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søndag 7. november 2010

Swimming: increasing speed

Due for a new swimming-session tonight. My goals for todays session was to continue my work on improving my technique when it comes to front-crawl. I've managed to established a more efficient stroke by using less strokes to cover the same distance. I do that by deliberately streching out when pulling a stroke and twisting the body a bit at the same time to reduce the resistance in the water. I've been doing laps of 20 m each with a break of 45s in between. Today I reduced the break to 30s. By doing that I need to focus even more on executing good technique. My goals long-term is to relax more in the water, move forward with less use of energy(less resistance)and be able to swim at greater distances without pausing. Earlier on I needed 7 strokes to cover 10 meters. Today I need 3-4 strokes. That's good. At the end of the session I got a bit tired. Experiencing that it's even more important to force myself to focus on executing good technique in order to save energy.
Next time I'll be covering 30 metres without breaking up. In the mean time I'll schedule session no 2 starting next week. It'll be on Wednesday in a pool with a length of 25 metres. That'll be a new challenge. I need that in order to develop my swimming-skills.

Swimming: Vestli school in Oslo, length of pool is 10m
-35 reps of 20 m-total of 700 m
-Total time spent: 40m 30s  

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