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tirsdag 16. november 2010

Combined workout: Strength training and running

New approach this day-combined session with strength-training first and running indoors at Bislett arena afterwards. It's time efficient and works fine with me.

1. Strength training:
Todays session went fine. In spite of a bit unwellness(a bit of fluea I guess) I managed to carry out a good session. I felt strong during the whole session. Apparently the training has paid off good so far. One more session this week and then I increase the workload in the next microcycle starting in two weeks.

 -Warm-up: no need-started with seated rowing
-Seated rowing: 15 minutes, ligth load(level 4); 3.475 m (Consept 2-Rowing machine)
-Squats: 1 set/8 reps/ 32 kg, 1 set/6 reps/37 kg, 1 set/4 rep/42 kg, 1 set/4 rep/47 kg, 1 set/4 rep/52 kg, 1 set/4 rep/57 kg, 1set/4 rep/62 kg
-Deadlift: 4 set/4 reps/67 kg
-Stretching: 5 minutes after finishing the run after the following run
-Workout time: 38 minutes.

2. Running:
Indoor at Bislett arena. I had cycluses consisting of three laps of 6 min/km two laps at muscular endurance pace and one at walking pace. I feels good running inside. I'll continue with that the rest of the winter.
I'll be scheduling running-sessions four times a week. In every session I will combine endurance with quality.
I felt some pain in my right knee, but it seems to be connected with muscle thightness in my hamstring.
From now on I'll do stretching exercises three times a day to try loosen up a bit. In addition I will cool down the knee. The left knee is fine. 

-Laps: 26
-Distance of one lap: 545 m
-Distance, total: 14,17 km
-Time: 1h 29m 58s
-Average pace: 6:21 min/km
-Ultra pace: 6 min/km
-Muscular endurance pace: 4:35
-Walking pace: 10 min/km
-Elevation gained: 0 m
-Calories: Not measured
-Average heart rate(max): Not measured
-Shoes: Mizuno Wave Inspire
-Weather: Not relevant-inside

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