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søndag 21. november 2010

SK Vidar-Running groups: workout 3

Bislett indoor arena
Today it was due for the first of many session indoors this winter. The goal with todays session was to establish knowledge about intensity-zones and try running at 5 different intensities-spesific for each participant. The five zones are 1)Very easy, 2) Easy, 3)Moderate, 4)Hard, 5)Very hard.
Each participant ran two laps in each zone making notes of heart reate, pace and overall feeling with the intensity executed. The purpouse was to introduce the principle of training in different intensity-zones and establish zones in which each participant can run in at a pre-decided pace.
The feedback from the participants was that the outcome of todays workout was good. It was easy to run at low intensity and at very hard intensity, more demanding at intermediate zones, but manageable.

In future each participant may use their own established, intensity-zones in the following manner:
1. Very easy:  Recovery
2. Easy:          Endurance, running economy
3. Moderate:  Racing pace
4. Hard:         Treshold pace
5. Very hard:  Max VO2-pace

During the week to come each particpipant will carry out an individual test. The purpouse of the test is to measure capasity during at short period. The parameter is heart rate. The running is to be carried out indoors, on a treadmill, at 10km/h speed(6 min/km). Warm-up is 5 minutes, then 20 minutes at test speed followed by a recovery run of 5 minutes. Heart rate is measured on average during the 20 minutes test as well as maximum heart rate. This test will be carried out on a monthly basis throughout all the training period. In addition the participants will run a test run in May-Sentrumsløpe in Oslo at 7th of May-2011.

Next workout will take place on:  Friday, 26th of Nov, 19-2030 at Bislett indoor arena
The subject for next workout is technique. The goal  is to increase overall knowledge about running technique, get to know the running-technique that each participant executes today and make improvements on an individual basis.

-Laps: 10
-Distance: 5,45 km
-Time: 1h
-Average pace: Not relevant
-Elevation gained: 0 m
-Calories: Not measured
-Average heart rate(max): didn't measure
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire
-Weather: Indoor, 15 degrees celsius

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hei :)

    Gjelder treningen på fredag også for den mellomste løpegruppen?

  2. Hei Nathalie,

    Neida, kun for løpergruppen med tempo >6 min/km. Jeg forstod på treneren for mellomste løpegruppe, Sharon Broadwell, at treningen for denne gruppen blir på mandag, 29.11-kl 19
    Ta direkte kontakt med Sharon ved spørsmål.