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mandag 15. november 2010

Weakly report: 45/10

It's been a good week. I've carried out my planned programme pretty much as I thought. The most exciting was to run at Bislett Saturday. I was interested in testing out my race-strategy for Bislett 24h and anxious to learn more about the condition of my knee(s). I hadn't experienced any pain previous to Saturday. After 2,5h I noticed some pain in my right knee which gradually got worse and stabilised after 3h. I went on running for another 1h 40m. On Sunday my right knee hurt and it was painful to run. The big question is what I do next.
I think what triggered the pain on Saturday was partly the length of the run. Anyway, I was able to run longer than before and it wasn't that painful in the end. I'll continue with my efforts and not decide yet about if I shant run Bislett 24h. I'll try with a different pair of shoes on the track.
Strength training is starting to pay off. I've gained more strength since the start of the quarter. Swimming skills has improved and I've covered ground on my bike. Looks promising. Important now is to get injury-free and run Bislett 24h.
By the way, I'll consider another measure when it comes to my injury-a couple of sessions with targeted massage on my hamstrings to loosen up a bit. They seem pretty thight right now.


1. Total amount of training since 1th of January: 
284,1h/ 7,3h pr week(Running: 221,3h/2.044,4 km) 
Verticals: Not monitored before 6th of June 

2. Total amount of training since 10th of Oct: 
37,7h /7,6h pr week (Running: 26,7h/ 241,6 km) 
Verticals: 2.051 m( Running: 1.916 m) 

3. Total amount of training this week:
9,7h(Running: 7,2h / 59,9 km)
Verticals: 230 m(Running: 230 m) 

4. Body weight: 73,9 kg
(Saturday morning) 

5. Shoes:
-Mizuno Wave Inspire(purchased 6.11.10)               :  52,3 km
-Addidas Supernova Sequense(purchased 1.11.10): 34,6 km
-Mizuno Wave Ronin (purchased 8.4.10)                 : 522 km
-Puma Concinnity (purchased 30.4.10)                   : 220 km
-Montrail Masochist (purchased 14.5.10)                 : 415 km
-Mizuno Wave Aero 8 (purchased 28.7.10)              : 219,3 km
-Saucony Kinvara (purchased 9.9.10)                      : 137,5 km
-Puma Trailfox (purchased sep 2006)                      : 85,5 km

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