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onsdag 17. november 2010

Swimming: endurance session-front crawl

Winter in Oslo
Well I didn't endure much. Todays session was though. I was pretty worn out after Yesterdays two workouts and my legs were pretty unresponsive and my body was tired. The result was that I didn't execute as good technique as I do on my Sunday sessions. In addition there were other challenges. It was a new pool with a length of 25 metres. The depth was 180 cm at one end and 90 cm at the other end. Pretty sure I wouldn't manage to swim a whole lap I started at the deep end and swam towards the lesser deep end. I did 5 laps of 15 and 4 laps of 25 m- The last laps I had to break up in two. There are several reasons for this. I was tired and that affected my technique resulting in use of more energy. In addition I haven't established a good enough breathing pattern yet. I was clearly struggling to get enough air. I need to work more on that as well
Overall it was a good experience. The challenge for me now is to improve on my technique enabling me to finish one lap of 25 m. In order to do that I need inmprove on my technique and my swimming-endurance. In that sense it is the right choise for me to add another session of swimming a week and increase the length of the pool of which I carry out my endurance-sessions. Question is-would it be wise to train later on Wednesday in order to achieve more rest before the swimming session? I certainly think so. Today I started at 11.45 a.m. Next Wednesday I'll start at 5.30 p.m.

-Place: Bøler bad-Oslo
-Length of pool: 25 metres
-Water temperature: 32 degrees celsius
-Laps: 9 ( 5 laps of 15 m)
-Total distance: 175 metres
-Total time: 41m 3s

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