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søndag 7. november 2010

SK Vidar-Running groups: workout 1

From todays workout
Due for the first session of many leading towards the race Oslo marathon next autumn-25th of Sep-11.
The goal for this first session was to get to know the participants, inform about the training programme and carry out a light endurance session.
The training programme overall will be based on periodization with basic training in the fourth quarter in 2010 and firsth quarter in 2011. Further on a period of building and peaking for a test race in the second quarter 2011 and a period of building and peaking for the main target-Oslo marathon at 25th of Sep-2011 in the third quarter-2011.
The basic training in the quarters will be divided in three different periods. The first one will consist of training endurance and technique. The second period will consist of traning running-strength and muscular endurance.
The third period will be like the second period, but the workouts will be more demanding.
In the building period the training will consist off running-strength, muscular endurance and speedwork.
Some of the participants
Three weeks before the race there will be a tapering period were volume is down and the workouts in question is endurance and muscular endurance. The last week before the competition the workout in question is a racelike workout.
Todays workout consisted of a light endurance run around the lake Sognsvann and a trailrun in the woods.
Weather was lovely, sun a few degrees below zero and no wind.
The next workout, at the 14th of Nov will consist of an endurance-session in the woods north of Sognsvann. It will be mostly on trails. Starting at Sognsvann, running towards Hammeren on gravel roads and heading northwest towards Ullevålsæter after 1,5 km on trails. Running to Ullevålsæter and returning back on a different trail afterwards. Estimated length: 10-12 km.

-Distance: 6,47 km
-Time: 1h 03m 11s
-Average pace: 9:46 min/km
-Average moving pace: 7:29 min/km
-Elevation gained: 74 m(11,4 m/km).
-Calories: 405 kcal.
-Average heart rate(max): didn't measure
-Shoes: Addidas Supernova Sequense
-Weather: Sun, clear skies, light, -1 degrees celsius, no wind, medium humidity in the air

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