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onsdag 17. mars 2010

Planning for Rome Marathon

It's just a few days left before my next marathon is due. It'll be the third. Last year I ran the other two. The first was in Stavanger and the second was in Oslo-both in Norway. Weather in Stavanger was dreadful, but Oslo was ok. Most important to me was to learn from my experiences from both of these to races. As a consequense of that I was able to establish a better overall trainingprogram for the present year. My first two marathons told me that-maybe most important of all-that I was able to finish. In other words I had the endurance necessary to do so. Secondly, in both races, I experienced a drop in pace after 30 km. That was mainly because of an urgent visit to the toilette. The result was that I lost 10-20 minutes on both occasions. Clearly I have to make sure that this is not the case in the event to come. Secondly I managed to keep the pace I planed for all the way up too my visit to the toilette. Apparently rythm and speed was lost. My pace was 6 minutes/km.
That pace will bring me to the finish line within 4 h 15 min. In both of last years races I finished just above 4 h 30 min.
My target this year is to keep a pace of 5 min 45 sec / km. That will give me a finish time at 4 h and 3 min-the magic 4 h line is within reach. I'll target that on my A-priority race-which is Oslo Marathon in September this year. Rome Marathon is a C-priority race. My goal here is to train on routines in advance of the race, during the race and afterwards. Further on to gain experience in consentraiting on working tasks during the race, and lastly to check on progress after carrying out a great deal of basic training during the winter. My goal for the race is to keep an average pace of 6 minutes/km.
Well then, that's the bottom line.
How do I get about it?
Firstly I have make better preperations than last time.
Secondly I have to establish a plan for the execution of the race.
Thirdly I have to evalute thouroghly in order to improve before my next marathon-which is due in the beginning of August in Kongsvinger-Norway.
I'm excluding all other types of training except running the rest of the week. When it comes to running I'm having a high intensity workout three days before the race(Thursday 18th of March), a similar workout the day before the race(Saturday 20th of March) and a day off two days before the race.
On racing day I'm having a warm up before the race. The race starts at 9 AM. I have to be there at 0745 AM. My warm up consists of running to the race from my hotel-a distance of 2 km. Light running, increasing speed gradually and down again. Afterwards some light stretching.
On race day, before the race, my nutrition will consist of liquids only. I'll make use of gels.
That will be my nutrition during the race as well.
The day before the race I'll eat fruit, vegetables and meat-no bread, pasta or anything like that-no starch.
Plan for execution:
I have to get to know the course throughout the entire race and establish a time schedule in order to check on my progress during the race. After that I'll make use of that knowledge to prepare myself mentally for the event. I am going to visualise myself progressing through the race at the planned speed and achieving my goal. That "movie" is going to be reviewed on many occasions before the race.
After some recovery after the race-on race day- I'm doing an initial evaluation in order to make sure that my first impressions doesn't fade. Later on I'm supplementing on that.
I'm using this blog for that purpose.

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