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mandag 26. april 2010

Strenght-todays workout

Being in the building period I've reduced the number of sessions of strenght-training to once a week. In addition I've reduced the number of sets to two sets pr exercise.
Maximium workload is 80 % 1RM-thats the last set. The first set is 60 % 1RM.
They're both always started with a warm-up set. Number of reps is 6 on all sets.
Besides that I'm keeping the training programme from the Basic-period intact.
The purpose with reducing the the number of sets and the workload is to allow sport-spesific muscles to build.
Up till now it works pretty good. I'm doing my strength training in a gym. The facilities are overall good, but it tends to get crowded in the afternoon and the night. I'm rescheduling till morning again.
After using the same training programme for 9 months I'm pretty certain that it had paid off. My running now is a lot more steady. I'm able to keep the pace over a long period of time without experiencing a drop in quality when it comes to my technique.
My results from Rome marathon and Sentrumsløpet-Oslo, both representing good improvements, clearly shows that.
Anyway, I have to continue my work. My week spots when it comes to strenght is the core. I have improved since last year, but I need to work more with that area. I can feel that in perticular when I do the squat. There is enough power in the legs, but the core isn't strong enough. I'm not able to do more than 86 % of my body weight.
Further on I need to work more with my back-both the upper and the lower area.
Well, just making notes for now. Main purpose now is maintenance.

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