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mandag 8. november 2010

Running: force workout

View from Grefsenkollen-Oslo
Moving into the second microcycle of the basic period I'm keeping the number of running-workouts at the same level, but introducing two new workouts: force and muscular endurance. I'm keeping the technique workout, but reducing on the number of endurance sessions.
Todays workout was a force workout. Throughout the whole basic period I'm doing moderate hills. That means up to 6 percent grade, duration of 2-5 minutes and staying in zones 1-5a(5a is treshold). Total duration is 0,5h.
Heading out again today I was also anxious to learn about the condition in my knees-especially the right one.
The session Yesterday was a bit painful at the end but less painful during the run on trails.
Todays session was particularly stressful for the knees as I was running up and down hills. I noticed a slight discomfort at the beginning, but it didn't turned worse. Overall todays session was less painful than Yesterday's. I'm optimistic after todays session.
About the workout then. The grade was 6,3 % and it's been a while since my last force-workout :-). However, I'd decided to do 4 repeats and that I did. I managed to stay just under 6 min/km mostly and that's good at such steep climb. My shoes-Mizuno Wave Inspire-feels excellent so far.
Well, I pulled out some hard repeats leaving me pretty exhausted at the end of each interval. That's just the way it's supposed to be. It was a good workout. Rate: 8 of 10.

-Distance: 3,95 km
-Time: 28m 12s
-Average pace: 7:08 min/km
-Working pace: 6:02 min/km
-Elevation gained, overall: 98 m(24,8 m/km)- > 20, ok
-Elevation gained, ascend: 22 m on 350 m(6,3 % grade)
-Calories: 274 kcal
-Average heart rate(max): Not monitored.
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire-excellent shoes so far.
-Weather: Rain, -3 degrees celsius, breeze, cold

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