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søndag 30. mai 2010

Running, tonights workout

A good workout is just finished. I wanted to test if I've achieved a good recovery after a full recovery week.
I went for a session in zone 3(marathon-pace). Average speed was 5,56 min/km and heart rate was 157. It was pretty hot, but not to windy. I managed to keep a steady pace at all times without to much effort. My thighs felt alright.

-Distance: 11,3 km
-Average heart rate(max): 157(175)
-Average speed(overall): 5,56(5,66)
-Vertical: 217 m

During the workout I made effort to practice my zen-drills. They're very good to help me consentrate on my tasks connected to execute good technique at all times. In addition I need to have a specific goal for every workout. I'll work on that in the time to come.

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