm consentrating completely on my technique and to enter my running zone. That means I don't care about the finish line. All I care about is to keep a steady pace, excellent running technique, steady heart rate in zone 3/4 and to keep hydrated. Tomorrow is going to be a warm day if it doesn't start foggy as today. I hope the latter but I prepare for the former. I will wear 8 bottles of fluid. Five of them are with water and needs to be refilled on or two times during the race. One is with dehydration-fluid. The last two are with energy-drink. I'm using the same approach as in Ålesund Maraton. I will refill with water after 18 or 22,3 km-both are options. I will eat some fruit after 13,5 km and 26,5 km. Much of the course is runned twice and it's pretty flat. If my body is fit I should be able to achieve a good result. I will certainly go for it.
The picture is from a lovely part of the course with 5 different lakes situated right next to each other. The one showed is Sortedams Sø at Østerbro. Maybe the runner is giving it a last effort before tomorrows marathon.

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