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torsdag 4. november 2010


Another session with strengt-training. I'm still working out with the same level of load as it has been in this micro-cycle(basic 1). In addition this week is a recovery week with less volume, but same level of intensity. Volume is down when it comes to endurance sessions in running, but everything ells is the same.
The body feels more adapted and I feel ready to increase on the load next week. On seated rowing I'm increasing to level 4, on squats I'm starting at 37 and working my way up to 62 kg. On deadlift I'm increasing to 67 kg.

-Warm-up: no need-started with seated rowing
-Seated rowing: 15 minutes, ligth load(level 3); 3.385 m (Consept 2-Rowing machine)
-Squats: 1 set/6 reps/ 32 kg(52 % load), 1 set/4 reps/37 kg(60 % load), 1 set/4 rep/42 kg(68 % load),
1 set/4 rep/47 kg(76 % load), 1 set/4 rep/52 kg(84 % load), 1 set/4 rep/57 kg(92 % load)
-Deadlift: 4 set/4 reps/62 kg(92 % load)
-Stretching: 6 minutes
-Workout time: 33 minutes.

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